In The Company Of Serpents In The Company Of Serpents (2012) - ein Review von Psychorizon

In The Company Of Serpents: In The Company Of Serpents - Cover
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Typ: Album
Genre(s): Metal: Doom Metal

30.01.2013 19:09

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Denver based Doomsters IN THE COMPANY OF SERPENTS introduce their self-titled Debut in a most old-fashioned way, as it comes on tape, accompanied by access for digital download.

Not only in the form of presentation, this Duo has the best of two worlds merging into on another. Heavy riffing meets up with ponderous rhythms, comprising omnipresent drumworks and groovy basslines. Spiked with a viciously, yet irresistible voice, IN THE COMPANY OF SERPENTS will hook disciples of Black Sabbath, High on Fire, Electric Wizard, Sleep, Weedeater, Sunn0))), Saint Vitus their likes. As harshness blends in, blues strikes the pose to an invigorating tonal hybrid. This 37-minutes trip will haunt you like the grim reaper.

All five tracks are settled in the low or mid range, all Lyrics & Riffs written by Grant Netzorg; Octo-armed percussion shenanigans by JJ Anselmi.

Punkte: 8 / 10