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# Cover Titel Typ / Besonderheiten Jahr Album Plattenfirma Katalognummer
13 & God (D)
1 13 & God: 13 & God 13 & God (D)
13 & God
CD (Digipak) 2005 Anticon / Alien Transistor abr0050/N12
2 13 & God: Own Your Ghost 13 & God (D)
Own Your Ghost
CD (Digipak) 2011 Anticon abr0104
35007 (NL)
3 35007: Especially For You 35007 (NL)
Especially For You
2-LP (180 Gramm Vinyl, Gatefold, Re-Release 1999, Remastered) 1994 Stickman Records PSYCHOBABBLE 018
4 35007: Sea Of Tranquility 35007 (NL)
Sea Of Tranquility
10" (Erstauflage) 2001 Stickman Records PSYCHOBABBLE 030
5 35007: Liquid 35007 (NL)
CD (Digipak) 2002 Stickman Records PSYCHOBABBLE 037
40 Watt Sun (GB)
6 40 Watt Sun: The Inside Room 40 Watt Sun (GB)
The Inside Room
CD (Digipak, Erstauflage) 2011 Cyclone Empire CYC 063-2
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead (USA)
7 ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead: Worlds Apart ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead (USA)
Worlds Apart
CD 2005 Interscope Records 0075021036932
A Dead Forest Index (AUS)
8 A Dead Forest Index: Antique A Dead Forest Index (AUS)
Mini-CD / EP (Digipak) 2012 Denovali / Oscl DEN 135 | OSCL003
A Forest Of Stars (GB)
9 A Forest Of Stars: A Shadowplay For Yesterdays A Forest Of Stars (GB)
A Shadowplay For Yesterdays
CD (Digipak, Erstauflage) 2012 Lupus Lounge WOLF 050
10 A Forest Of Stars: Beware The Sword You Cannot See A Forest Of Stars (GB)
Beware The Sword You Cannot See
CD (Digipak) 2015 Prophecy WOLF 058
A Perfect Circle (USA)
11 A Perfect Circle: Mer De Noms A Perfect Circle (USA)
Mer De Noms
CD 2000 Virgin Records America, Inc. 7243 8 49253 2 1
12 A Perfect Circle: Thirteenth Step A Perfect Circle (USA)
Thirteenth Step
CD 2003 Virgin Records America, Inc. 7243 5 83439 22
13 A Perfect Circle: Amotion A Perfect Circle (USA)
DVD + CD 2004 EMI / Virgin Records Ltd. 7243 8 74253 0 9
14 A Perfect Circle: Emotive A Perfect Circle (USA)
CD (Kopierschutz) 2004 Virgin Records America, Inc. 7243 8 66688 2 0
15 A Perfect Circle: Eat The Elephant A Perfect Circle (USA)
Eat The Elephant
CD (Digipak) 2018 BMG Rights Management (US) LLC 538374252
Ace Of Base (S)
16 Ace Of Base: Beautiful Life Ace Of Base (S)
Beautiful Life
Single-CD 1995 Metronome Musik GmbH, Hamburg 577 245-2
17 Ace Of Base: Lucky Love Ace Of Base (S)
Lucky Love
Single-CD 1995 Mega Records 577 247-2
18 Ace Of Base: Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry Ace Of Base (S)
Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry
Single-CD 1996 Metronome Musik GmbH 576 195-2
Adai (USA)
19 Adai: Felo De Se Adai (USA)
Felo De Se
CD + 12" (180 Gramm Vinyl, Etched Vinyl, Gatefold) 2010 Cavity Records CVR15
20 Adai: We Are All Dead Adai (USA)
We Are All Dead
CD 2010 Make My Day Records mmd046
Aereogramme (GB)
21 Aereogramme: A Story In White Aereogramme (GB)
A Story In White
CD (Kopierschutz) 2001 Chemikal Underground Chem053CD / RTD 129.3885.2
22 Aereogramme: Sleep And Release Aereogramme (GB)
Sleep And Release
CD 2003 Matador Records OLE 571-2
23 Aereogramme: Seclusion Aereogramme (GB)
Mini-CD / EP 2004 Undergroove UGCD015
24 Aereogramme: My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go Aereogramme (GB)
My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go
CD 2007 Sonic Unyon SUNCD114-2
Agrypnie (D)
25 Agrypnie: F51.4 Agrypnie (D)
CD 2006 Supreme Chaos Records SCR-CD023
26 Agrypnie: Exit Agrypnie (D)
CD 2008 Supreme Chaos Records SCR-CD026
27 Agrypnie: 16[485] Agrypnie (D)
CD (DVD-Hülle/Case, Digipak, Erstauflage, Limited Edition, Nummeriert) 2010 Supreme Chaos Records SCR-CD031-2
28 Agrypnie: Asche EP Agrypnie (D)
Asche EP
CD (Digipak, Erstauflage, Limited Edition) 2011 Supreme Chaos Records SCR-CD035-2
29 Agrypnie: Aetas Cineris Agrypnie (D)
Aetas Cineris
CD + DVD (Digi-Book, Erstauflage, Limited Edition, Nummeriert) 2013 Supreme Chaos Records SCR-CD043-2
Ahab (D)
30 Ahab: The Call Of The Wretched Sea Ahab (D)
The Call Of The Wretched Sea
CD 2006 Napalm Records Handels GmbH NPR 198
31 Ahab: The Divinity Of Oceans Ahab (D)
The Divinity Of Oceans
CD (Erstauflage) 2009 Napalm Records Handels GmbH NPR 300
32 Ahab: The Giant Ahab (D)
The Giant
CD (Digipak, Limited Edition) 2012 Napalm Records Handels GmbH NPR 426
33 Ahab: The Boats Of The Glen Carrig Ahab (D)
The Boats Of The Glen Carrig
CD + 7" (Box, Digipak, Erstauflage, Limited Edition, Special Edition) 2015 Napalm Records NPR 598 LTD
34 AIR: Moon Safari AIR (F)
Moon Safari
CD 1998 Source Records CDV 2848
35 AIR: Talkie Walkie AIR (F)
Talkie Walkie
CD (Kopierschutz) 2004 Source / Virgin 72435 966002 8
Federico Albanese (I)
36 Federico Albanese: The Houseboat And The Moon Federico Albanese (I)
The Houseboat And The Moon
CD (Digipak, Erstauflage) 2014 Denovali Records den193
Alcest (F)
37 Alcest: Écailles De Lune Alcest (F)
Écailles De Lune
CD (Digi-Book, Limited Edition) 2010 Prophecy Productions Pro 106 LU
38 Alcest: Autre Temps Alcest (F)
Autre Temps
7" (Blaues Vinyl, Etched Vinyl, Limited Edition) 2011 Prophecy Productions PRO 121
39 Alcest: Les Voyages De L'Âme Alcest (F)
Les Voyages De L'Âme
CD (Digipak) 2012 Prophecy Productions Pro 122
40 Alcest: Opale Alcest (F)
7" (Erstauflage, Etched Vinyl, Limited Edition) 2013 Prophecy Productions PRO147
41 Alcest: Shelter Alcest (F)
2-CD (Limited Edition, Special Edition) 2014 Prophecy PRO 143 LU
42 Alcest: Kodama Alcest (F)
CD (Digipak, Erstauflage, Pappschuber) 2016 Prophecy Productions PRO 190
Alexisonfire (CDN)
43 Alexisonfire: Alexisonfire Alexisonfire (CDN)
CD (Re-Release 2004) 2002 Defiance Records DEFIANCERECORDS LXVI
44 Alexisonfire: Crisis Alexisonfire (CDN)
CD 2006 Defiance Records LXXVIII
45 Alexisonfire: Old Crows / Young Cardinals Alexisonfire (CDN)
Old Crows / Young Cardinals
CD 2009 Roadrunner Records RR 7846-2
All Diese Gewalt! (D)
46 All Diese Gewalt!: Welt In Klammern All Diese Gewalt! (D)
Welt In Klammern
CD (Digisleeve) 2016 Staatsakt AKT778CD
All Them Witches (USA)
47 All Them Witches: Effervescent All Them Witches (USA)
LP   Eigenproduktion  
48 All Them Witches: Lightning At The Door All Them Witches (USA)
Lightning At The Door
CD (Digipak, Re-Release 2016) 2013 New West Records NW6338
49 All Them Witches: Dying Surfer Meets His Maker All Them Witches (USA)
Dying Surfer Meets His Maker
CD (Digipak) 2015 New West Records, LLC NW6444
Amenra (B)
50 Amenra: Amenra / Oathbreaker Amenra (B)
Amenra / Oathbreaker
Split-7" (Clear Vinyl, Erstauflage, Limited Edition) 2011 Eigenproduktion  
51 Amenra: Mass III-II + Mass IIII Amenra (B)
Mass III-II + Mass IIII
2-CD (Compilation, Digipak, Import, Remastered) 2011 Tokyo Jupiter Records TJP-021
52 Amenra: Amenra / Hessian Amenra (B)
Amenra / Hessian
Split-7" (Clear Vinyl, Erstauflage, Schwarzes Vinyl) 2012 Smoke And Dust Records S&D-013
53 Amenra: Mass V Amenra (B)
Mass V
CD (Pappschuber) 2012 Neurot Recordings NR084
Amorphis (FIN)
54 Amorphis: Skyforger Amorphis (FIN)
CD 2009 Nuclear Blast GmbH NB 2304-2
Amplifier (GB)
55 Amplifier: Amplifier Amplifier (GB)
CD (Digipak, Limited Edition) 2004 Music For Nations CDMFNX288
Anathema (GB)
56 Anathema: Serenades Anathema (GB)
CD (Digipak, Re-Release 2003) 1993 Peaceville Records CDVILED 34
57 Anathema: The Silent Enigma Anathema (GB)
The Silent Enigma
CD (Digipak, Re-Release 2003) 1995 Peaceville Records CDVILED52
58 Anathema: Judgement Anathema (GB)
CD (Re-Release 2006) 1999 Sony BMG Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd. 82876 828532
59 Anathema: A Fine Day To Exit Anathema (GB)
A Fine Day To Exit
CD (Re-Release 2006) 2001 Sony BMG Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd. 82876828542
60 Anathema: A Natural Disaster Anathema (GB)
A Natural Disaster
CD (Digipak, Limited Edition) 2003 Music For Nations CDMFNX298
61 Anathema: We're Here Because We're Here Anathema (GB)
We're Here Because We're Here
CD (Pappschuber) 2010 Kscope kscope145
62 Anathema: Weather Systems Anathema (GB)
Weather Systems
CD + DVD-Audio (Digi-Book, Erstauflage, Limited Edition) 2012 Kscope KSCOPE206
63 Anathema: Universal Anathema (GB)
DVD + CD (Digi-Book, Erstauflage, Live) 2013 Kscope / Snapper Music KSCOPE266
Antony And The Johnsons (USA)
64 Antony And The Johnsons: Antony And The Johnsons Antony And The Johnsons (USA)
Antony And The Johnsons
CD (Re-Release 2004) 2000 Secretly Canadian sc104
65 Antony And The Johnsons: The Crying Light Antony And The Johnsons (USA)
The Crying Light
CD 2009 Rough Trade RTRADCD443
66 Antony And The Johnsons: Swanlights Antony And The Johnsons (USA)
CD (Multimedia) 2010 Rough Trade RTRADCD573
Apocalyptica (FIN)
67 Apocalyptica: Plays Metallica By Four Cellos Apocalyptica (FIN)
Plays Metallica By Four Cellos
CD 1996 PolyGram Finland Oy 532.707-2
68 Apocalyptica: Inquisition Symphony Apocalyptica (FIN)
Inquisition Symphony
CD 1998 Mercury Records / PolyGram Finland OY 558 300-2
69 Apocalyptica: Cult Apocalyptica (FIN)
2-CD (Digipak, Re-Release 2001, Special Edition) 2000 Island Records LC00407
70 Apocalyptica: Reflections Revised Apocalyptica (FIN)
Reflections Revised
CD + DVD (Digipak, Limited Edition, Special Edition) 2003 Motor Music / Universal Music GmbH 986 579-4
Apollo Four Forty (GB)
71 Apollo Four Forty: Electro Glide In Blue Apollo Four Forty (GB)
Electro Glide In Blue
CD 1997 Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd. SSX2440CDR
Ära Krâ (D)
72 Ära Krâ: Ferne Tage Ära Krâ (D)
Ferne Tage
CD (Limited Edition) 2011 Eigenproduktion ÄK 001
Arcade Fire (CDN)
73 Arcade Fire: Arcade Fire Arcade Fire (CDN)
Arcade Fire
Mini-CD / EP (Digisleeve, Re-Release 2005) 2003 Arcade Fire Music, LLC 52482623 / RTRADCD248 21
74 Arcade Fire: Funeral Arcade Fire (CDN)
CD (Digisleeve) 2004 Rough Trade Records Ltd. RTRADCD219
75 Arcade Fire: Neon Bible Arcade Fire (CDN)
Neon Bible
CD (Pappschuber) 2007 Sonovox 1723388
76 Arcade Fire: "The Suburbs" Arcade Fire (CDN)
"The Suburbs"
CD (Digisleeve) 2010 Arcade Fire Music Inc. (Canada) 2742629/B
77 Arcade Fire: Reflektor Arcade Fire (CDN)
2-CD (Digisleeve, Erstauflage) 2013 Arcade Fire Music Inc. (Canada) 3752118
Archive (GB)
78 Archive: You All Look The Same To Me Archive (GB)
You All Look The Same To Me
CD (Digipak) 2002 Universal Music Publishing 0927456565
79 Archive: Noise Archive (GB)
CD (Multimedia) 2004 Warner Music 2564614222
Archway (D)
80 Archway: Face Your Demons Archway (D)
Face Your Demons
CD (Erstauflage) 2008 Shave The Area Records / Fields Of Hope Records STA017 / FOHR14
As I Lay Dying (USA)
81 As I Lay Dying: Frail Words Collapse As I Lay Dying (USA)
Frail Words Collapse
CD 2003 Metal Blade Records 3984-14441-2
Audio88 (D)
82 Audio88: Sternzeichen Hass Audio88 (D)
Sternzeichen Hass
Mini-CD / EP (Digipak) 2017 Normale Musik NRML002-2
Audioslave (USA)
83 Audioslave: Audioslave Audioslave (USA)
CD 2002 Sony Music Entertainment Inc. 510130 2
84 AUN: Phantom Ghost AUN (CDN)
Phantom Ghost
CD (Cardsleeve, Pappschuber) 2011 Denovali Records den109
85 AUN: Full Circle AUN (CDN)
Full Circle
10" (Clear Vinyl, Limited Edition) 2012 Denovali Records den131
Austere (AUS)
86 Austere: Withering Illusions And Desolation Austere (AUS)
Withering Illusions And Desolation
CD (Re-Release 2008) 2007 Those Opposed Records TOR-012
87 Austere: To Lay Like Old Ashes Austere (AUS)
To Lay Like Old Ashes
CD (Erstauflage) 2009 Eisenwald Tonschmiede Eisen036
Autumnblaze (D)
88 Autumnblaze: Bleak Autumnblaze (D)
CD 2000 Prophecy Productions pro 032
89 Autumnblaze: Mute Boy Sad Girl Autumnblaze (D)
Mute Boy Sad Girl
CD 2002 Prophecy Productions pro45
Ævangelist (USA)
90 Ævangelist: Omen Ex Simulacra Ævangelist (USA)
Omen Ex Simulacra
CD (Digipak) 2013 Debemur Morti Productions DMP099
B Real, Busta Rhymes, Coolio, LL Cool J & Method Man (USA)
91 B Real, Busta Rhymes, Coolio, LL Cool J & Method Man: Hit 'em High (The Monstars' Anthem) B Real, Busta Rhymes, Coolio, LL Cool J & Method Man (USA)
Hit 'em High (The Monstars' Anthem)
Single-CD 1997 Warner Bros. 7567-85449-2 A5449CD
Baroness (USA)
92 Baroness: Yellow & Green Baroness (USA)
Yellow & Green
2-CD (Erstauflage, Pappschuber) 2012 Relapse Records RR7190
Beastmilk (FIN)
93 Beastmilk: Climax Beastmilk (FIN)
CD (Erstauflage) 2013 Svart Records SVR242CD
George Benson (USA)
94 George Benson: Talkin' Verve George Benson (USA)
Talkin' Verve
CD (Compilation) 1997 PolyGram Records, Inc. 553780-2
Biffy Clyro (GB)
95 Biffy Clyro: Puzzle Biffy Clyro (GB)
CD 2007 14th Floor Records 825646997633
96 Biffy Clyro: Only Revolutions Biffy Clyro (GB)
Only Revolutions
CD 2009 14th Floor Records LC14666
97 Biffy Clyro: Opposites Biffy Clyro (GB)
CD 2013 14th Floor Records 825646550395
98 Biffy Clyro: Ellipsis Biffy Clyro (GB)
CD (Digipak) 2016 14th Floor Records / Warner Bros. 0190295972813
Billy Talent (CDN)
99 Billy Talent: Billy Talent Billy Talent (CDN)
Billy Talent
CD (Multimedia) 2003 Warner Music Manufacturing Europe 7567-83614-2
Blackmail (D)
100 Blackmail: Blackmail Blackmail (D)
CD 1997 bluNoise Records 15221-2


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