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# Cover Titel Typ / Besonderheiten Jahr Album
1349 (N)
1 1349: Hellfire 1349 (N)
(Pappschuber) CD 2005
25 Ta Life (USA)
2 25 Ta Life: Fallen Angel 25 Ta Life (USA)
Fallen Angel
Mini-CD / EP 2005
A Day To Remember (USA)
3 A Day To Remember: Homesick A Day To Remember (USA)
(Digipak, Pappschuber, Re-Release 2009, Special Edition) CD + DVD 2009
4 AC/DC: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap AC/DC (AUS)
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
(Digipak, Re-Release 2003, Remastered) CD 1976
5 AC/DC: Back In Black AC/DC (AUS)
Back In Black
(Digipak, Re-Release 2003, Remastered) CD 1980
6 AC/DC: For Those About To Rock AC/DC (AUS)
For Those About To Rock
(Digipak, Re-Release 2003, Remastered, Special Edition) CD 1981
Agnostic Front (USA)
7 Agnostic Front: Something's Gotta Give Agnostic Front (USA)
Something's Gotta Give
CD 1998
8 Agnostic Front: My Life My Way Agnostic Front (USA)
My Life My Way
CD 2011
All Fucked Up (D)
9 All Fucked Up: Last Men Standing All Fucked Up (D)
Last Men Standing
CD 2013
All Shall Perish (USA)
10 All Shall Perish: This Is Where It Ends All Shall Perish (USA)
This Is Where It Ends
(Limited Edition, Pappschuber) CD 2011
Amon Amarth (S)
11 Amon Amarth: Once Sent From The Golden Hall Amon Amarth (S)
Once Sent From The Golden Hall
(Digipak, Re-Release 2009, Remastered) 2-CD 1998
12 Amon Amarth: With Oden On Our Side Amon Amarth (S)
With Oden On Our Side
(Pappschuber) CD 2006
13 Amon Amarth: Deceiver Of The Gods Amon Amarth (S)
Deceiver Of The Gods
CD 2013
Ancst (D)
14 Ancst: Moloch / In Turmoil Ancst (D)
Moloch / In Turmoil
(Compilation) CD 2016
Anima (D)
15 Anima: The Daily Grind Anima (D)
The Daily Grind
(Cardsleeve) Promo-CD 2008
16 Anima: Enter The Killzone Anima (D)
Enter The Killzone
CD 2010
Annotations Of An Autopsy (GB)
17 Annotations Of An Autopsy: II: The Reign Of Darkness Annotations Of An Autopsy (GB)
II: The Reign Of Darkness
(Pappschuber) CD 2010
Anthrax (USA)
18 Anthrax: Spreading The Disease Anthrax (USA)
Spreading The Disease
CD 1985
19 Anthrax: Among The Living Anthrax (USA)
Among The Living
CD 1987
20 Anthrax: State Of Euphoria Anthrax (USA)
State Of Euphoria
CD 1988
21 Anthrax: Persistence Of Time Anthrax (USA)
Persistence Of Time
CD 1990
Arch Enemy (S)
22 Arch Enemy: Wages Of Sin Arch Enemy (S)
Wages Of Sin
(Limited Edition, Multimedia) 2-CD 2001
23 Arch Enemy: War Eternal Arch Enemy (S)
War Eternal
CD 2014
As I Lay Dying (USA)
24 As I Lay Dying: Shadows Are Security As I Lay Dying (USA)
Shadows Are Security
CD 2005
25 As I Lay Dying: An Ocean Between Us As I Lay Dying (USA)
An Ocean Between Us
CD 2007
26 As I Lay Dying: The Powerless Rise As I Lay Dying (USA)
The Powerless Rise
(Digisleeve) CD 2010
Asphyx (NL)
27 Asphyx: Deathhammer Asphyx (NL)
CD 2012
At The Gates (S)
28 At The Gates: With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness At The Gates (S)
With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness
(Re-Release 2010, Remastered) CD + DVD 1993
29 At The Gates: Terminal Spirit Disease At The Gates (S)
Terminal Spirit Disease
(Re-Release 2003) CD 1994
30 At The Gates: Slaughter Of The Soul At The Gates (S)
Slaughter Of The Soul
(Re-Release 2002) CD 1995
31 At The Gates: At War With Reality At The Gates (S)
At War With Reality
(Digi-Book, Limited Edition) CD 2014
Bad Religion (USA)
32 Bad Religion: No Control Bad Religion (USA)
No Control
(Re-Release 2004, Remastered) CD 1989
Beatsteaks (D)
33 Beatsteaks: 48/49 Beatsteaks (D)
CD 1997
34 Beatsteaks: Launched Beatsteaks (D)
CD 1999
35 Beatsteaks: Limbo Messiah Beatsteaks (D)
Limbo Messiah
(Digipak) CD 2007
The Black Dahlia Murder (USA)
36 The Black Dahlia Murder: Unhallowed The Black Dahlia Murder (USA)
(Multimedia) CD 2003
37 The Black Dahlia Murder: Miasma The Black Dahlia Murder (USA)
(Multimedia) CD 2005
38 The Black Dahlia Murder: Nocturnal The Black Dahlia Murder (USA)
CD 2007
39 The Black Dahlia Murder: Deflorate The Black Dahlia Murder (USA)
CD 2009
40 The Black Dahlia Murder: Ritual The Black Dahlia Murder (USA)
CD 2011
The Black Eyed Peas (USA)
41 The Black Eyed Peas: Elephunk The Black Eyed Peas (USA)
CD 2003
Black Label Society (USA)
42 Black Label Society: Sonic Brew Black Label Society (USA)
Sonic Brew
(Re-Release 1999) CD 1999
Black Sabbath (GB)
43 Black Sabbath: Mob Rules Black Sabbath (GB)
Mob Rules
(Re-Release 2004, Remastered) CD 1981
Blind Guardian (D)
44 Blind Guardian: Follow The Blind Blind Guardian (D)
Follow The Blind
(Re-Release 2007, Remastered) Split-CD 1989
45 Blind Guardian: Nightfall In Middle-Earth Blind Guardian (D)
Nightfall In Middle-Earth
(Re-Release 2007, Remastered) CD 1998
46 Blind Guardian: At The Edge Of Time Blind Guardian (D)
At The Edge Of Time
CD 2010
Bloodbath (S)
47 Bloodbath: Resurrection Through Carnage Bloodbath (S)
Resurrection Through Carnage
(Re-Release 2008) CD 2002
48 Bloodbath: Nightmares Made Flesh Bloodbath (S)
Nightmares Made Flesh
(Re-Release 2008) CD 2004
49 Bloodbath: The Fathomless Mastery Bloodbath (S)
The Fathomless Mastery
(Re-Release 2011) CD 2008
Body Count (USA)
50 Body Count: Body Count Body Count (USA)
Body Count
CD 1992
Bolt Thrower (GB)
51 Bolt Thrower: Realm Of Chaos (Slaves To Darkness) Bolt Thrower (GB)
Realm Of Chaos (Slaves To Darkness)
(Re-Release 2013) CD + DVD 1989
52 Bolt Thrower: Those Once Loyal Bolt Thrower (GB)
Those Once Loyal
CD 2005
Bring Me The Horizon (GB)
53 Bring Me The Horizon: Count Your Blessings Bring Me The Horizon (GB)
Count Your Blessings
CD 2006
54 Bring Me The Horizon: Suicide Season Bring Me The Horizon (GB)
Suicide Season
CD 2008
Bullet For My Valentine (GB)
55 Bullet For My Valentine: The Poison Bullet For My Valentine (GB)
The Poison
CD 2005
56 Bullet For My Valentine: Scream Aim Fire Bullet For My Valentine (GB)
Scream Aim Fire
CD 2008
57 Bullet For My Valentine: Fever Bullet For My Valentine (GB)
CD 2010
Burn/it/out (D)
58 Burn/it/out: Demo 2011 Burn/it/out (D)
Demo 2011
(Cardsleeve, Limited Edition, Nummeriert) Demo-CD 2011
The Butcher Sisters
59 The Butcher Sisters: Respekt Und Robustheit The Butcher Sisters
Respekt Und Robustheit
(Digisleeve) CD 2016
Caliban (D)
60 Caliban: Say Hello To Tragedy Caliban (D)
Say Hello To Tragedy
(Digipak, Multimedia) CD 2009
61 Caliban: I Am Nemesis Caliban (D)
I Am Nemesis
CD 2012
Call Of The Sirens (D)
62 Call Of The Sirens: Black Wave Call Of The Sirens (D)
Black Wave
Mini-CD / EP 2012
Callejon (D)
63 Callejon: Zombieactionhauptquartier Callejon (D)
CD 2008
64 Callejon: Videodrom Callejon (D)
(Limited Edition, Pappschuber) CD 2010
65 Callejon: Blitzkreuz Callejon (D)
CD 2012
Cannibal Corpse (USA)
66 Cannibal Corpse: Eaten Back To Life Cannibal Corpse (USA)
Eaten Back To Life
(Digipak, Multimedia, Re-Release 2002, Remastered) CD 1990
67 Cannibal Corpse: Gallery Of Suicide Cannibal Corpse (USA)
Gallery Of Suicide
CD 1998
68 Cannibal Corpse: The Wretched Spawn Cannibal Corpse (USA)
The Wretched Spawn
CD 2004
Children Of Bodom (FIN)
69 Children Of Bodom: Hatebreeder Children Of Bodom (FIN)
CD 1999
70 Children Of Bodom: Are You Dead Yet? Children Of Bodom (FIN)
Are You Dead Yet?
CD 2005
71 Children Of Bodom: Skeletons In The Closet Children Of Bodom (FIN)
Skeletons In The Closet
(Compilation) CD 2009
72 Children Of Bodom: Halo Of Blood Children Of Bodom (FIN)
Halo Of Blood
(Digipak, Limited Edition) CD + DVD 2013
Cliteater (NL)
73 Cliteater: Cliteaten Back To Life Cliteater (NL)
Cliteaten Back To Life
CD 2013
Coldburn (D)
74 Coldburn: The Harsh Fangs Of Life Coldburn (D)
The Harsh Fangs Of Life
CD 2012
75 Coldburn: Down In The Dumps Coldburn (D)
Down In The Dumps
(Digipak) CD 2015
Alice Cooper (USA)
76 Alice Cooper: Trash Alice Cooper (USA)
(Re-Release) CD 1989
Cōpia (AUS)
77 Cōpia: The Pledge Cōpia (AUS)
The Pledge
(Digisleeve) Demo-CD 2016
78 Cōpia: Epoch Cōpia (AUS)
(Digipak) CD 2017
Count Raven (S)
79 Count Raven: Mammons War Count Raven (S)
Mammons War
CD 2009
Cryptopsy (CDN)
80 Cryptopsy: Blasphemy Made Flesh Cryptopsy (CDN)
Blasphemy Made Flesh
(Re-Release 2012) CD 1994
Cypress Hill (USA)
81 Cypress Hill: Cypress Hill Cypress Hill (USA)
Cypress Hill
CD 1991
82 Cypress Hill: Original Album Classics Cypress Hill (USA)
Original Album Classics
(Cardsleeve, Pappschuber) 5-CD 2008
D.R.I. (USA)
83 D.R.I.: Thrash Zone D.R.I. (USA)
Thrash Zone
(Re-Release 1995) CD 1989
Dagger In Hand
84 Dagger In Hand: Paraiyar Dagger In Hand
(Pappschuber) Split-Mini-CD / EP 2016
Dark Funeral (S)
85 Dark Funeral: Diabolis Interium Dark Funeral (S)
Diabolis Interium
(Re-Release 2013, Remastered, Special Edition) CD 2000
86 Dark Funeral: Attera Totus Sanctus Dark Funeral (S)
Attera Totus Sanctus
(Limited Edition, Re-Release 2013, Remastered, Special Edition) CD 2005
87 Dark Funeral: Where Shadows Forever Reign Dark Funeral (S)
Where Shadows Forever Reign
CD 2016
Death (USA)
88 Death: Leprosy Death (USA)
(Digipak, Limited Edition, Re-Release 2008, Remastered) CD 1988
Death Before Dishonor (USA)
89 Death Before Dishonor: Count Me In Death Before Dishonor (USA)
Count Me In
CD 2007
90 Death Before Dishonor: Better Ways To Die Death Before Dishonor (USA)
Better Ways To Die
CD 2009
Deathfist (D)
91 Deathfist: Demons Deathfist (D)
(Limited Edition, Plastic PVC Sleeve, Splatter Vinyl) 7" + Mini-CD-R / EP 2009
Deathrite (D)
92 Deathrite: Revelation Of Chaos Deathrite (D)
Revelation Of Chaos
(Digisleeve) CD 2015
Deicide (USA)
93 Deicide: Deicide Deicide (USA)
(Re-Release 1998, Remastered) CD 1990
94 Deicide: The Stench Of Redemption Deicide (USA)
The Stench Of Redemption
CD 2006
Demonbreed (D)
95 Demonbreed: Where Gods Come To Die Demonbreed (D)
Where Gods Come To Die
(Erstauflage) LP 2016
Desaster (D)
96 Desaster: Satan's Soldiers Syndicate Desaster (D)
Satan's Soldiers Syndicate
(Cardsleeve, Multimedia) Promo-CD 2007
Deserted Fear (D)
97 Deserted Fear: Dead Shores Rising Deserted Fear (D)
Dead Shores Rising
CD 2017
Desolated (GB)
98 Desolated: Disorder Of Mind Desolated (GB)
Disorder Of Mind
CD 2013
Destruction (D)
99 Destruction: Mad Butcher / Eternal Devastation Destruction (D)
Mad Butcher / Eternal Devastation
(Compilation, Re-Release) CD 1987
Dew-Scented (D)
100 Dew-Scented: Icarus Dew-Scented (D)
CD 2012