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# Cover Titel Typ / Besonderheiten Jahr Tonträger Plattenfirma
1 : Eaten Back To Life ()
Eaten Back To Life
CD (Re-Release 1993) 1993 Metal Blade Records
2 : Butchered At Birth ()
Butchered At Birth
CD (Erstauflage, Re-Release 1994) 1994 Metal Blade Records
3 : Butchered At Birth ()
Butchered At Birth
LP 1991 Metal Blade Records
4 : Tomb Of The Mutilated ()
Tomb Of The Mutilated
CD 1994 Metal Blade Records
5 : Hammer Smashed Face ()
Hammer Smashed Face
Mini-CD / EP 1993 Metal Blade Records
6 : The Bleeding ()
The Bleeding
CD 1994 Metal Blade Records Inc.
7 : Vile ()
CD 1996 Metal Blade Records
8 : Gallery Of Suicide ()
Gallery Of Suicide
CD (Digipak) 1998 Metal Blade Records
9 : Bloodthirst ()
CD 1999 Metal Blade Records
10 : Gore Obsessed ()
Gore Obsessed
CD (Erstauflage, Pappschuber) 2002 Metal Blade Records
11 : Worm Infested ()
Worm Infested
PIC-12" 2002 Metal Blade Records
12 : 15 Year Killing Spree ()
15 Year Killing Spree
3-CD + DVD (Best-Of, Box, Limited Edition) 2003 Metal Blade Records
13 : The Wretched Spawn ()
The Wretched Spawn
CD + DVD (Digipak, Limited Edition, Pappschuber) 2004 Metal Blade Records
14 : Kill ()
CD + DVD (Erstauflage, Limited Edition) 2006 Metal Blade Records
15 : Kill ()
LP (Clear Vinyl, Erstauflage, Limited Edition, Rotes Vinyl) 2006 Metal Blade Records
16 : Centuries Of Torment ()
Centuries Of Torment
3-DVD (Digipak) 2008 Metal Blade Records
17 : Evisceration Plague ()
Evisceration Plague
CD + DVD (Digipak, Limited Edition, Pappschuber) 2009 Metal Blade Records
18 : Evisceration Plague ()
Evisceration Plague
LP (Erstauflage, Gatefold, Limited Edition, Nummeriert, Splatter Vinyl) 2009 Metal Blade Records
19 : Torture ()
CD (Digipak, Erstauflage, Pappschuber) 2012 Metal Blade Records
20 : Torture ()
LP (Limited Edition, Marbled Vinyl, Rotes Vinyl) 2012 Metal Blade Records GmbH
21 : A Skeletal Domain ()
A Skeletal Domain
LP (180 Gramm Vinyl, Gatefold, Limited Edition) 2014 Metal Blade Records GmbH
22 : Red Before Black ()
Red Before Black
2-CD (Digipak, Limited Edition) 2017 Metal Blade Records GmbH
23 : Red Before Black ()
Red Before Black
LP (180 Gramm Vinyl) 2017 Metal Blade Records
The 11th Hour (NL)
24 The 11th Hour: Burden Of Grief The 11th Hour (NL)
Burden Of Grief
CD 2009 Napalm Records
25 The 11th Hour: Lacrima Mortis The 11th Hour (NL)
Lacrima Mortis
CD 2012 Napalm Records
1349 (N)
26 1349: Liberation 1349 (N)
CD 2003 Candlelight Records
27 1349: Beyond The Apocalypse 1349 (N)
Beyond The Apocalypse
CD 2004 Candlelight Records
28 1349: Hellfire 1349 (N)
CD 2005 Candlelight Records
29 1349: Revelations Of The Black Flame 1349 (N)
Revelations Of The Black Flame
2-LP (180 Gramm Vinyl, Gatefold, Rotes Vinyl) 2009 Candlelight
30 1349: Demonoir 1349 (N)
2-CD (Digipak, Limited Edition) 2010 Indie Recordings
31 1349: Slaves 1349 (N)
7" (Etched Vinyl, Limited Edition, Nummeriert) 2014 Indie Recordings
16 Horsepower (USA)
32 16 Horsepower: Sackcloth 'n' Ashes 16 Horsepower (USA)
Sackcloth 'n' Ashes
CD 1995 A&M Records, Inc.
33 16 Horsepower: Low Estate 16 Horsepower (USA)
Low Estate
CD (Re-Release 1998) 1998 A&M Records, Inc.
3 Inches Of Blood (CDN)
34 3 Inches Of Blood: Battlecry Under A Winter Sun 3 Inches Of Blood (CDN)
Battlecry Under A Winter Sun
LP (Limited Edition, Re-Release 2013) 2013 War On Music
35 3 Inches Of Blood: Ride Darkhorse Ride 3 Inches Of Blood (CDN)
Ride Darkhorse Ride
7" (Erstauflage, Import) 2003 Death O'Clock
36 3 Inches Of Blood: Advance And Vanquish 3 Inches Of Blood (CDN)
Advance And Vanquish
CD 2004 Roadrunner Records
37 3 Inches Of Blood: Fire Up The Blades 3 Inches Of Blood (CDN)
Fire Up The Blades
CD (Erstauflage) 2007 Roadrunner Records
38 3 Inches Of Blood: Here Waits Thy Doom 3 Inches Of Blood (CDN)
Here Waits Thy Doom
CD (Digipak) 2009 Century Media
39 3 Inches Of Blood: Leather Lord / Killer Instinct 3 Inches Of Blood (CDN)
Leather Lord / Killer Instinct
Split-7" (Erstauflage, Limited Edition, Nummeriert) 2012 Century Media
40 3 Inches Of Blood: Long Live Heavy Metal 3 Inches Of Blood (CDN)
Long Live Heavy Metal
CD (Digipak, Erstauflage, Special Edition) 2012 Century Media Records Ltd.
41 3 Inches Of Blood: Long Live Heavy Metal 3 Inches Of Blood (CDN)
Long Live Heavy Metal
LP + CD (Gatefold) 2012 Century Media Records Ltd.
40 Watt Sun (GB)
42 40 Watt Sun: The Inside Room 40 Watt Sun (GB)
The Inside Room
CD (Digipak, Erstauflage) 2011 Cyclone Empire
The 69 Eyes (FIN)
43 The 69 Eyes: Blessed Be The 69 Eyes (FIN)
Blessed Be
CD 2000 Roadrunner Records / The All Blacks B.V.
...And Oceans (FIN)
44 ...And Oceans: The Dynamic Gallery Of Thoughts ...And Oceans (FIN)
The Dynamic Gallery Of Thoughts
CD (Digipak) 1998 Season Of Mist
45 ...And Oceans: The Symmetry Of I - The Circle Of O ...And Oceans (FIN)
The Symmetry Of I - The Circle Of O
CD 1999 Season Of Mist
46 ...And Oceans: A.M.G.O.D. ...And Oceans (FIN)
CD 2001 Century Media
47 ...And Oceans: Morphogenesis ...And Oceans (FIN)
CD (Compilation) 2001 Nocturnal Music
48 ...And Oceans: Cypher ...And Oceans (FIN)
CD 2002 Century Media
A Canorous Quintet (S)
49 A Canorous Quintet: Silence Of The World Beyond A Canorous Quintet (S)
Silence Of The World Beyond
CD 1996 No Fashion Records
A Pale Horse Named Death (USA)
50 A Pale Horse Named Death: And Hell Will Follow Me A Pale Horse Named Death (USA)
And Hell Will Follow Me
CD (Digipak) 2011 Steamhammer / SPV
A Tortured Soul (USA)
51 A Tortured Soul: Kiss Of The Thorn A Tortured Soul (USA)
Kiss Of The Thorn
CD 2007 Eyes Like Snow
52 A Tortured Soul: Lucifer's Fate A Tortured Soul (USA)
Lucifer's Fate
CD (Erstauflage) 2010 Pure Steel Records
53 A Tortured Soul: On This Evil Night A Tortured Soul (USA)
On This Evil Night
CD (Erstauflage) 2016 Pure Steel Records
A.S.A.P. (GB)
54 A.S.A.P.: Silver And Gold A.S.A.P. (GB)
Silver And Gold
LP (Gatefold) 1989 EMI Records Ltd.
Abattoir (USA)
55 Abattoir: The Only Safe Place Abattoir (USA)
The Only Safe Place
CD (Re-Release 1999, Remastered) 1999 Century Media
Abbath (N)
56 Abbath: Abbath Abbath (N)
CD (Digipak, Erstauflage) 2016 Season Of Mist
Abigail (J)
57 Abigail: Speed N' Spikes Vol III Abigail (J)
Speed N' Spikes Vol III
Split-7" (Gelbes Vinyl, Limited Edition, Rotes Vinyl, Splatter Vinyl) 2008 Relapse Records
Abigor (A)
58 Abigor: Verwüstung / Invoke The Dark Age Abigor (A)
Verwüstung / Invoke The Dark Age
CD 1994 Napalm Records
59 Abigor: Nachthymnen (From The Twilight Kingdom) Abigor (A)
Nachthymnen (From The Twilight Kingdom)
CD (Erstauflage) 1995 Napalm Records
60 Abigor: Orkblut - The Retaliation Abigor (A)
Orkblut - The Retaliation
Mini-CD / EP (Erstauflage) 1995 Napalm Records
61 Abigor: Supreme Immortal Art Abigor (A)
Supreme Immortal Art
CD (Erstauflage) 1998 Napalm Records
62 Abigor: Channeling The Quintessence Of Satan Abigor (A)
Channeling The Quintessence Of Satan
CD 2000 Napalm Records
63 Abigor: In Memory... Abigor (A)
In Memory...
Mini-CD / EP 2000 Napalm Records
64 Abigor: Satanized (A Journey Through Cosmic Infinity) Abigor (A)
Satanized (A Journey Through Cosmic Infinity)
CD 2001 Napalm Records
65 Abigor: Shockwave-666 Abigor (A)
7" 2004 Dark Horizon Records
Ablaze My Sorrow (S)
66 Ablaze My Sorrow: If Emotions Still Burn Ablaze My Sorrow (S)
If Emotions Still Burn
CD (Erstauflage) 1996 No Fashion Records
67 Ablaze My Sorrow: The Plague Ablaze My Sorrow (S)
The Plague
CD (Erstauflage) 1997 No Fashion Records
68 Ablaze My Sorrow: Anger, Hate And Fury Ablaze My Sorrow (S)
Anger, Hate And Fury
CD (Erstauflage) 2002 No Fashion Records
69 Ablaze My Sorrow: Black Ablaze My Sorrow (S)
CD 2016 Apostasy Records
Abomination (USA)
70 Abomination: Abomination Abomination (USA)
LP (Clear Vinyl, Erstauflage) 1990 Nuclear Blast Records
71 Abomination: Tragedy Strikes Abomination (USA)
Tragedy Strikes
CD (Erstauflage) 1991 Nuclear Blast
72 Abomination: Abomination & Tragedy Strikes Abomination (USA)
Abomination & Tragedy Strikes
2-CD (Compilation) 2011 Nuclear Blast GmbH
Aborted (B)
73 Aborted: Engineering The Dead Aborted (B)
Engineering The Dead
CD 2002 Listenable Records
74 Aborted: Goremageddon - The Saw And The Carnage Done Aborted (B)
Goremageddon - The Saw And The Carnage Done
CD (Erstauflage, Limited Edition, Pappschuber) 2003 Listenable Records
Abscess (USA)
75 Abscess: Open Wound Abscess (USA)
Open Wound
7" (Re-Release 2001) 2001 From Beyond Productions
76 Abscess: Tormented Abscess (USA)
LP (Re-Release 2001) 2001 Displeased Records
77 Abscess: Damned And Mummified Abscess (USA)
Damned And Mummified
CD 2004 Red Stream Inc.
78 Abscess: Horrorhammer Abscess (USA)
CD 2007 Peaceville Records
79 Abscess: Dawn Of Inhumanity Abscess (USA)
Dawn Of Inhumanity
CD (Digi-Book, Erstauflage) 2010 Peaceville Records
Absu (USA)
80 Absu: Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L. Absu (USA)
Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L.
CD (Digipak, Re-Release 1997) 1997 Osmose Productions
81 Absu: The Sun Of Tiphareth Absu (USA)
The Sun Of Tiphareth
CD 1995 Osmose Productions
82 Absu: The Third Storm Of Cythraul Absu (USA)
The Third Storm Of Cythraul
CD (Digipak, Limited Edition) 1997 Osmose Productions
83 Absu: In The Eyes Of Ioldanach Absu (USA)
In The Eyes Of Ioldanach
Mini-CD / EP 1998 Osmose Productions
84 Absu: Tara Absu (USA)
CD (Erstauflage, Kopierschutz) 2001 Osmose Productions
85 Absu: L'attaque Du Tyran: Toulouse, Le 28 Avril 1997 Absu (USA)
L'attaque Du Tyran: Toulouse, Le 28 Avril 1997
7" (Gatefold, Limited Edition, Live) 2007 Agonia Records
86 Absu: Absu Absu (USA)
2-LP (180 Gramm Vinyl, Erstauflage, Gatefold, Graues Vinyl, Limited Edition) 2009 Back On Black / Candlelight
87 Absu: Abzu Absu (USA)
CD (Digipak, Limited Edition) 2011 Candlelight USA
88 Absu: Abzu Absu (USA)
LP (Erstauflage, Gatefold, Limited Edition, Weißes Vinyl) 2011 Back On Black
89 Absu: Hexagrammum Vestibulum Absu (USA)
Hexagrammum Vestibulum
Shape-PIC (Limited Edition, Nummeriert) 2018 Night Of The Vinyl Dead Rec.
Abysmal Grief (I)
90 Abysmal Grief: Feretri Abysmal Grief (I)
CD 2013 Terror From Hell Records
The Abyss (S)
91 The Abyss: The Other Side The Abyss (S)
The Other Side
CD (Erstauflage) 1995 Nuclear Blast
92 The Abyss: Summon The Beast The Abyss (S)
Summon The Beast
CD (Erstauflage) 1996 Nuclear Blast
Abyssos (S)
93 Abyssos: Together We Summon The Dark Abyssos (S)
Together We Summon The Dark
CD 1997 Cacophonous Records
94 Abyssos: Fhinsthanian Nightbreed Abyssos (S)
Fhinsthanian Nightbreed
CD 1999 Cacophonous Records
95 AC/DC: Back In Black AC/DC (AUS)
Back In Black
LP (Erstauflage) 1980 Atlantic Recording Corporation
96 AC/DC: Live AC/DC (AUS)
2-CD (Erstauflage, Limited Edition, Live, Pappschuber) 1992 Leidseplein Presse B.V.
Accept (D)
97 Accept: Accept Accept (D)
LP (Erstauflage) 1979 Brain
98 Accept: I'm A Rebel Accept (D)
I'm A Rebel
LP (Erstauflage) 1980 Brain
99 Accept: Breaker Accept (D)
LP 1981 Brain
100 Accept: Restless And Wild Accept (D)
Restless And Wild
LP 1982 Metronome Musik GmbH


ZoppoTrump schrieb:

Super Sammlung, bin gerade am eingeben.
Gruß Siggi 29.09.2010 22:31:22 schrieb:

Schöne Sammlung. Mit vielen Cds, auch Manowar. Was ich nur nicht so gut finde sind die Onkelz ^^^ ich kenne viele Metaller aber keinen der wo die Onkelz mag ^^ Du hast auch viel mehr Alben als ich aber ich habe auch DVD daher hast du mehr Geld und ein Zimmer für Musik ^^.

Graf von Brezelsupp 03.05.2010 08:53:28

Vinylfan schrieb:

nach deinem Kommentar bei mir mußte ich natürlich auch bei dir etwas stöbern. Bei den härteren Teilen mußte ich öfters passen, bei den Scheiben aus der Zeit vor 1995 kam ich schon besser mit. So manche CD wirst du bei mir als LP finden... wenn ich mit dem Eingeben mal weiter komme. Ansonsten, beeindruckende Sammlung, Respekt! 15.09.2009 20:34:15