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Sigiriya: Return To Earth - Cover
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Genre(s): Metal Stoner Rock/Metal

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26.02.2012 15:22

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Out of the ashes of stoner doom merchants ACRIMONY a new force has risen: SIGIRIYA.

But unlike the current Reunion trend, regrouped guitarist Stu O’Hara, bassist Mead, drummer Darren Ivey and vocalist Dorian Walters decided to go all new ways.

Creating a rough and earthly sound with a fuzzy edge, SIGIRIYAs debut has just been released via their German label The Church Within Records. Their sound is more like the Welsh waves and less like the ashes of the past, climatic heights coming and going as the tides. A slight touch of dirt (as in earth and not the real filth…), yet beautiful as the seaside. The youthful and intense voice of Dorian gives the whole music an unobtainable mystic gasp. The vocals and all other instruments seem to become one – one with each other and with the earth itself.

The song titles make no exception concerning the universal theme: “Dark Fires” and the “Hurricane”are followed by a “Robot Funeral”, where even the artificial face of the modern days “return” to the soil. The next step leads us to “The Mountain Goat”, here we witness a “Tobacco Sunrise”, right before the end comes the “Whiskey Song”.

Even if these guys just made some tracks about (their own?) bad habits, they’ve done a really great job. Especially the final track “Deathtrip To Eyri” reminds me of KYLESA, which is meant as a compliment.

And just in case you were wondering how the guys came up with SIGIRIYA: “Taking their name from the mystic ‘throat of the lion’ rock in Sri Lanka, their rumble has been moving the Black Mountains of their homeland and will soon be moving the tectonic plates of the earth.“

Punkte: 10 / 10

Sigiriya: Return to earth

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  1. The mountain goat
  2. Tobacco sunrise
  3. Hurricane
  4. Whiskey song
  5. Dark fires
  6. Robot funeral
  7. Deathtrip to Eryri