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Spancer: Greater Than The Sun - Cover
Typ: Album
Genre(s): Metal Doom Metal, Stoner Rock/Metal, Sludge

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26.02.2012 15:25

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If you like to adopt anything from a Record Company Infosheet, SPANCER are The Slow, The Loud, And The Heavy! German Doom Deliverer THE CHURCH WITHIN Records has proven to publish high quality music from bands all around. In this case from their own origin, namely SPANCER.

Starting off in 1999 to praise SAINT VITUS and SLEEP, their sound soon got a more extreme influence from the likes of CHURCH OF MISERY, EYEHATEGOD, BURNING WITCH and others less traditional acts. It takes guts to put out a full length with just four tracks on it – but with a duration of almost 45 minutes those five guys don’t need more!

Maybe not “Greater Than The Sun” as the title proclaims, but certainly with a similar might and eminence does the sound of the first track rise. An accumulation of distortion and feedback, combined with a groaning voice create a severity – like a sunset on a misty morning. The second tracks is the shortest and probably the coolest: Strings and vocal cords are as one, with heavy doom riffs and a very mean rough voice. Altogether with the drumming, this songs invites headbangers before the earth will be turned into a graveyard. The final half is back to slow’n'low style, with an almost conjuring atmosphere. Still I don’t know whether to celebrate the musical greatness or to fear for my safety – or both. In the end, “Agent Sirius” has a real sing-along quality.

For those of you, who like it brutal and intense “Greater Than The Sun” is definitely worth listening to. But be sure to take your time, just like the band takes its time. If you make it to the very end, you might be surprised.


1. The Great Saint Equaling Heaven

2. Those Once Lost – Godhead

3. Agent Sirius

4. (Like A) Phoenix

Punkte: 7 / 10


Spancer: Greater than the sun

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  1. The great saint eqaling heaven
  2. Those once lost
  3. Agent Sirius
  4. (Like a) Phoenix