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15.06.2012 16:50

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Far far away in the peruvian capital Lima Reino Ermitaño spent over a decade brewing and boiling their tonal outcry onto the face of the Andean state yet far beyond the continental borders. “Far far away” is a common beginning for fairy tales but the lyrics on the fourth full-length output of Reino Ermitaño called “Veneración Del Fuego” deal with the counterpart of any given bedtime story. The Harsh reality of a troubled nation: Between poverty and cultural inheritance, suppression and destruction of the so-called primitive but as I prefer to call them “pure” cultures, such as the inhabitants of the amazon rainforest or the Inca Empire. The entire atmosphere deriving from the ten songs transport a dark and saddened emotion towards anyone willing to listen. Furthermore the band uses traditional instruments on “Sangre Indea” to get even closer to those people they write their music about.

The band itself points out that “Veneración Del Fuego” – the first record guitarist Eloy took part in – has a more organic, rawer more aggressive touch to it, still tieing on to the ethereal qualities of its prequel “Rituales Interiores”. Even more the band proves, specially for any not spanish speaking fan that music truly IS the universal language. With the mere tone of voice of Tania Duarte, Eloy Arturo’s tuning of guitar, Marcos Coifman bass lines and degree of intensity Julio “Ñaka” Almeida hits the drums every single track delivers are certain mood, hope and fear, light and shadow, anxiety or ease. The band has been active since late 2001 and it’s vision of Heavy Witch Doom inspired by the likes of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Reverend Bizarre, Lord Vicar and dozen others will withstand any global given standard or the next natural disaster they might have to face – they are to last more decades to come!

Punkte: 8 / 10


Reino Ermitano: Veneracion Del Fuego

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  1. Quimera
  2. El sueño del condor
  3. Sobre las ruinas
  4. Desangrándote
  5. Cuando la luz te encuentre
  6. Soy el lobo
  7. El rito
  8. Vente al fuego
  9. Sangre india
  10. Cadáver, semilla, renacer