Bushfire Black Ash Sunday (2010) - ein Review von Psychorizon

Bushfire: Black Ash Sunday - Cover
Typ: Album
Genre(s): Rock Stoner Rock

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25.10.2012 19:38

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Those of you who have been around from the very beginning at this years’ Stoned From The Underground might have seen Bushfire live on stage – for Psychorizon different reasons had us arrive a day later. But as it happens I ran into Bushfire frontman Bill Brown early enough AND without knowing who he was. Couple of drinks and discussions later we weren’t exactly Bros, less for the fact that I’m no guy. But I was convinced that someone as crazy as this could not make bad music, so here we are.

Bushfire’s 2012 release “Black Ash Sunday” comes around with an army of fuzz and distortion. Along with Bill’s voice, that roams from hypnotic to aggressive all the way to somewhat intensely insane. The five musicians located in Darmstadt clearly do not reinvent the wheel, but they make a good Rocking. Especially in the faster parts, as in “The Fiend” one can sense great potential for live action. The special flavour that makes the music of Bushfire could be the international background, with its members – Thomas Glasser (Bass), Marcus Bishoff (Guitar), Bill Brown (Voice), Tom Hoffmann (Drums) and Miguel Pereira (Guitar) – originating from across the globe, from Portugal to Germany, Namibia to Sweden and the U.S.A.

I just love the fact they named a song “Little Man”, having a vocalist that is a giant! “Black Ash Sunday” is not just the right Soundtrack for a gloomy sunday, but for any day you need a handful of tunes to sink into and reflect upon the world. Specially with its quite moments, Bushfire keep you hooked up and listen on. For fans of Lonely Kamel, Sungrazer and Wight. Mostly recommended: “Useless In So Many Ways”.

Punkte: 6.5 / 10