Light Is The New Black (2012) - ein Review von Psychorizon

Black Space Riders: Light Is The New Black - Cover
Typ: Album
Genre(s): Rock Stoner Rock, Psychedelic Rock

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19.06.2012 09:55

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Apart from the fact that the BLACK SPACE RIDERS have not only outgrown their teen years but also their twens a while ago they are much alike any other bunch of guys that prefer to spent the weekend in a dark and misty rehearsal room or preferably on stage.

The bands current output “Light Is The New Black” is a collection of “songs about luminaries, black holes, hope and loss in outer space” as the backprint note points out. Compared to the earlier songs, the 13 tracks seem to be more down to earth and lack a dose of the Space Rock sound the BLACK SPACE RIDERS are much known for. With all the imagery of space the German Band can’t hide their roots, which is somewhere along the line of dirty forward whatsoever Rock. Simple song structures and lyrics along with not to fucked up riffing won’t measure up to what one might expect from the look of the album. It’s some good rocking the BLACK SPACE RIDERS have going on, but I would rather see them in front of a Punk Rock audience that those nerdy shoegaze Wackos.

Especially the vocals are quite far from space but with that much variety one should be just impressed. Not so much for dividing the album into four sections but for not dissecting their own abilities and thus not limiting themselves to one Genre is what the BLACK SPACE RIDERS should be praised for. Yet this way of almost categorising the songs might be abused as an excuse for not straightly sticking to one part of this huge Metal and Rock universe. Anyway you put it, if your into Music far almost any occasion, you ought to give those guys a try! Shure ironing won’t work as good as head banging, but who cares.

After a short visit to the “bright side” “Light Is The New Black” quickly returns to the rough tracks. Quite a trip with elements from Stoner to Thrash – actually something that won’t satisfy the common stereotypical mind.

Punkte: 6 / 10