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26.02.2012 15:14

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If you haven’t been in a good mood, you will be, listening to BABY WOODROSE‘s “Love Comes Down”. The 2006 album has been re-issued via Bad Afro Records on October 23rd.

The follow up of “Money For Souls” delivers 14 true sing-along-and-swing-along tunes. With all of them having a duration of some 2 or 3 minutes, boredom is far away. Only the title track is 05:08 minutes long, giving it a real epic quality.

“Love Comes Down” has been considered as the “lost” album, which might be due to the fact that until now it was only available in Scandinavia. But this will now change and the entire continent will be able to enjoy the mixture of garage sound, moody moments, fuzzy voice and freaky organ of this creative phase of Lorenzo Woodrose (guitars, vocals), Fuzz Daddy (drums) and The Moody Guru (bass). The band will record a new studio album during the summer due to be released on spring 2012.

Punkte: 8 / 10


Baby Woodrose: Love Comes Down [Vinyl LP]


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  1. What Ya Gonna Do?
  2. Found My Way Out
  3. Kitty Galore
  4. No Other Girl
  5. Lights Are Changing
  6. Growing Younger
  7. All Over Now
  8. Chemical Buzz
  9. Christine
  10. Do Right
  11. Born To Lose
  12. Roses
  13. Nobody Knows
  14. Love Comes Down