Synthetic Waterfall Inside The Different (2011) - ein Review von Psychorizon

Synthetic Waterfall: Inside The Different - Cover
Typ: Single/EP
Genre(s): Metal Death Metal, Doom Metal

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19.06.2012 08:51

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After they started off as a Melo-Death formation in 2007, Synthetic Waterfall faced quite a rollercoaster after publishing the first four-track Demo „Rising of the Aeon“. The original line-up should not even last a decade and after a partial split in 2010 founders Timo Vimravirta and Donovan Raynal took the change for a real revelation. The rebirth not only presents new members but als a very different sound, very atmospheric with obvious influences like Opeth, Katatonia or Swallow the Sun.

All this has been bundled into five tracks on the 35-minute long EP „Inside the Differnet“. The most noticeable difference is surely to be found in Timo’s vocals, which show a very emotional side, more variety and a bashing switch from clear to rough ranges. Synths have moved a bit into the background, giving more room for experimental guitar work. The overall sound and lyrics on „Inside the Differnt“ try to reflect the „lifeless and monotone atmosphere of Parisian suburbs“. The EP is can be considered as a transition of the band before releasing its first full-length Album. As Timo mentioned earlier in our Interview, the sound will be differ even more compared to „Rising of the Aeon“, promising to fit their own style.

Besides the music itself, the new output has a truly convincing artwork, created by Marc Leyrem. If your into anything non-mainstream, I strongly recommend listening to this very promising young band, which will hopefully play outside the Parisian area and outside France soon!

Conclusion: Very strong for being just an EP, but since I hope the Album will be even stronger this will be just eight out of ten points.

Punkte: 8 / 10