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# Cover Titel Typ / Besonderheiten Jahr Album
The 3rd And The Mortal (NOR)
1 The 3rd And The Mortal: Painting On Glass The 3rd And The Mortal (NOR)
Painting On Glass
CD 1996
2 The 3rd And The Mortal: Memoirs The 3rd And The Mortal (NOR)
CD 2002
3 ABBA: Ring Ring ABBA (SWE)
Ring Ring
(Re-Release 2001, Remastered) CD 1973
4 ABBA: Waterloo ABBA (SWE)
(Re-Release 2001, Remastered) CD 1974
(Re-Release 2001, Remastered) CD 1975
6 ABBA: Arrival ABBA (SWE)
(Re-Release 2001, Remastered) CD 1976
7 ABBA: The Album ABBA (SWE)
The Album
(Re-Release 2001, Remastered) CD 1977
8 ABBA: Voulez-Vous ABBA (SWE)
(Re-Release 2001, Remastered) CD 1979
9 ABBA: Super Trouper ABBA (SWE)
Super Trouper
(Re-Release 2001, Remastered) CD 1980
10 ABBA: The Visitors ABBA (SWE)
The Visitors
(Re-Release 2001, Remastered) CD 1981
11 ABBA: Live ABBA (SWE)
(Live) CD 1986
12 ABBA: Oro - Grandes Exitos ABBA (SWE)
Oro - Grandes Exitos
(Best-Of) CD 1999
13 ABBA: The Definitive Collection ABBA (SWE)
The Definitive Collection
(Best-Of, Pappschuber) 2-CD 2001
14 ABBA: The Name Of The Game ABBA (SWE)
The Name Of The Game
(Compilation) CD 2002
15 ABBA: Classic - The Universal Masters Collection ABBA (SWE)
Classic - The Universal Masters Collection
(Compilation, Remastered) CD 2005
16 AC/DC: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap AC/DC (AUS)
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
(Re-Release 1994, Remastered) CD 1976
17 AC/DC: High Voltage AC/DC (AUS)
High Voltage
(Re-Release 1999, Remastered) CD 1976
18 AC/DC: Let There Be Rock AC/DC (AUS)
Let There Be Rock
CD 1977
19 AC/DC: If You Want Blood You've Got It AC/DC (AUS)
If You Want Blood You've Got It
(Live, Re-Release 1990) CD 1978
20 AC/DC: Powerage AC/DC (AUS)
(Re-Release, Remastered) CD 1978
21 AC/DC: Highway To Hell AC/DC (AUS)
Highway To Hell
(Digipak, Re-Release 2003, Remastered, Special Edition) CD 1979
22 AC/DC: Back In Black AC/DC (AUS)
Back In Black
(Re-Release 1999, Remastered) CD 1980
23 AC/DC: For Those About To Rock We Salute You AC/DC (AUS)
For Those About To Rock We Salute You
(Re-Release 1994, Remastered) CD 1981
24 AC/DC: The Razors Edge AC/DC (AUS)
The Razors Edge
CD 1990
25 AC/DC: Black Ice AC/DC (AUS)
Black Ice
CD 2008
26 AC/DC: Live At River Plate AC/DC (AUS)
Live At River Plate
(Digipak, Erstauflage, Live, Special Edition) 2-CD 2012
27 AC/DC: Rock Or Bust AC/DC (AUS)
Rock Or Bust
(Digipak, Erstauflage) CD 2014
Accept (DEU)
28 Accept: Accept Accept (DEU)
(Re-Release 2000) CD 1979
29 Accept: I'm A Rebel Accept (DEU)
I'm A Rebel
(Re-Release 1992) CD 1980
30 Accept: Breaker Accept (DEU)
CD 1981
31 Accept: Restless And Wild Accept (DEU)
Restless And Wild
(Re-Release 2005, Remastered) CD 1982
32 Accept: Balls To The Wall Accept (DEU)
Balls To The Wall
(Re-Release 1990) CD 1983
33 Accept: Metal Heart Accept (DEU)
Metal Heart
CD 1985
34 Accept: Russian Roulette Accept (DEU)
Russian Roulette
CD 1986
35 Accept: Eat The Heat Accept (DEU)
Eat The Heat
(Erstauflage) CD 1989
36 Accept: Staying A Life Accept (DEU)
Staying A Life
(Live) 2-CD 1990
37 Accept: Objection Overruled Accept (DEU)
Objection Overruled
CD 1993
38 Accept: Death Row Accept (DEU)
Death Row
CD 1994
39 Accept: Predator Accept (DEU)
CD 1996
40 Accept: Blood Of The Nations Accept (DEU)
Blood Of The Nations
CD 2010
41 Accept: The Rise Of Chaos Accept (DEU)
The Rise Of Chaos
(Digisleeve) CD 2017
Bryan Adams (CAN)
42 Bryan Adams: MTV Unplugged Bryan Adams (CAN)
MTV Unplugged
(Live) CD 1997
After Forever (NLD)
43 After Forever: After Forever After Forever (NLD)
After Forever
(Digi-Book, Limited Edition, Multimedia) CD 2007
Agent Steel (USA)
44 Agent Steel: Unstoppable Force Agent Steel (USA)
Unstoppable Force
(Re-Release 2010) CD 1987
Agitation Free (DEU)
45 Agitation Free: Malesch Agitation Free (DEU)
(Re-Release 2002) CD 1972
Alestorm (GBR)
46 Alestorm: Captain Morgan's Revenge Alestorm (GBR)
Captain Morgan's Revenge
CD 2008
Amaseffer (ISR)
47 Amaseffer: Slaves For Life Amaseffer (ISR)
Slaves For Life
(Digipak, Erstauflage) CD 2008
Amon Düül II (DEU)
48 Amon Düül II: Tanz Der Lemminge Amon Düül II (DEU)
Tanz Der Lemminge
(Re-Release 2000, Remastered) CD 1971
49 Amon Düül II: Hawk Meets Penguin Amon Düül II (DEU)
Hawk Meets Penguin
(Re-Release 2008) CD 1981
Tori Amos (USA)
50 Tori Amos: Little Earthquakes Tori Amos (USA)
Little Earthquakes
CD 1992
51 Tori Amos: Under The Pink Tori Amos (USA)
Under The Pink
CD 1994
52 Tori Amos: Boys For Pele Tori Amos (USA)
Boys For Pele
(Erstauflage) CD 1996
53 Tori Amos: From The Choirgirl Hotel Tori Amos (USA)
From The Choirgirl Hotel
CD 1998
54 Tori Amos: To Venus And Back Tori Amos (USA)
To Venus And Back
2-CD 1999
55 Tori Amos: Strange Little Girls Tori Amos (USA)
Strange Little Girls
CD 2001
Ian Anderson (GBR)
56 Ian Anderson: Thick As A Brick 2 Ian Anderson (GBR)
Thick As A Brick 2
(Erstauflage) CD 2012
Jon Anderson (GBR)
57 Jon Anderson: Olias Of Sunhillow Jon Anderson (GBR)
Olias Of Sunhillow
(Re-Release 1998) CD 1976
Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe (GBR)
58 Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe: Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe (GBR)
Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe
CD 1989
59 Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe: An Evening Of Yes Music Plus Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe (GBR)
An Evening Of Yes Music Plus
(Compilation, Live) 2-CD 1993
Angel Dust (DEU)
60 Angel Dust: Into The Dark Past Angel Dust (DEU)
Into The Dark Past
(Re-Release 2002) CD 1986
61 Angel Dust: Border Of Reality Angel Dust (DEU)
Border Of Reality
CD 1998
62 Angel Dust: Bleed Angel Dust (DEU)
CD 1999
Angel Witch (GBR)
63 Angel Witch: Angel Witch Angel Witch (GBR)
Angel Witch
(Re-Release 1998, Remastered) CD 1980
Annihilator (CAN)
64 Annihilator: Alice In Hell Annihilator (CAN)
Alice In Hell
(Erstauflage) CD 1989
65 Annihilator: Never, Neverland Annihilator (CAN)
Never, Neverland
(Erstauflage) CD 1990
66 Annihilator: Set The World On Fire Annihilator (CAN)
Set The World On Fire
(Erstauflage) CD 1993
Anthrax (USA)
67 Anthrax: Spreading The Disease Anthrax (USA)
Spreading The Disease
(Re-Release 1995) CD 1985
68 Anthrax: Among The Living Anthrax (USA)
Among The Living
CD 1987
69 Anthrax: Persistence Of Time Anthrax (USA)
Persistence Of Time
CD 1990
Apocalyptica (FIN)
70 Apocalyptica: Plays Metallica By Four Cellos Apocalyptica (FIN)
Plays Metallica By Four Cellos
(Tribute) CD 1996
71 Apocalyptica: Inquisition Symphony Apocalyptica (FIN)
Inquisition Symphony
CD 1998
72 Apocalyptica: Cult Apocalyptica (FIN)
(Digipak, Re-Release 2001, Special Edition) 2-CD 2001
73 Apocalyptica: Reflections Apocalyptica (FIN)
(Kopierschutz) CD 2003
74 Apocalyptica: Apocalyptica Apocalyptica (FIN)
(Multimedia, Special Edition) CD 2005
Arch Enemy (SWE)
75 Arch Enemy: Wages Of Sin Arch Enemy (SWE)
Wages Of Sin
(Erstauflage, Limited Edition, Multimedia) 2-CD 2001
76 Arch Enemy: Doomsday Machine Arch Enemy (SWE)
Doomsday Machine
(Limited Edition, Pappschuber) CD + 3"-DVD 2005
77 Arch Enemy: Live Apocalypse Arch Enemy (SWE)
Live Apocalypse
(Live) 2-DVD 2006
78 Arch Enemy: Rise Of The Tyrant Arch Enemy (SWE)
Rise Of The Tyrant
(Erstauflage, Limited Edition, Pappschuber) CD + 3"-DVD 2007
79 Arch Enemy: Khaos Legions Arch Enemy (SWE)
Khaos Legions
CD 2011
80 Arch Enemy: War Eternal Arch Enemy (SWE)
War Eternal
CD 2014
81 Arch Enemy: As The Stages Burn! Arch Enemy (SWE)
As The Stages Burn!
(Digipak, Live) DVD + CD 2017
82 Arch Enemy: Will To Power Arch Enemy (SWE)
Will To Power
CD 2017
Armored Saint (USA)
83 Armored Saint: Symbol Of Salvation Armored Saint (USA)
Symbol Of Salvation
CD 1991
Ash Ra Tempel (DEU)
84 Ash Ra Tempel: Schwingungen Ash Ra Tempel (DEU)
(Re-Release 1993, Remastered) CD 1972
Asia (GBR)
85 Asia: Asia Asia (GBR)
(Re-Release) CD 1982
86 Asia: Live In Moscow 1990 Asia (GBR)
Live In Moscow 1990
(DVD-Hülle/Case, Live) DVD + CD 1991
87 Asia: Aqua Asia (GBR)
CD 1992
88 Asia: Aria Asia (GBR)
CD 1994
89 Asia: Aura Asia (GBR)
(Digipak, Limited Edition) CD 2000
Atlantean Kodex (DEU)
90 Atlantean Kodex: The Golden Bough Atlantean Kodex (DEU)
The Golden Bough
CD 2010
91 Atlantean Kodex: The White Goddess Atlantean Kodex (DEU)
The White Goddess
(Erstauflage) CD 2013
92 Atlantean Kodex: The Annihilation Of Bavaria Atlantean Kodex (DEU)
The Annihilation Of Bavaria
(Digipak, Live) 2-CD + DVD 2017
93 Atlantean Kodex: The Course Of Empire Atlantean Kodex (DEU)
The Course Of Empire
CD 2019
Atoll (FRA)
94 Atoll: Tertio Atoll (FRA)
CD 1977
Atrophy (USA)
95 Atrophy: Violent By Nature Atrophy (USA)
Violent By Nature
(Erstauflage) CD 1990
Attacker (USA)
96 Attacker: Battle At Helms Deep Attacker (USA)
Battle At Helms Deep
(Re-Release 1999, Remastered) CD 1985
97 Attacker: Soul Taker Attacker (USA)
Soul Taker
CD 2004
Autumn (NLD)
98 Autumn: Summer's End Autumn (NLD)
Summer's End
(Multimedia) CD 2004
Axemaster (USA)
99 Axemaster: Blessing In The Skies Axemaster (USA)
Blessing In The Skies
(Digipak, Re-Release 2006) CD 1987
Axxis (DEU)
100 Axxis: The Big Thrill Axxis (DEU)
The Big Thrill
CD 1993


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