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10.0 für Carcass: Surgical Steel (2013) (01.09.2013 01:53)
7.5 für Postures: Postures (2013) (25.07.2013 15:29)
9.0 für Jex Thoth: Blood Moon Rise (2013) (14.07.2013 16:06)
7.5 für Jex Thoth: Jex Thoth (2008) (05.07.2013 19:03)
7.0 für Jex Thoth: Witness (2010) (05.07.2013 19:02)
8.0 für Harasai: Psychotic Kingdom (2013) (08.05.2013 20:01)
7.5 für Shinin' Shade: Sat-Urn (2013) (26.04.2013 09:57)
9.0 für Blood Tsunami: For Faen! (2013) (02.04.2013 10:57)
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25.07.2013 15:29 - Postures: Postures (2013)

7.5 / 10
Review in englischer Sprache hier: Entering the depths of the world of sound as frail as a petal on the verge of withering, whereas autumn gathers its strength. The overwhelmingly beautiful voice of Swedish Siren Paulina Nyström whisperers the opening words of “Circles” only to burst out with full power seconds later, when the “Heavy tremor” sets in. Overcome with anxiety towards the inevitable, the faceless voice asks “Are we still breathing?” – it is then silenced…giving way to colourful tunes, unheard by the human hearing before. “Solipse” is an eight-minute instrumental epic, revealing the playful ease these Swedes are able to deliver. Simultaneously they manage to display their high level of skills, maybe even more due to the lack of vocal distraction. “Falling into place”, the softly sung Intermezzo drips down like warm a summer rain. While “Clusters”, “Undertow” and “Clouded sight” are a forthright middle-section, before “Quakes” – a twelve-minute cascade with a climatic design - lets you slowly and once more voicelessly convulse for the last time. “Circles (shake up your mind)” rounds up the record and closes the circle. POSTURES is the name and pose is the game of this seven-piece sonic gathering. Merging the funky coolness of a 60s Beatnik – leaving out the all-in-black wardrobe and taking on flowers and paisley patterns – and adding the encapsulated structures of 80s Progrock to their own straightness, POSTURES seem to create an entire universe for themselves. Inherited by breezing soundscapes and righteous riffs, deriving from your average string-trio of guitarists Benjamin Watts, Viktor Andersson and bassist David Petersson, the batteling drums of Isak Björhag and Thomas Manell’s percussions, getting it all jazzed up by the punctuated keys and timid sax of Mikael Edebro. For sure I am not the type of person to put a band into a drawer right away and clearly POSTURES would give everyone trying to do so a very hard time. Appearing on the surface on the peak of quite a number of hypes, that seem to touch their own art. Still their music could be more of a theme-song to a children’s comic show in 1986 with their indicated sizzling fuzz, I thinking in the way of “Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs”, “Galaxy Rangers” or maybe even the unforgettable and my personal fave “She-Ra – Princess of Power”, than a 70s-dancefloor-filler. And I would rather see POSTURES join forces with their country mates SLINGBLADE, than getting a support slot on the next JEX THOTH tour. Anyways, their mix has me intrigued, specially Paulina’s voice, that’s somewhere between KATE BUSH and LOREENA MCKENNITT. To sum it all up: Like it or leave it! [Review lesen]

14.07.2013 16:06 - Jex Thoth: Blood Moon Rise (2013)

9.0 / 10
Review in englischer Sprache hier zu lesen: Deep in the woods, hidden from reality and unseen by mankind only she comes to bury her prey underneath the withering oak. As the dusk arrives, she sees the blood moon rise, as red as her untamed crest. Calling forth and thither, the hymn echos through the night. She kindles the flame to see the least, arousing fumes of ancient sandalwood. Hope alludes while she follows path that will guide her to the places you walk – keeping her save from harm, yet not lasting for long. For the trail diverges into two traces, the divide from humanity is inevitable. Once the divide is implemented, only a pale apparition is left, leaving all behind, uncovering the secrets that lurk across the mountain and will lead her into a sleep, deeper than any men has ever felt. Tumbling henceforth, the soil depraved, skies blacken and the river ran dry. Cursed by mother nature, trying to keep the weeds from souring becomes an unending journey. Dragging away the redeeming rest, the promising forest and anything she holds dear – in the end only death is for certain and reliable… “Blood Moon Rise”, the second full-length album of JEX THOTH creates an entire realm, which inherits the spirit of BLACK SABBATH, AMON DÜÜL II, PINK FLOYD, HEART and BLUE ÖYSTER CULT. The visionary yet timeless song craft combines catchy doom ballads with a flowing tapestry of jinxed, psychedelic Rock. Blurry sightings let past and future merge into each other, breaking the barriers of time and space. Between shamanic tales and clairvoyance, produced by Randall Dunn (EARTH, SUNN O))), BLACK MOUNTAIN), JEX THOTH – featuring Danny Gonzalez (Bass), Matt Jacobs (Guitar), Brandon Newhouse (Guitar) and Nick Johnson (Drums) – spawn a piece of addictive, timeless art. Released via I Hate on June 16th, 2013. [Review lesen]

05.07.2013 19:03 - Jex Thoth: Jex Thoth (2008)

7.5 / 10
Review in englischer Sprache ebenfalls zu finden unter: Less than a year after their split release with PAGAN ALTAR on October 31st, 2007 JEX THOTH – featuring Zodiac (Organ, Synthesizer, Piano), Johnny Dee (Drums), Grim Jim (Bass, Guitars) and Silas Paine (Guitars, Bouzouki, Flute) – put out a self titled debut album. The band that formerly called itself TOTEM has made a reputation as a hard-working live act and adds to this success with this first full-length publication. Opening “Jex Thoth” is the hymn “Nothing Left To Die” that proves the bands’ talent for a catchy chorus. Within the course of the record a spherical depths opens up, giving way for the enchanting vocals of singer and eponym Jessica Thoth. The intense and forwarded “Seperated At Birth” with its dominating riff, is an invitation to all headbangers. The following “Equinox Suit” is divided into four parts that perfectly merge into one another. The closing track “Stone Evil” has already been released on the split and is clearly known to all real fans. An overall sophisticated piece of art, yet not too well suitable for old school metalheads. Furthermore “Jex Thoth” has its lengths and epic qualities. Those who had no chance so for to be convinced by JEX THOTH’S live performances ought to catch them as soon as possible – and might purchase a record as well. Not your mere party animal, but for the ideal soundtrack clear and golden autumn days. True occult rockers will love the vinyl gatefold version. “Jex Thoth” is released via I HATE on February 29th 2008. [Review lesen]

05.07.2013 19:02 - Jex Thoth: Witness (2010)

7.0 / 10
Review in englischer Sprache ebenfalls zu finden unter: With their 3-Track EP “Witness” JEX THOTH – featuring Shane Verwey (Bass), Nick Johnson (Drums), Nico Kain (Guitar) and Clay Ruby (Organ, Synt – are able to prove, that despite constant touring they still find enough time to compose great music. Might be a little too much echo put on Jessica’s already hypnotic voice here, but this would have to be the only cutback to be found on “Witness”. The first two songs “Raven Nor The Spirit” and “Slow Rewind” merge into each other as one and thus earn a strong unity. Also the Slapp Happy cover of “Mr. Rainbow” featuring dominant vocals and Hammond organ blends in perfectly. For all die-hard-fans of JEX THOTH an absolute must-have – those who fell for the charms of this band with its read-headed siren, are sure to be proud owners of the EP that was released via I HATE on April 11th 2010. All new or soon-to-be addicts shall be warned: You will get hooked on this! [Review lesen]

06.06.2013 09:22 - Black Oath: Ov Qliphoth And Darkness (2013)

7.0 / 10
Review in englischer Sprache - zu finden hier: Obtaining the path of the BLACK OATH, my feet sink into misty soil covered by a formerly unknown mediterranean darkness. My sight gets lost upon a perpetual recitation of a mysticism, attending to those we don’t speak of. As I enter the sacred walls, choirs from the depths arise, merging with string ridding tunes and usher the ritual, just to become the prelude of my journey towards the calling of the moon goddess. Following the four elements, preparing my becoming one with the universe. As of the waning crescent, the emcee arrives. His voice, beseeching all believers, for his coming we have awaited and rejoicing with the chanting. Hence the cleansing of sinful waters becometh the resurrecting momentum, a recurrence of lifeless minds and souls. But upon nightfall the unholy vessel arises, afflicting the lands of the forefathers. Ending this nightmarish embarking, heat spills its inevitable sway, pervading the woods with the scent of the burning flesh. Thither pronouncing the nocturnal incantation, where dusk and dawn are never to be seen. The yearningly whispers of master A.Th grow louder with the impulsive rhythms of Paul V. and Chris Z, accompanied by the sound of the masters contemporary lute. Shadows full upon us, draconian severity fighting the evil invocation that has left its horror on the plains. The internal struggle of each individual is a war without winners, a neverending fight, leading only to the end of existence. Freedom we may have on the surface, escaping one another – so as I finally face my demise, the echo of a Candlemas attains my hearing and within it I discern the master himself. [Review lesen]

08.05.2013 20:01 - Harasai: Psychotic Kingdom (2013)

8.0 / 10
Review in englischer Sprache hier: It has been some four or five years since I first met HARASAI. During this time I’ve seen the guys grow and mature – as people, as musicians and of course as a band. Where their first full-length album “The I-Conception” (2010) lead a first professional approach, “Psychotic Kingdom” does not only continue this path but manages to take the band to a far different level. Knowing HARASAI for quite a while now, I can tell how hard and thus long their way was and still is: A working-class band, founded as a school-band. Besides the usual struggle to fund the production of a record, there have been several line-up changes. The current one is the fourth I’ve seen, not to mention stand-in musicians who would be around in the live-sector. Considering all this, it does not come as a surprise that the release of “Psychotic Kingdom” in the end turned into a progress of about three years. The mere concept, title and songs were already set in 2011, as my Interview with vocalist Martin Wittsieker in addition to the liner-notes indicates. The ten tracks on “Psychotic Kingdom” appear as a coherent unit, where the interplay of lights and shadows, good and bad is reflected in both the musical and vocals arrangements and the lyrics. The mandatory fierceful shredding of guitarists Yannick Becker and Patrick Wassenberg and relentless blasts of Nicolas Becker interact with an almost timid piano as in “Three Kings” and the instrumental piece “Skywards We Fly”, while Martins shouts and grunts are put into contrast with the clean vocals of Bassplayer Arne Laßen, best be heard on “The Art Of The Sun” and “Dying Race Domain”. A first step towards using all available abilities was noticeable made on “The I-Conception” with an acoustic intro (“The Chosen Way…”) and interlude (“The Void Within”) and some polyphonic excursions Martin took along with the guest vocalists. This concept is being expanded on “Psychotic Kingdom” in a most conductive manner, primarily using their own resources and hereby proving that they have worked their way up to professionally operating musicians. The lyrical idea that Martin elaborates on “Psychotic Kingdom” calls upon mankind to awake ones mind, to start thinking, reflecting and questioning, to not blindly accept the world as it is and to create a world for ourselves, each of us, one by one. It is a very critical tone that dominates the atmosphere of this album and connects the songs, but as shadow and light can only exist with one another, there is a spark of hope to be found in all this modern age mess. The main downside to this album, as it is the case on the previous one as well, would have to be the loss of a certain amount of guttural or even snotty roughness Martins vocals undergo, at least in my opinion. HARASAI is and always has been a live band, so get your ass out there and join the band for some live action! [Review lesen]

26.04.2013 09:57 - Shinin' Shade: Sat-Urn (2013)

7.5 / 10
Review in englischer Sprache ebenfalls hier zu lesen: Regular readers of Psychorizon clearly note my, as some might call it, obsession or as I like to put it preference towards bands with female vocals – probably due to the fact that I sing myself. This mere fact for sure raises suspicion of a tendency to overemphasize with those kind of bands, leading to unnaturally positive reviews. But certainly not every band with a female vocalist wins my favour, some of them I’ve never really listened to after publishing my written words. On the other hand there a but a few ones that become part of my recurring rotation and a very small number happens to be on heavy repeat. Last year it was JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES I fell in love with at first spin, specially with the epic tune “Sulphur Giant”. The band I’m currently taking a closer look at are Parma-based Doomsters SHININ’ SHADE and their first full-length record “Sat-Urn”. From the first note onwards I do sense a potential for SHININ’ SHADE to become part of my personal playlist. With their massive heavy riffing that guitarists Allen Kramer and Mek Jefrey pound onto their strings, not too far from ELECTRIC WIZARD. Yet their tempo tends to be a bit faster than many genre-mates, giving space for proper headbanging I miss once and again with some Doom acts. The rhythm-section with the bass of Roger Davis and the drums of Mike De Chirico creates a kind of acoustic battlefield in which the gloomy and fierce stories are told. And last but not least, I am intrigued with the voice of Jane Esther-Collins – low and yearningly, but with a glimpse of hope. If your into comparison: Imagine the vocals of former SERPENT CULT singer Michelle Nocon and add a twitch of RISE AND SHINE-sirin Josabeth Leidi, you get a slight idea of what to expect from SHININ’ SHADE. “Sat-Urn” was recorded in january 2013, it was mixed by Carlo Izzo – both at Moonlight Studios and released on March 15 on Moonlight Records, distributed by Masterpiece/Season Of Mist. “Through The Wires Of Your Mind” is the second single and also available on video, you find below! [Review lesen]

02.04.2013 10:57 - Blood Tsunami: For Faen! (2013)

9.0 / 10
Review in englischer Sprache hier: Metal might not always re-invent itself, but I am happy there are still bands that prefer to keep it old-school, like Norwegian Thrashers BLOOD TSUNAMI. Founded in 2004, BLOOD TSUNAMI are vocalist/ guitarist Pete Evil (Peter Vegem) guitarist Kristoffer Sørensen, bassist Carl Janfalk and drummer Bård (Faust) Eithun, well-known from his former jobs in EMPEROR e.g. Even though I love their earlier releases, the news of the new album „For Faen“ to be out in march, made me really excited. Specially with the knowledge, that BLOOD TSUNAMI side project MONGO NINJA has gotten most attention during the last few years. With some very promising album trailers, „For Faen“ has become “love at first sight (or rather listen)” to me. Short, brutal, raw, simple and true Thrash Metal tracks. Not too short, as I didn’t expect to discover long and epic melodic Black Metal tunes or something like that. Due to this, one will give the album some additional spins. This album is less melodic compared to former releases, it just thrills and kills with lyrics about Russian mass murderers in “The Butcher Of Rostov”. Many riffs remind me of Thrash gods SLAYER, realizing that these guys write in honour of their idols a lot, as they point out in the Interview. Percussions are perfect, but what else could you expect from one of the most amazing drummers of this metal generation? Still BLOOD TSUNAMI but a BLOOD TSUNAMI that added lots of new influences and experiences from their MONGO NINJA break and never been as punky and thrashy as in 2013! If you love fast and massive Thrash and are not to week for blunt lyrics, „For Faen“ is a must-have album. [Review lesen]

21.03.2013 19:22 - Heavy Glow: Mine All Mine (2013)

7.5 / 10
Review in englischer Sprache hier: Softly soaked vocals, heading for ravishing peaks that travel alongside bluesy riffs and striking drums – call it Retro, Heavy Blues Rock, Psychedelic or whatsoever…I’ll stick with HEAVY GLOW. The latest 7″ clearly combines a magnificent cocktail of everything HEAVY GLOW stands for: The Do-It-Yourself spirit resulting in the bands’ own record label Purge Records LLC. Out of the garage straight into the L.A. sun “Mine All Mine” takes us with its uplifting chorus and climax-reaching structure. The polyphonic vocals fit in perfectly well, creating an atmosphere of sound were humans and instruments merge into one being. “Headhunter” is even more intense, causing constant nodding to my neck and the urge to press the repeat button in a perpetual move. And I do confess: I even sang along with the guitar! Founded in 2008 with drummer Jared Mullins having just moved from Cleveland, Ohio to San Diego, he started posting ads in search for a bassplayer and found Joe Brooks. After Jared switched from drums to vocals and guitar, HEAVY GLOW finally stepped onto the face of the earth. In the fifth year of its creation, HEAVY GLOW has relocated to Los Angeles, has a full lineup featuring drummer Michael Amster and is about to embark its second West Coast Tour. With the first full-length “Midnight Moan” published back in 2011 it is about time for further deeds. [Review lesen]

07.03.2013 16:22 - Screamer: Phoenix (2013)

8.5 / 10
Review in englischer Sprache gibt es hier: Having a reputation to be one of the hardest touring (demo-) bands in Sweden, SCREAMER are not far from having the same things going on within the recording sector. The debut of the four musicians from Ljungby and Malmö called “Adrenaline Distractions” was delivered on the memorable date of November 11th, 2011 via german label High Roller Records. Hardly two years later the new records “Phoenix” is out for about a month now. With more than 100 shows played in both Sweden and the rest of Europe, including their first headliner tour in 2012, one might wonder if SCREAMER are able to maintain the quality standard set on their first album, or if all this touring like crazy could result in weaker songwriting – but the nine tracks on “Phoenix” couldn’t be any further from all this. “Demon Rider” is the opener and is one hell of a demonic ride! Get’s to me right from the start and almost forces me to push the repeat button on my player – good thing this is impossible at a live show, otherwise I would turn a whole show into an endless repetition of that very track. “No Regrets” and “Slavegrinder” keep the uptempo constantly going, turning this first third of “Phoenix” into a neckbreaking scenario. With “Far Away From Home” comes a first respite, but still no reason to put aside them airguitars – specially the polyphonic chorus parts and duel guitar-soli convey a full and mature sound. Track number five “No Sleep ‘Til Hamilton” becomes even more intense once you know the story behind it, telling how vocalist/bassplayer Christoffer Svensson, guitarists Anton Fingal and Dejan Rosić and drummer Henrik Petersson were “stranded” on tour, having no place to stay for the night. This might be a momentum taking away the romanticism and glory many imagine about being on the road… The title track “Phoenix” speeds things up again and concerning the lyrics makes a possible connection to the experience the band is dealing with in the previous one. After a short and truly powerful resurrection, the final part of the album takes a bit of a slower but no less forceful turn with the introduction of one “Mr. Noman”, whereas the “Red Moon Rising” offers a final glimpse of fast shredding. Concluding their second full-length album, SCREAMER tell the story of the “Lady Of The River” in a seven and a half-minute cascade. The epic quality for sure won’t decelerate the power of its predecessor, leaving enough room for headbanging one last time. Drums recorded by Dennis Åhman at Shimmer Productions. Guitars, bass, vocals and percussions recorded by Carl Johan Erlandsson, David Persson Hansen and Tomas Salonen at Racetrack Studio. Mixed by Fred Estby at Gutterview Recorders. Mastered by Andy Jackson at Tube Mastering. Produced by SCREAMER. Released on february 8th 2013 via Highroller Records. [Review lesen]

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