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# Cover Titel Typ / Besonderheiten Jahr Album
A Day To Remember (USA)
1 A Day To Remember: Common Courtesy A Day To Remember (USA)
Common Courtesy
(Erstauflage) CD 2013
2 A Day To Remember: Bad Vibrations A Day To Remember (USA)
Bad Vibrations
(Digipak, Erstauflage) CD 2016
Alter Bridge (USA)
3 Alter Bridge: One Day Remains Alter Bridge (USA)
One Day Remains
CD 2004
4 Alter Bridge: Blackbird Alter Bridge (USA)
(Erstauflage, Super Jewel Case) CD 2007
5 Alter Bridge: AB III Alter Bridge (USA)
(Erstauflage) CD 2010
6 Alter Bridge: Fortress Alter Bridge (USA)
(Erstauflage) CD 2013
7 Alter Bridge: The Last Hero Alter Bridge (USA)
The Last Hero
(Digipak, Limited Edition) CD 2016
Amaranthe (S)
8 Amaranthe: Amaranthe Amaranthe (S)
(Special Edition) CD + DVD 2011
9 Amaranthe: The Nexus Amaranthe (S)
The Nexus
CD 2013
10 Amaranthe: Massive Addictive Amaranthe (S)
Massive Addictive
CD 2014
11 Amaranthe: Maximalism Amaranthe (S)
CD 2016
Amon Amarth (S)
12 Amon Amarth: Twilight Of The Thunder God Amon Amarth (S)
Twilight Of The Thunder God
CD 2008
Amorphis (FIN)
13 Amorphis: Skyforger Amorphis (FIN)
CD 2009
14 Amorphis: Under The Red Cloud Amorphis (FIN)
Under The Red Cloud
CD 2015
Apocalyptica (FIN)
15 Apocalyptica: Inquisition Symphony Apocalyptica (FIN)
Inquisition Symphony
CD 1998
16 Apocalyptica: Cult Apocalyptica (FIN)
(Erstauflage) CD 2000
17 Apocalyptica: 7th Symphony Apocalyptica (FIN)
7th Symphony
CD 2010
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (D)
18 Die Apokalyptischen Reiter: Adrenalin Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (D)
(Heftbeilage, Live) CD 2009
Arch Enemy (S)
19 Arch Enemy: Dawn Of Khaos Arch Enemy (S)
Dawn Of Khaos
(Compilation, Heftbeilage) CD 2011
20 Arch Enemy: War Eternal Arch Enemy (S)
War Eternal
(Erstauflage) CD 2014
21 Arch Enemy: Will To Power Arch Enemy (S)
Will To Power
CD 2017
As I Lay Dying (USA)
22 As I Lay Dying: Shadows Are Security As I Lay Dying (USA)
Shadows Are Security
(Erstauflage) CD 2005
23 As I Lay Dying: A Long March: The First Recordings As I Lay Dying (USA)
A Long March: The First Recordings
(Compilation, Re-Release 2006) CD 2006
24 As I Lay Dying: Decas As I Lay Dying (USA)
(Compilation, Digi-Book, Erstauflage) CD 2011
25 As I Lay Dying: Awakened As I Lay Dying (USA)
CD 2012