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Sandford Music Factory: Awen - Cover
Typ: Album
Genre(s): Rock Grunge

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30.01.2013 20:33

Review in englischer Sprache hier:

Welcome to the Reunion of the Class of ’94 of Rock’n'Roll High School. Welcome to the SANDFORD MUSIC FACTORY’s sophomore class project. Welcome to AWEN.

But wait, this is not Seattle or anywhere near the Unites States where drummer Miguel Anxo, singer Fernán Varela, bassplayer Beny and guitarist Xurxo are a bunch of foreign exchange students. The four musicians might sound a lot like time travelling Rockers from the state of Washington but they derive from A Coruña, Galicia in Spain. This coastal place clearly offers AT LEAST nine month of sunshine compared to the amount of rain one would get in this one infamous US town. To make a long story short: With their second album AWEN, SANDFORD MUSIC FACTORY will set the dice on their future. Their debut publication MELTED TO OBLIVION – published under the name SWEET OBLIVION BAND, which they were obliged to change due to copyright reasons – paved the way for this band.

As the 90s child that I am, I can tell you: Those guys have the spirit! Somewhere between SOUNDGARDEN, ALICE IN CHAINS and BLIND MELON they build up an acoustic tent. Anyone willing to come in and sit down will be protected from drops of water and to strong a sunbeam.

Starting off with the rather uptempo “Nowhere” which is full of puzzled emotions ranging from threats to hope and back again. “The Spiral”, “Save Me” And “Marionettes” are also forwarding tracks that show the touch of Punk SFM bears. The true beauty of their songwriting maybe most clear on “There And Then” – Shannon Hoon would have loved it!

The final part of AWEN consists of the three-piece epos “The Keys Of Horizon”. Sounding like the morning after, after WOODSTOCK, Part I is a very spiritual segment where the Big Muff is overwhelmed by birds’ singing.
Part II could just as well be part of The Smashing Pumpkins’s debut Gish, if they had a Spanish Singer in 1991 merging into the grand instrumental finale.

Recorded at Estoduios Planta Sónica 2 in Vigo, Spain and mastered at West West Side Music, New York by Alan Douches Awen won’t lack a professional production and the capable hands that worked with HOLE, MONSTER MAGNET, CLUTCH, MASTODON and many other great ones.
Published via Shiroten Records on October 3rd, 2011 (Spain) respectively 2012 (Europe).

Punkte: 10 / 10