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# Cover Titel Typ / Besonderheiten Jahr Album
Scorpions (DEU)
676 Scorpions: Best Of Scorpions Scorpions (DEU)
Best Of Scorpions
LP 1979
677 Scorpions: Blackout Scorpions (DEU)
(Re-Release) LP 1982
678 Scorpions: Gold Ballads Scorpions (DEU)
Gold Ballads
(Compilation) LP 1984
679 Scorpions: Love At First Sting Scorpions (DEU)
Love At First Sting
LP 1984
Tony Scott (USA)
680 Tony Scott: Music For Zen Meditation Tony Scott (USA)
Music For Zen Meditation
LP 1964
Seclusion (GBR)
681 Seclusion: Skies Veiled In Black Seclusion (GBR)
Skies Veiled In Black
(Re-Release) Demo-CD 2008
Sepultura (BRA)
682 Sepultura: Arise Sepultura (BRA)
(Re-Release, Gatefold, 180 Gramm Vinyl) 2-LP 1991
683 Sepultura: Arise Sepultura (BRA)
LP 1991
Shakra (CHE)
684 Shakra: High Noon Shakra (CHE)
High Noon
(Gatefold, 180 Gramm Vinyl) 2-LP 2016
Simon & Garfunkel (USA)
685 Simon & Garfunkel: Simon And Garfunkel's Greatest Hits Simon & Garfunkel (USA)
Simon And Garfunkel's Greatest Hits
(Best-Of, Re-Release, Special Edition) LP 1972
Simply Red (GBR)
686 Simply Red: New Flame, A Simply Red (GBR)
A New Flame
LP 1989
687 Simply Red: 25 - The Greatest Hits Simply Red (GBR)
25 - The Greatest Hits
(Best-Of) 2-CD 2008
Nancy Sinatra (USA)
688 Nancy Sinatra: You Only Live Twice Nancy Sinatra (USA)
You Only Live Twice
7" 1967
Six Feet Under (USA)
689 Six Feet Under: Death Rituals Six Feet Under (USA)
Death Rituals
(Limited Edition, Gatefold, 180 Gramm Vinyl, Graues Vinyl, Marbled Vinyl, Schwarzes Vinyl) LP 2008
690 Six Feet Under: Unborn Six Feet Under (USA)
(Limited Edition, Gatefold, 180 Gramm Vinyl) LP 2013
Slayer (USA)
691 Slayer: Show No Mercy Slayer (USA)
Show No Mercy
(Re-Release, Gatefold, Graues Vinyl) LP 1983
692 Slayer: Hell Awaits Slayer (USA)
Hell Awaits
(Re-Release, Gatefold, 180 Gramm Vinyl, Rotes Vinyl) LP 1985
693 Slayer: Reign In Blood Slayer (USA)
Reign In Blood
LP 1986
694 Slayer: South Of Heaven Slayer (USA)
South Of Heaven
LP 1988
695 Slayer: Seasons In The Abyss Slayer (USA)
Seasons In The Abyss
LP 1990
696 Slayer: World Painted Blood Slayer (USA)
World Painted Blood
(Gatefold, 180 Gramm Vinyl) LP 2009
697 Slayer: Repentless Killogy (Live At The Forum In Inglewood, CA), The Slayer (USA)
The Repentless Killogy (Live At The Forum In Inglewood, CA)
(Live, Gatefold) 2-LP 2019
698 Slayer: Rare Tracks Vol. 1 Slayer (USA)
Rare Tracks Vol. 1
(Bootleg, Compilation, Limited Edition) LP 2006
Jimmy Smith (USA)
699 Jimmy Smith: Cat, The Jimmy Smith (USA)
The Cat
(180 Gramm Vinyl) LP 1964
Sniff 'n' The Tears (GBR)
700 Sniff 'n' The Tears: Driver's Seat Sniff 'n' The Tears (GBR)
Driver's Seat
7" 1978
701 Sniff 'n' The Tears: Fickle Heart Sniff 'n' The Tears (GBR)
Fickle Heart
LP 1978
702 Sniff 'n' The Tears: Game's Up, The Sniff 'n' The Tears (GBR)
The Game's Up
LP 1980
703 Sniff 'n' The Tears: One Love Sniff 'n' The Tears (GBR)
One Love
7" 1980
704 Sniff 'n' The Tears: Ride Blue Divide Sniff 'n' The Tears (GBR)
Ride Blue Divide
LP 1982
705 Sniff 'n' The Tears: Driver's Seat - The Best Of Sniff 'n' The Tears Sniff 'n' The Tears (GBR)
Driver's Seat - The Best Of Sniff 'n' The Tears
(Best-Of) CD 1999
Social Distortion (USA)
706 Social Distortion: Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes Social Distortion (USA)
Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes
CD 2011
Sodom (DEU)
707 Sodom: Agent Orange Sodom (DEU)
Agent Orange
(Re-Release, Gatefold) 2-LP 1989
708 Sodom: Agent Orange Sodom (DEU)
Agent Orange
CD 1989
Soundgarden (USA)
709 Soundgarden: Telephantasm Soundgarden (USA)
(Best-Of) 3-LP 2010
Spooky Tooth (GBR)
710 Spooky Tooth: Spooky Two Spooky Tooth (GBR)
Spooky Two
(Re-Release, Remastered, Digipak) CD 1969
Bruce Springsteen (USA)
711 Bruce Springsteen: Born In The U.S.A. Bruce Springsteen (USA)
Born In The U.S.A.
(Re-Release, 180 Gramm Vinyl) LP 1984
Status Quo (GBR)
712 Status Quo: On The Level Status Quo (GBR)
On The Level
(Special Edition, Gatefold) LP 1975
Stratovarius (FIN)
713 Stratovarius: Elysium Stratovarius (FIN)
(Gatefold, Grünes Vinyl) LP 2011
Street Poets (USA)
714 Street Poets: Street Poets Street Poets (USA)
Street Poets
CD 1995
Subzonic (CHE)
715 Subzonic: Subzonic Subzonic (CHE)
CD 1997
Supertramp (GBR)
716 Supertramp: Breakfast In America Supertramp (GBR)
Breakfast In America
LP 1979
717 Supertramp: Paris Supertramp (GBR)
(Live, Gatefold) 2-LP 1980
718 Supertramp: ...Famous Last Words... Supertramp (GBR)
...Famous Last Words...
LP 1982
The Supremes (USA)
719 Supremes, The: I Hear A Symphony The Supremes (USA)
I Hear A Symphony
LP 1966
Testament (USA)
720 Testament: Legacy, The Testament (USA)
The Legacy
(Re-Release, Grünes Vinyl) LP 1987
Therion (SWE)
721 Therion: Sitra Ahra Therion (SWE)
Sitra Ahra
(Limited Edition, Nummeriert, Gatefold, Clear Vinyl) 2-LP 2010
Timmy Thomas (USA)
722 Timmy Thomas: Why Can't We Live Together Timmy Thomas (USA)
Why Can't We Live Together
7" 1972
723 Timmy Thomas: Why Can't We Live Together? - The Best Of The TK Years 1972-81 Timmy Thomas (USA)
Why Can't We Live Together? - The Best Of The TK Years 1972-81
(Best-Of) CD 2004
Tic Tac Toe (DEU)
724 Tic Tac Toe: Ich Find Dich Scheiße Tic Tac Toe (DEU)
Ich Find Dich Scheiße
Single-CD 1995
tok tok tok (DEU)
725 tok tok tok: From Soul To Soul tok tok tok (DEU)
From Soul To Soul
(180 Gramm Vinyl) 2-LP 2006
Tone-Lōc (USA)
726 Tone-Lōc: Loc'ed After Dark Tone-Lōc (USA)
Loc'ed After Dark
LP 1989
Tool (USA)
727 Tool: 10,000 Days Tool (USA)
10,000 Days
(Digi-Book) CD 2006
Torment (DEU)
728 Torment: Experience A New Dimension Of Fear... Torment (DEU)
Experience A New Dimension Of Fear...
(Limited Edition, Clear Vinyl, Gelbes Vinyl, Glow in the Dark Vinyl) LP 1991
Peter Tosh (JAM)
729 Peter Tosh: Legalize It Peter Tosh (JAM)
Legalize It
(Re-Release) 2-LP 1976
730 Peter Tosh: Mama Africa Peter Tosh (JAM)
Mama Africa
LP 1983
Die Toten Hosen (DEU)
731 Toten Hosen, Die: Opel-Gang Die Toten Hosen (DEU)
(Re-Release) LP 1983
732 Toten Hosen, Die: Ein Kleines Bisschen Horrorschau Die Toten Hosen (DEU)
Ein Kleines Bisschen Horrorschau
(Gatefold) LP 1988
733 Toten Hosen, Die: Auf Dem Kreuzzug Ins Glück Die Toten Hosen (DEU)
Auf Dem Kreuzzug Ins Glück
(Compilation, Gatefold) 2-LP 1990
734 Toten Hosen, Die: Kauf Mich! Die Toten Hosen (DEU)
Kauf Mich!
CD 1993
735 Toten Hosen, Die: Opium Fürs Volk Die Toten Hosen (DEU)
Opium Fürs Volk
CD 1996
736 Toten Hosen, Die: In Aller Stille Die Toten Hosen (DEU)
In Aller Stille
(Digipak) CD 2008
Toto (USA)
737 Toto: Toto Toto (USA)
LP 1978
738 Toto: IV Toto (USA)
LP 1982
739 Toto: Seventh One, The Toto (USA)
The Seventh One
LP 1988
Traveling Wilburys (USA)
740 Traveling Wilburys: Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1 Traveling Wilburys (USA)
Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1
LP 1988
Triptykon (CHE)
741 Triptykon: Eparistera Daimones Triptykon (CHE)
Eparistera Daimones
(Limited Edition, Gatefold) 2-LP 2010
Ike & Tina Turner (USA)
742 Ike & Tina Turner: Nutbush City Limits Ike & Tina Turner (USA)
Nutbush City Limits
(Re-Release) 7" 1979
Joe Turner (USA)
743 Joe Turner: Another Epoch - Stride Piano Joe Turner (USA)
Another Epoch - Stride Piano
LP 1976
Tina Turner (USA)
744 Tina Turner: Love Explosion Tina Turner (USA)
Love Explosion
LP 1978
745 Tina Turner: Break Every Rule Tina Turner (USA)
Break Every Rule
LP 1986
746 Tina Turner: Queen Of Rock 'n Roll Tina Turner (USA)
Queen Of Rock 'n Roll
(Bootleg) PIC-LP 1987
Type O Negative (USA)
747 Type O Negative: Dead Again Type O Negative (USA)
Dead Again
(Gatefold, 180 Gramm Vinyl, Grünes Vinyl) 2-LP 2007
Týr (FRO)
748 Týr: Eric The Red Týr (FRO)
Eric The Red
(Re-Release) CD 2003
749 Týr: By The Light Of The Northern Star Týr (FRO)
By The Light Of The Northern Star
CD 2009
U2 (IRL)
750 U2: No Line On The Horizon U2 (IRL)
No Line On The Horizon
(Super Jewel Case) CD 2009

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