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# Cover Titel Typ / Besonderheiten Jahr Album
My Dying Bride (GBR)
1 My Dying Bride: Turn Loose The Swans My Dying Bride (GBR)
Turn Loose The Swans
(180 Gramm Vinyl, Gatefold, Limited Edition, Re-Release 2014) 2-LP 1993
Possession (BEL)
2 Possession: Passio Christi Part I / (Beyond The) Witch's Spell Possession (BEL)
Passio Christi Part I / (Beyond The) Witch's Spell
Split-12" 2019
3 Possession: Passio Christi Part II / Necrophagous Abandon Possession (BEL)
Passio Christi Part II / Necrophagous Abandon
Split-12" 2019
The Beast (USA)
4 The Beast: Power Metal E.P. The Beast (USA)
Power Metal E.P.
(Limited Edition, Re-Release 2019, Rotes Vinyl) 12" 1983
Nasty Savage (USA)
5 Nasty Savage: Wage Of Mayhem Nasty Savage (USA)
Wage Of Mayhem
(Gatefold, Re-Release 2019) LP 1984
Running Wild (DEU)
6 Running Wild: Under Jolly Roger Running Wild (DEU)
Under Jolly Roger
(180 Gramm Vinyl, Re-Release 2017, Remastered) LP 1987
Count Raven (SWE)
7 Count Raven: Destruction Of The Void Count Raven (SWE)
Destruction Of The Void
(180 Gramm Vinyl, Gatefold, Re-Release 2018) 2-LP 1992
Pagan Altar (GBR)
8 Pagan Altar: Mythical & Magical Pagan Altar (GBR)
Mythical & Magical
(Etched Vinyl, Gatefold, Limited Edition, Re-Release 2019, Remastered) 2-LP 2006
Motörhead (GBR)
9 Motörhead: 1979 Motörhead (GBR)
(180 Gramm Vinyl, Box, Compilation, Live, Re-Release 2019) 7-LP + 7" 2019
Angel Witch (GBR)
10 Angel Witch: Angel Of Light Angel Witch (GBR)
Angel Of Light
(Gatefold) LP 2019
11 Hexenbrett: Erste Beschwörung Hexenbrett
Erste Beschwörung
(Limited Edition) 12" 2019
Midnight Dice (USA)
12 Midnight Dice: Midnight Dice Midnight Dice (USA)
Midnight Dice
(Limited Edition, Nummeriert) 7" 2019
Bathory (SWE)
13 Bathory: Satan My Master Bathory (SWE)
Satan My Master
(Bootleg, Compilation, Remastered, Special Edition) LP 2019
Syphilitic Vaginas (JPN)
14 Syphilitic Vaginas: Complete Studio Collection Syphilitic Vaginas (JPN)
Complete Studio Collection
(Compilation, Re-Release 2019) 2-LP 2008
Oath (GBR)
15 Oath: Legion Oath (GBR)
(Limited Edition, Nummeriert) Tape 2018
Chevalier (FIN)
16 Chevalier: Dawn Of Battle Chevalier (FIN)
Dawn Of Battle
(Compilation) 2-LP 2019
Betrayel (USA)
17 Betrayel: Helpless Souls Betrayel (USA)
Helpless Souls
(Re-Release 2019) LP 1987
Varcolak (DEU)
18 Varcolak: Carpathian Nightmare Varcolak (DEU)
Carpathian Nightmare
Tape 2018
Battle Ruins (USA)
19 Battle Ruins: Glorious Dead Battle Ruins (USA)
Glorious Dead
(Re-Release 2019, Rotes Vinyl) LP 2018
20 Battle Ruins: IV.XIII.MMXIX Battle Ruins (USA)
Tape 2019
Vulcano (BRA)
21 Vulcano: Live! Vulcano (BRA)
(Limited Edition, Live, Re-Release 2019, Remastered) LP 1985
Boogie Hammer
22 Boogie Hammer: Piledriver Boogie Hammer
7" 2018
Midnight (USA)
23 Midnight: Rebirth By Blasphemy Midnight (USA)
Rebirth By Blasphemy
(Limited Edition, Nummeriert) 7" 2019
Vectom (DEU)
24 Vectom: Speed Revolution Vectom (DEU)
Speed Revolution
(Limited Edition, Re-Release 2019) LP 1985
Bathory (SWE)
25 Bathory: Bathory Bathory (SWE)
(Bootleg, Limited Edition, Special Edition) LP 1984
Cro-Mags (USA)
26 Cro-Mags: Age Of Quarrel Cro-Mags (USA)
Age Of Quarrel
(Limited Edition, Nummeriert) 10" 1985
27 Cro-Mags: Best Wishes Cro-Mags (USA)
Best Wishes
LP 1989
Born For Burning (SWE)
28 Born For Burning: Born For Burning Born For Burning (SWE)
Born For Burning
(Limited Edition) 7" 2014
Magmakammer (NOR)
29 Magmakammer: Mindtripper Magmakammer (NOR)
(Lila Vinyl, Re-Release 2019) LP 2018
Savage Master (USA)
30 Savage Master: Myth, Magic And Steel Savage Master (USA)
Myth, Magic And Steel
LP 2019
Karloff (DEU)
31 Karloff: Raw Nights Karloff (DEU)
Raw Nights
(Limited Edition, Nummeriert) Tape-EP 2019
Bathory (SWE)
32 Bathory: Satan My Master Bathory (SWE)
Satan My Master
(Bootleg, Compilation, Limited Edition, Remastered, Special Edition) LP 2019
Legend (USA)
33 Legend: Fröm The Fjörds Legend (USA)
Fröm The Fjörds
(180 Gramm Vinyl, Gatefold, Limited Edition, Re-Release 2019, Remastered, Special Edition) LP + CD 1979
Rose Tattoo (AUS)
34 Rose Tattoo: Transmissions: On Air 1981 Rose Tattoo (AUS)
Transmissions: On Air 1981
(Live, Pappschuber, Remastered) CD + DVD 2019
Whiplash (USA)
35 Whiplash: Power And Pain Whiplash (USA)
Power And Pain
(Clear Vinyl, Limited Edition, Re-Release 2018) LP 1985
Alternate Action (CAN)
36 Alternate Action: Thin Line Alternate Action (CAN)
Thin Line
(Gelbes Vinyl, Limited Edition, Rotes Vinyl, Schwarzes Vinyl, Splatter Vinyl) LP 2008
Blitz (GBR)
37 Blitz: Time Bomb: Early Singles And Demos Collection Blitz (GBR)
Time Bomb: Early Singles And Demos Collection
(Compilation) LP 2013
Khaos (DEU)
38 Khaos: ...Encircles Us... Khaos (DEU)
...Encircles Us...
(Limited Edition, Nummeriert) Demo-Tape 2019
Chevalier (FIN)
39 Chevalier: Destiny Calls Chevalier (FIN)
Destiny Calls
(Gatefold) LP 2019
Majestic Mass (DNK)
40 Majestic Mass: Savage Empire Of Death Majestic Mass (DNK)
Savage Empire Of Death
CD 2018
Squelette (FRA)
41 Squelette: Squelette Squelette (FRA)
7" 2019
Aggressive Perfector (GBR)
42 Aggressive Perfector: Satan's Heavy Metal Aggressive Perfector (GBR)
Satan's Heavy Metal
Mini-CD / EP 2016
Darkthrone (NOR)
43 Darkthrone: Old Star Darkthrone (NOR)
Old Star
(180 Gramm Vinyl) LP 2019
Condor (FRA)
44 Condor: Singles 2017-2018 Condor (FRA)
Singles 2017-2018
(Compilation) LP 2019
Carnage (SWE)
45 Carnage: Dark Recollections Carnage (SWE)
Dark Recollections
(Re-Release 2019) LP 1990
Idle Hands (USA)
46 Idle Hands: Mana Idle Hands (USA)
(180 Gramm Vinyl) LP 2019
Coupe-Gorge (FRA)
47 Coupe-Gorge: Coupe-Gorge Coupe-Gorge (FRA)
Tape 2015
Antiseen (USA)
48 Antiseen: Southern Hostility Antiseen (USA)
Southern Hostility
(Limited Edition) LP 1991
Coupe-Gorge (FRA)
49 Coupe-Gorge: Troubles Coupe-Gorge (FRA)
(Etched Vinyl) 12" 2018
Pagan Altar (GBR)
50 Pagan Altar: Judgement Of The Dead Pagan Altar (GBR)
Judgement Of The Dead
(Re-Release 2019, Remastered) LP 1982
Poison (DEU)
51 Poison: Into The Abyss - Resurrected Poison (DEU)
Into The Abyss - Resurrected
(180 Gramm Vinyl, Cardsleeve, Limited Edition, Re-Release 2019, Remastered, Special Edition) 12" + CD 1987
Pagan Altar (GBR)
52 Pagan Altar: Lords Of Hypocrisy Pagan Altar (GBR)
Lords Of Hypocrisy
(Limited Edition, Re-Release 2019, Remastered, Special Edition) 2-LP 2004
Bloody Hammer (AUS)
53 Bloody Hammer: Bloody Hammer Bloody Hammer (AUS)
Bloody Hammer
(Limited Edition, Re-Release 2013, Weißes Vinyl) LP 2012
Kamp (DNK)
54 Kamp: Promo / Live Kamp (DNK)
Promo / Live
(Limited Edition) Demo-Tape 2018
Sabïre (AUS)
55 Sabïre: Gates Ajar Sabïre (AUS)
Gates Ajar
12" 2019
Boogie Hammer
56 Boogie Hammer: Honeypot Boogie Hammer
7" 2019
Saint Vitus (USA)
57 Saint Vitus: V Saint Vitus (USA)
(Limited Edition, Re-Release 2019, Remastered) LP 1989
Pure Hell (USA)
58 Pure Hell: Noise Addiction Pure Hell (USA)
Noise Addiction
(180 Gramm Vinyl, Re-Release 2016) LP 2006
Syndrome 81 (FRA)
59 Syndrome 81: Béton Nostalgie Syndrome 81 (FRA)
Béton Nostalgie
(Gatefold) LP 2017
Magic Circle (USA)
60 Magic Circle: Magic Circle Magic Circle (USA)
Magic Circle
LP 2013
Pentagram Chile (CHL)
61 Pentagram Chile: The Demos Pentagram Chile (CHL)
The Demos
(Compilation, Re-Release 2019) LP 2019
Battering Ram (USA)
62 Battering Ram: Let Me Fight Where I Lay Battering Ram (USA)
Let Me Fight Where I Lay
Tape 2018
Iron Maiden (GBR)
63 Iron Maiden: Somewhere In Time Iron Maiden (GBR)
Somewhere In Time
(180 Gramm Vinyl, Re-Release 2014) LP 1986
Danzig (USA)
64 Danzig: Danzig II: Lucifuge Danzig (USA)
Danzig II: Lucifuge
(Re-Release) CD 1990
65 Danzig: Danzig III: How The Gods Kill Danzig (USA)
Danzig III: How The Gods Kill
CD 1992
Kamp (DNK)
66 Kamp: Kamp Kamp (DNK)
10" 2019
Magic Circle (USA)
67 Magic Circle: Departed Souls Magic Circle (USA)
Departed Souls
LP 2019
Black Viper (NOR)
68 Black Viper: Hellions Of Fire Black Viper (NOR)
Hellions Of Fire
LP 2018
Traveler (CAN)
69 Traveler: Traveler Traveler (CAN)
LP 2019
Electric Wizard (GBR)
70 Electric Wizard: Live Baltimore, Maryland 2012 Electric Wizard (GBR)
Live Baltimore, Maryland 2012
(Gatefold, Limited Edition, Live) 2-LP 2018
Heavy Sentence (GBR)
71 Heavy Sentence: Edge Of A Knife B/W Heavy Vengeance Heavy Sentence (GBR)
Edge Of A Knife B/W Heavy Vengeance
(Weißes Vinyl) 7" 2018
Atlantes (PRT)
72 Atlantes: Adamastor Atlantes (PRT)
(Gatefold, Limited Edition) 7" 2017
Vulcain (FRA)
73 Vulcain: Desperados Vulcain (FRA)
LP 1985
Tormentor (HUN)
74 Tormentor: The Seventh Day Of Doom Tormentor (HUN)
The Seventh Day Of Doom
(Limited Edition, Re-Release 2017, Remastered) LP 1987
75 Tormentor: Anno Domini Tormentor (HUN)
Anno Domini
(Re-Release 2017) LP 1988
Malokarpatan (SVK)
76 Malokarpatan: Holbaard Dzírobrad / Kartanon Herra Malokarpatan (SVK)
Holbaard Dzírobrad / Kartanon Herra
(Limited Edition) Split-7" 2018
H Bomb (FRA)
77 H Bomb: Coup De Metal H Bomb (FRA)
Coup De Metal
12" 1983
Zig Zags (USA)
78 Zig Zags: Running Out Of Red Zig Zags (USA)
Running Out Of Red
LP 2016
Bloodlust (USA)
79 Bloodlust: Guilty As Sin Bloodlust (USA)
Guilty As Sin
(Re-Release 1986) LP 1985
Evil (JPN)
80 Evil: The Gate Of Hell Demo 2018 Evil (JPN)
The Gate Of Hell Demo 2018
Demo-Tape 2018
The Damned (GBR)
81 The Damned: Machine Gun Etiquette The Damned (GBR)
Machine Gun Etiquette
LP 1979
Outlaw (FIN)
82 Outlaw: Marauders Outlaw (FIN)
LP 2018
Sleep (USA)
83 Sleep: Sleep's Holy Mountain Sleep (USA)
Sleep's Holy Mountain
(Lila Vinyl, Limited Edition, Re-Release 2017, Remastered) LP 1992
Ghost (SWE)
84 Ghost: If You Have Ghost Ghost (SWE)
If You Have Ghost
12" 2013
Bo Hansson (SWE)
85 Bo Hansson: Lord Of The Rings Bo Hansson (SWE)
Lord Of The Rings
LP 1972
Karrier (GBR)
86 Karrier: Way Beyond The Night Karrier (GBR)
Way Beyond The Night
(Limited Edition, Re-Release 2018, Rotes Vinyl) LP 1985
Tyrant (USA)
87 Tyrant: Too Late To Pray Tyrant (USA)
Too Late To Pray
(Gatefold, Re-Release 2018, Remastered) LP 1987
Devil Master (USA)
88 Devil Master: Devil Master Devil Master (USA)
Devil Master
(Re-Release 2018) 7" 2016
89 Devil Master: Inhabit The Corpse Devil Master (USA)
Inhabit The Corpse
(Re-Release 2018) 7" 2017
Malokarpatan (SVK)
90 Malokarpatan: Nordkarpatenland Malokarpatan (SVK)
LP 2017
Riot (USA)
91 Riot: Archives Volume One: 1976-1981 Riot (USA)
Archives Volume One: 1976-1981
(Cardsleeve, Compilation, Gatefold, Limited Edition, Live) 2-LP + DVD 2018
Wytch Hazel (GBR)
92 Wytch Hazel: II: Sojourn Wytch Hazel (GBR)
II: Sojourn
(180 Gramm Vinyl) LP 2018
Tøronto (SWE)
93 Tøronto: Nocturnal High Tøronto (SWE)
Nocturnal High
Tape 2018
Flight (NOR)
94 Flight: A Leap Through Matter Flight (NOR)
A Leap Through Matter
LP 2018
Karloff (DEU)
95 Karloff: Demo '18 Karloff (DEU)
Demo '18
(Limited Edition) Demo-Tape 2018
Devil Childe (USA)
96 Devil Childe: Devil Childe Devil Childe (USA)
Devil Childe
(Re-Release 2018) LP 1985
Idle Hands (USA)
97 Idle Hands: Don't Waste Your Time Idle Hands (USA)
Don't Waste Your Time
(Limited Edition, Nummeriert) LP 2018
Cultes Des Ghoules (POL)
98 Cultes Des Ghoules: Sinister, Or Treading The Darker Paths Cultes Des Ghoules (POL)
Sinister, Or Treading The Darker Paths
(Gatefold) 2-LP 2018
Python (SWE)
99 Python: Walking The Night Python (SWE)
Walking The Night
(Limited Edition, Nummeriert) 7" 2018
Spectre (AUS)
100 Spectre: Silver Invaders Spectre (AUS)
Silver Invaders
7" 2018


Danny John Sukopp schrieb:

Hey, ich bin ein Doom Metal Sammler (Phil Swanson)
ich versuche wie ein Irrer die Hour of 13 - Hour of 13 Platte zu bekommen.
Du bist nicht zufällig interessiert sie zu Verkaufen?

MFG Danny John Sukopp 10.05.2012 11:00:33

oemme666 schrieb:

moin, hab grade mal mit großer Freude deine Sammlung quergeblättert. Wundert mich, dass du bei meiner Übereinstimmungsstatistik nicht auftauchst, da wir wohl ziemlich den gleiche Stiefel fahren. Klassischer Thrash/Death/Metal Stoff, plus das Beste aus Hardcore, Punk, Rotz'n'Roll minus alles Moderne. Genau so muss das! 16.06.2010 11:19:54

sam schrieb:

Daß ich hier immer noch nix reingeschrieben hab....
Sehr schöne Sammlung. Schau immer wieder mal rein.
Wünsche viel Vergnügen beim weitersammeln. 24.04.2010 18:30:14

Cauterizer schrieb:

Danke für den Kommentar!
Du hast ja richtig viel hier, wow...!
Ja, Hells Pleasure...kann mich nur noch erinnern, dass wir geredet haben, aber was...keine Ahnung.
Ein großes Danke nochmal für die Necrovore Songs!! 04.08.2009 11:48:00

El Marv schrieb:

Hab jetzt mal deine Sammlung stichprobenmäßig gecheckt.Down,Devil's Blood,Sleep,St Vitus,Reverend Bizarre...Fazit: Ich denke,du bist der Martel-Matze! Ach ja, die Sammlung liest sich übrigens sehr genehm :-) 13.05.2009 19:16:45