Shinin' Shade Sat-Urn (2013) - ein Review von Psychorizon

Shinin' Shade: Sat-Urn - Cover
Typ: Album
Genre(s): Metal Doom Metal

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26.04.2013 09:57

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Regular readers of Psychorizon clearly note my, as some might call it, obsession or as I like to put it preference towards bands with female vocals – probably due to the fact that I sing myself. This mere fact for sure raises suspicion of a tendency to overemphasize with those kind of bands, leading to unnaturally positive reviews. But certainly not every band with a female vocalist wins my favour, some of them I’ve never really listened to after publishing my written words. On the other hand there a but a few ones that become part of my recurring rotation and a very small number happens to be on heavy repeat. Last year it was JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES I fell in love with at first spin, specially with the epic tune “Sulphur Giant”. The band I’m currently taking a closer look at are Parma-based Doomsters SHININ’ SHADE and their first full-length record “Sat-Urn”.

From the first note onwards I do sense a potential for SHININ’ SHADE to become part of my personal playlist. With their massive heavy riffing that guitarists Allen Kramer and Mek Jefrey pound onto their strings, not too far from ELECTRIC WIZARD. Yet their tempo tends to be a bit faster than many genre-mates, giving space for proper headbanging I miss once and again with some Doom acts. The rhythm-section with the bass of Roger Davis and the drums of Mike De Chirico creates a kind of acoustic battlefield in which the gloomy and fierce stories are told. And last but not least, I am intrigued with the voice of Jane Esther-Collins – low and yearningly, but with a glimpse of hope. If your into comparison: Imagine the vocals of former SERPENT CULT singer Michelle Nocon and add a twitch of RISE AND SHINE-sirin Josabeth Leidi, you get a slight idea of what to expect from SHININ’ SHADE.

“Sat-Urn” was recorded in january 2013, it was mixed by Carlo Izzo – both at Moonlight Studios and released on March 15 on Moonlight Records, distributed by Masterpiece/Season Of Mist. “Through The Wires Of Your Mind” is the second single and also available on video, you find below!

Punkte: 7.5 / 10