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# Cover Titel Typ / Besonderheiten Jahr Album Plattenfirma
2Pac (USA)
1 2Pac: Me Against The World 2Pac (USA)
Me Against The World
CD 1995 Interscope Records
A Cosmic Trail (D)
2 A Cosmic Trail: The Outer Planes A Cosmic Trail (D)
The Outer Planes
CD 2010 Thunderlight Records
Abattoir (USA)
3 Abattoir: The Only Safe Place Abattoir (USA)
The Only Safe Place
LP 1986 Noise International
Aborted (B)
4 Aborted: Goremageddon - The Saw And The Carnage Done Aborted (B)
Goremageddon - The Saw And The Carnage Done
CD (Erstauflage, Limited Edition, Pappschuber) 2003 Listenable Records
5 AC/DC: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap AC/DC (AUS)
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
CD 1976 J. Albert & Son Pty. Ltd.
6 AC/DC: If You Want Blood You've Got It AC/DC (AUS)
If You Want Blood You've Got It
CD (Live, Re-Release 1994, Remastered) 1978 Atlantic Recording Corporation
7 AC/DC: Back In Black AC/DC (AUS)
Back In Black
CD (Re-Release 1994, Remastered) 1980 Atlantic Recording Corporation
8 AC/DC: For Those About To Rock We Salute You AC/DC (AUS)
For Those About To Rock We Salute You
CD (Re-Release 1994, Remastered) 1981 Leidseplein Presse B.V.
9 AC/DC: Flick Of The Switch AC/DC (AUS)
Flick Of The Switch
CD (Re-Release 1994) 1983 Atlantic Recording Corporation
10 AC/DC: Who Made Who AC/DC (AUS)
Who Made Who
CD (Compilation) 1986 Leidseplein Presse B.V.
11 AC/DC: Blow Up Your Video AC/DC (AUS)
Blow Up Your Video
CD 1988 Atlantic Recording Corporation
12 AC/DC: The Razors Edge AC/DC (AUS)
The Razors Edge
CD 1990 Leidseplein Presse B.V.
13 AC/DC: Live At Donington AC/DC (AUS)
Live At Donington
DVD (Digipak, Live, Remastered) 2003 Epic Records
Accept (D)
14 Accept: Restless And Wild Accept (D)
Restless And Wild
CD (Re-Release 2000) 1982 Breaker Records
15 Accept: Balls To The Wall Accept (D)
Balls To The Wall
CD (Re-Release 2002, Remastered) 1983 BMG Berlin Musik GmbH
16 Accept: Best Of Accept Accept (D)
Best Of Accept
LP (Best-Of) 1983 Metronome Musik GmbH
17 Accept: Metal Heart Accept (D)
Metal Heart
LP 1985 RCA Schallplatten GmbH
18 Accept: Death Row Accept (D)
Death Row
CD 1994 BMG Ariola Hamburg GmbH
19 Accept: Blood Of The Nations Accept (D)
Blood Of The Nations
CD 2010 Icarus
Acid (B)
20 Acid: Acid Acid (B)
LP (Erstauflage) 1983 Giant Records
21 Acid: Maniac Acid (B)
LP 1983 Giant Records
Agalloch (USA)
22 Agalloch: Pale Folklore Agalloch (USA)
Pale Folklore
CD (Erstauflage) 1999 End Records, The
23 Agalloch: The Mantle Agalloch (USA)
The Mantle
CD 2002 Grau Records
24 Agalloch: Ashes Against The Grain Agalloch (USA)
Ashes Against The Grain
CD (Pappschuber) 2006 End Records, The
25 Agalloch: Marrow Of The Spirit Agalloch (USA)
Marrow Of The Spirit
CD (Digipak) 2010 Profound Lore Records
Agent Steel (USA)
26 Agent Steel: Skeptics Apocalypse Agent Steel (USA)
Skeptics Apocalypse
CD (Re-Release 1999, Remastered) 1985 Century Media
27 Agent Steel: Unstoppable Force Agent Steel (USA)
Unstoppable Force
LP 1987 Music For Nations
28 Agent Steel: Omega Conspiracy Agent Steel (USA)
Omega Conspiracy
CD 1999 Metal Blade Records
29 Agent Steel: Order Of The Illuminati Agent Steel (USA)
Order Of The Illuminati
CD (Digipak, Limited Edition) 2003 Scarlet Records
30 AIR: The Virgin Suicides AIR (F)
The Virgin Suicides
CD 2000 Source Records
31 AIR: Talkie Walkie AIR (F)
Talkie Walkie
CD + DVD (Kopierschutz, Limited Edition, Multimedia) 2004 Source / Virgin
32 AIR: Pocket Symphony AIR (F)
Pocket Symphony
CD (Multimedia) 2007 Aircheology
33 AIR: Moon Safari [10th Anniversary Special Edition] AIR (F)
Moon Safari [10th Anniversary Special Edition]
2-CD + DVD (Digi-Book, Remix, Special Edition) 2008 EMI Music France
Alpha Tiger (D)
34 Alpha Tiger: Man Or Machine Alpha Tiger (D)
Man Or Machine
CD (Erstauflage, Fehlpressung) 2011 Sonic Attack
Altered State (USA)
35 Altered State: Winter Warlock Altered State (USA)
Winter Warlock
CD (Re-Release 2012) 2012 Death Rider Records
Amulance (USA)
36 Amulance: Feel The Pain Amulance (USA)
Feel The Pain
LP 1989 New Renaissance Records
37 Amulance: The Rage Within: And The Aftermath Amulance (USA)
The Rage Within: And The Aftermath
CD (Compilation, Erstauflage, Limited Edition, Multimedia, Nummeriert, Pappschuber, Special Edition) 2007 Stormspell Records
Anacrusis (USA)
38 Anacrusis: Hindsight: Suffering Hour & Reason Revisited Anacrusis (USA)
Hindsight: Suffering Hour & Reason Revisited
2-CD (Digipak) 2010 Eigenproduktion
Angel Dust (D)
39 Angel Dust: Into The Dark Past Angel Dust (D)
Into The Dark Past
LP 1986 Disaster
40 Angel Dust: To Dust You Will Decay Angel Dust (D)
To Dust You Will Decay
LP 1988 Disaster
Annihilator (CDN)
41 Annihilator: Alice In Hell Annihilator (CDN)
Alice In Hell
LP 1989 Roadrunner Records
Anthrax (USA)
42 Anthrax: Spreading The Disease Anthrax (USA)
Spreading The Disease
CD (Re-Release 1995) 1985 Island Records, Inc.
Anvil (CDN)
43 Anvil: Metal On Metal Anvil (CDN)
Metal On Metal
LP 1982 Attic Records
Anvil Chorus (USA)
44 Anvil Chorus: The Killing Sun Anvil Chorus (USA)
The Killing Sun
CD 2009 Rockadrome
Apocalyptica (FIN)
45 Apocalyptica: Cult Apocalyptica (FIN)
CD (Erstauflage) 2000 Mercury / Universal
Apollo Ra (USA)
46 Apollo Ra: Ra Pariah Apollo Ra (USA)
Ra Pariah
CD (Bootleg, Pappschuber, Re-Release 2003) 1989 Unisound Records
Artillery (DK)
47 Artillery: By Inheritance Artillery (DK)
By Inheritance
LP 1990 Roadracer Records
Aska (USA)
48 Aska: Absolute Power Aska (USA)
Absolute Power
CD (Digipak, Erstauflage) 2007 Vanadium Records
Asphyx (NL)
49 Asphyx: Last One On Earth Asphyx (NL)
Last One On Earth
CD (Re-Release 2006) 1992 Century Media Records Ltd.
Atheist (USA)
50 Atheist: Piece Of Time Atheist (USA)
Piece Of Time
CD (Re-Release 2005) 1990 Relapse Records
Atlantean Kodex (D)
51 Atlantean Kodex: The Pnakotic Demos Atlantean Kodex (D)
The Pnakotic Demos
Mini-CD / EP 2007 New Iron Age Records
52 Atlantean Kodex: The Golden Bough Atlantean Kodex (D)
The Golden Bough
2-LP (180 Gramm Vinyl, Erstauflage, Gatefold, Limited Edition) 2010 Cruz Del Sur / Iron Kodex
Attakk (USA)
53 Attakk: Attakk Attakk (USA)
12" 1988 Monster Productions
Attaxe (USA)
54 Attaxe: 20 Years The Hard Way Attaxe (USA)
20 Years The Hard Way
CD (Compilation) 2006 Eigenproduktion
Attic (D)
55 Attic: Sanctimonious Attic (D)
2-LP (180 Gramm Vinyl, Gatefold, Weißes Vinyl) 2017 Ván Records
Attika (USA)
56 Attika: Attika Attika (USA)
LP (Limited Edition, Re-Release 2003) 1988 Cult Metal Classics
Audrey Horne (N)
57 Audrey Horne: Audrey Horne Audrey Horne (N)
Audrey Horne
CD 2010 Indie Recordings
Avenger (D)
58 Avenger: Prayers Of Steel Avenger (D)
Prayers Of Steel
LP (Erstauflage) 1985 Wishbone
Axehammer (USA)
59 Axehammer: Windrider Axehammer (USA)
CD (Erstauflage) 2005 Sentinel Steel
Banished (USA)
60 Banished: Deliver Me Unto Pain Banished (USA)
Deliver Me Unto Pain
CD (Digipak, Re-Release 2005) 1993 Peaceville
Bathory (S)
61 Bathory: Twilight Of The Gods Bathory (S)
Twilight Of The Gods
CD (Fehlpressung, Re-Release 2003) 1991 Black Mark Production
62 Bathory: Nordland I Bathory (S)
Nordland I
CD (Digipak) 2002 Black Mark Production
63 Bathory: Nordland II Bathory (S)
Nordland II
CD (Digipak) 2003 Black Mark Production
Battleroar (GR)
64 Battleroar: Battleroar Battleroar (GR)
CD (Digipak) 2002 Omicron
65 Battleroar: Age Of Chaos Battleroar (GR)
Age Of Chaos
CD + DVD (Digipak) 2005 Black Lotus Records
66 Battleroar: To Death And Beyond... Battleroar (GR)
To Death And Beyond...
CD (Digipak, Erstauflage, Limited Edition) 2008 Cruz Del Sur Music
Bersarin Quartett (D)
67 Bersarin Quartett: Bersarin Quartett Bersarin Quartett (D)
Bersarin Quartett
2-LP (180 Gramm Vinyl, Clear Vinyl, Gatefold, Limited Edition, Marbled Vinyl, Rotes Vinyl) 2008 Denovali Records
Black Knight (CDN)
68 Black Knight: Master Of Disaster Black Knight (CDN)
Master Of Disaster
2-LP (Gatefold, Limited Edition, Re-Release 2016, Rotes Vinyl) 1985 Sonic Age Records / Cult Metal Classics
69 Black Knight: Master Of Disaster Black Knight (CDN)
Master Of Disaster
CD (Multimedia, Re-Release 2005) 1985 Cult Metal Classics
Black Sabbath (GB)
70 Black Sabbath: Black Sabbath Black Sabbath (GB)
Black Sabbath
CD (Re-Release 2004, Remastered) 1970 Sanctuary Midline
71 Black Sabbath: Paranoid Black Sabbath (GB)
CD (Re-Release 2004, Remastered) 1970 Sanctuary Midline
72 Black Sabbath: Master Of Reality Black Sabbath (GB)
Master Of Reality
CD (Re-Release 2004, Remastered) 1971 Sanctuary Midline / Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.
73 Black Sabbath: Master Of Reality Black Sabbath (GB)
Master Of Reality
LP (Re-Release 1985) 1971 Castle Communications
74 Black Sabbath: Vol 4 Black Sabbath (GB)
Vol 4
CD (Re-Release 2004, Remastered) 1972 Sanctuary Midline
75 Black Sabbath: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Black Sabbath (GB)
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
CD (Re-Release 2004, Remastered) 1973 Sanctuary Midline / Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.
76 Black Sabbath: Sabotage Black Sabbath (GB)
CD (Re-Release 2004, Remastered) 1975 Sanctuary Midline / Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.
77 Black Sabbath: Heaven And Hell Black Sabbath (GB)
Heaven And Hell
LP 1980 Phonogram Int.
78 Black Sabbath: Mob Rules Black Sabbath (GB)
Mob Rules
2-CD (Digipak, Plastikschuber, Re-Release 2010, Remastered, Special Edition) 1981 Sanctuary Records Group Ltd. / Universal Music Catalogue
79 Black Sabbath: Dehumanizer Black Sabbath (GB)
CD 1992 I.R.S. Records / EMI Records Ltd.
80 Black Sabbath: Cross Purposes Black Sabbath (GB)
Cross Purposes
CD 1994 I.R.S. Records
Blind Fury (GB)
81 Blind Fury: Out Of Reach Blind Fury (GB)
Out Of Reach
CD (Cardsleeve, Re-Release 2006) 1985 Majestic Rock Records
Blind Guardian (D)
82 Blind Guardian: Battalions Of Fear Blind Guardian (D)
Battalions Of Fear
CD (Re-Release 1991) 1988 Virgin Schallplatten GmbH
83 Blind Guardian: Follow The Blind Blind Guardian (D)
Follow The Blind
CD (Re-Release 1991) 1989 Virgin Schallplatten GmbH
84 Blind Guardian: Tales From The Twilight World Blind Guardian (D)
Tales From The Twilight World
CD (Re-Release 1991) 1990 Virgin Schallplatten GmbH
85 Blind Guardian: Imaginations From The Other Side Blind Guardian (D)
Imaginations From The Other Side
CD (Erstauflage) 1995 Virgin Schallplatten GmbH & Co. KG
86 Blind Guardian: The Forgotten Tales Blind Guardian (D)
The Forgotten Tales
CD (Compilation, Erstauflage) 1996 Virgin Schallplatten GmbH
87 Blind Guardian: Nightfall In Middle-Earth Blind Guardian (D)
Nightfall In Middle-Earth
CD 1998 Virgin Records Ltd.
88 Blind Guardian: A Night At The Opera Blind Guardian (D)
A Night At The Opera
CD (Erstauflage) 2002 Virgin Schallplatten GmbH & Co. KG
Böhse Onkelz (D)
89 Böhse Onkelz: Onkelz Wie Wir... Böhse Onkelz (D)
Onkelz Wie Wir...
CD (Erstauflage) 1987 Metal Enterprises
90 Böhse Onkelz: Kneipenterroristen Böhse Onkelz (D)
CD 1988 Bellaphon
91 Böhse Onkelz: Wir Ham' Noch Lange Nicht Genug Böhse Onkelz (D)
Wir Ham' Noch Lange Nicht Genug
CD (Erstauflage) 1991 Bellaphon / Bacillus Records
92 Böhse Onkelz: Hier Sind Die Onkelz Böhse Onkelz (D)
Hier Sind Die Onkelz
CD 1995 Virgin Records
93 Böhse Onkelz: Viva Los Tioz Böhse Onkelz (D)
Viva Los Tioz
CD (Digipak, Erstauflage) 1998 Virgin Schallplatten GmbH
Bolt Thrower (GB)
94 Bolt Thrower: In Battle There Is No Law Bolt Thrower (GB)
In Battle There Is No Law
CD (Re-Release 1992) 1988 Vinyl Solution
95 Bolt Thrower: War Master Bolt Thrower (GB)
War Master
CD (Erstauflage) 1991 Earache Records Ltd.
96 Bolt Thrower: The IVth Crusade Bolt Thrower (GB)
The IVth Crusade
CD (Re-Release) 1992 Earache
97 Bolt Thrower: Mercenary Bolt Thrower (GB)
CD 1998 Metal Blade Records
98 Bolt Thrower: Who Dares Wins Bolt Thrower (GB)
Who Dares Wins
CD (Compilation) 1998 Earache Records Ltd.
99 Bolt Thrower: Honour Valour Pride Bolt Thrower (GB)
Honour Valour Pride
CD (Erstauflage) 2001 Metal Blade Records
100 Bolt Thrower: Those Once Loyal Bolt Thrower (GB)
Those Once Loyal
CD (Erstauflage) 2005 Metal Blade Records