Black Oath Ov Qliphoth And Darkness (2013) - ein Review von Psychorizon

Black Oath: Ov Qliphoth And Darkness - Cover
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Typ: Album
Genre(s): Metal: Doom Metal

06.06.2013 09:22

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Obtaining the path of the BLACK OATH, my feet sink into misty soil covered by a formerly unknown mediterranean darkness. My sight gets lost upon a perpetual recitation of a mysticism, attending to those we don’t speak of. As I enter the sacred walls, choirs from the depths arise, merging with string ridding tunes and usher the ritual, just to become the prelude of my journey towards the calling of the moon goddess. Following the four elements, preparing my becoming one with the universe.

As of the waning crescent, the emcee arrives. His voice, beseeching all believers, for his coming we have awaited and rejoicing with the chanting. Hence the cleansing of sinful waters becometh the resurrecting momentum, a recurrence of lifeless minds and souls. But upon nightfall the unholy vessel arises, afflicting the lands of the forefathers. Ending this nightmarish embarking, heat spills its inevitable sway, pervading the woods with the scent of the burning flesh. Thither pronouncing the nocturnal incantation, where dusk and dawn are never to be seen. The yearningly whispers of master A.Th grow louder with the impulsive rhythms of Paul V. and Chris Z, accompanied by the sound of the masters contemporary lute.

Shadows full upon us, draconian severity fighting the evil invocation that has left its horror on the plains. The internal struggle of each individual is a war without winners, a neverending fight, leading only to the end of existence. Freedom we may have on the surface, escaping one another – so as I finally face my demise, the echo of a Candlemas attains my hearing and within it I discern the master himself.

Punkte: 7 / 10