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# Cover Titel Typ / Besonderheiten Jahr Album
Accu§er (D)
1 Accu§er: The Mastery Accu§er (D)
The Mastery
CD 2018
Aggression (CDN)
2 Aggression: Feels Like Punk Sounds Like Thrash Aggression (CDN)
Feels Like Punk Sounds Like Thrash
(Digipak) CD 2018
Alphakill (CDN)
3 Alphakill: Degrees Of Manipulation Alphakill (CDN)
Degrees Of Manipulation
CD 2018
Ancestor (RC)
4 Ancestor: Lords Of Destiny Ancestor (RC)
Lords Of Destiny
CD 2018
Angelus Apatrida (E)
5 Angelus Apatrida: Cabaret De La Guillotine Angelus Apatrida (E)
Cabaret De La Guillotine
(Pappschuber, Special Edition) CD 2018
Anialator (USA)
6 Anialator: Rise To Supremacy Anialator (USA)
Rise To Supremacy
Mini-CD / EP 2018
Apostasy (RCH)
7 Apostasy: The Sign Of Darkness Apostasy (RCH)
The Sign Of Darkness
CD 2018
Armortura (GB)
8 Armortura: Armortura Armortura (GB)
CD 2018
Aura Noir (N)
9 Aura Noir: Aura Noire Aura Noir (N)
Aura Noire
(Digipak) CD 2018
Bastardizer (AUS)
10 Bastardizer: Dawn Of Domination Bastardizer (AUS)
Dawn Of Domination
CD 2018
Black Cyclone (S)
11 Black Cyclone: Death Is King Black Cyclone (S)
Death Is King
CD 2018
Black Fast (USA)
12 Black Fast: Spectre Of Ruin Black Fast (USA)
Spectre Of Ruin
(Digipak) CD 2018
Black Viper (N)
13 Black Viper: Hellions Of Fire Black Viper (N)
Hellions Of Fire
(Pappschuber) CD 2018
Blade Killer (USA)
14 Blade Killer: High Risk Blade Killer (USA)
High Risk
CD 2018
Blind Guardian (D)
15 Blind Guardian: The Tides Of War - Live At Rock Hard Festival 2016 Blind Guardian (D)
The Tides Of War - Live At Rock Hard Festival 2016
(Digisleeve, Live) CD 2018
Blitzkrieg (GB)
16 Blitzkrieg: Judge Not Blitzkrieg (GB)
Judge Not
CD 2018
17 Chainbreäker: Wasteland City Chainbreäker
Wasteland City
CD 2018
Chemicaust (USA)
18 Chemicaust: Unleashed Upon This World Chemicaust (USA)
Unleashed Upon This World
CD 2018
Cinderella (USA)
19 Cinderella: The Mercury Years Cinderella (USA)
The Mercury Years
(Box, Cardsleeve) 5-CD 2018
Convent Guilt (AUS)
20 Convent Guilt: Diamond Cut Diamond Convent Guilt (AUS)
Diamond Cut Diamond
CD 2018
Create A Kill
21 Create A Kill: Summoned To Rise Create A Kill
Summoned To Rise
CD 2018
Cruentator (I)
22 Cruentator: Ain't War Hell? Cruentator (I)
Ain't War Hell?
CD 2018
Cultural Warfare
23 Cultural Warfare: Warmageddon Cultural Warfare
CD 2018
Dead Sleep
24 Dead Sleep: In The Belly Of The Beast Dead Sleep
In The Belly Of The Beast
(Digipak) CD 2018
Deathhammer (N)
25 Deathhammer: Chained To Hell Deathhammer (N)
Chained To Hell
CD 2018
Defiatory (S)
26 Defiatory: Hades Rising Defiatory (S)
Hades Rising
(Digipak) CD 2018
Dire Peril (USA)
27 Dire Peril: The Extraterrestrial Compendium Dire Peril (USA)
The Extraterrestrial Compendium
CD 2018
Doro (D)
28 Doro: All For Metal - Live At Rock Hard Festival 2015 Doro (D)
All For Metal - Live At Rock Hard Festival 2015
(Digisleeve, Heftbeilage, Live) CD 2018
Elvenstorm (F)
29 Elvenstorm: The Conjuring Elvenstorm (F)
The Conjuring
CD 2018
Empiresfall (D)
30 Empiresfall: A Piece To The Blind Empiresfall (D)
A Piece To The Blind
CD 2018
Espionage (AUS)
31 Espionage: Digital Dystopia Espionage (AUS)
Digital Dystopia
CD 2018
Eudoxis (CDN)
32 Eudoxis: The Gathering Eudoxis (CDN)
The Gathering
(Compilation, Limited Edition) Split-CD 2018
Evokador (GCA)
33 Evokador: Evokador Evokador (GCA)
(Compilation) CD 2018
Exessus (E)
34 Exessus: Time In Coma Exessus (E)
Time In Coma
CD 2018
Fabulous Desaster (D)
35 Fabulous Desaster: Off With Their Heads Fabulous Desaster (D)
Off With Their Heads
CD 2018
Fifth Angel (USA)
36 Fifth Angel: The Third Secret Fifth Angel (USA)
The Third Secret
CD 2018
Flotsam And Jetsam (USA)
37 Flotsam And Jetsam: The End Of Chaos Flotsam And Jetsam (USA)
The End Of Chaos
(Limited Edition, Special Edition, Tin-Box) CD 2018
Gama Bomb (IRL)
38 Gama Bomb: Speed Between The Lines Gama Bomb (IRL)
Speed Between The Lines
CD 2018
Gygax (USA)
39 Gygax: 2nd Edition Gygax (USA)
2nd Edition
(Digipak) CD 2018
Halcyon Way (USA)
40 Halcyon Way: Bloody But Unbowed Halcyon Way (USA)
Bloody But Unbowed
(Digipak) CD 2018
Hallux (CDN)
41 Hallux: Hallux Hallux (CDN)
(Digipak) CD 2018
Hatchet (USA)
42 Hatchet: Dying To Exist Hatchet (USA)
Dying To Exist
CD 2018
Hateful Agony (D)
43 Hateful Agony: Plastic Culture Pestilence Hateful Agony (D)
Plastic Culture Pestilence
CD 2018
Heir Apparent (USA)
44 Heir Apparent: The View From Below Heir Apparent (USA)
The View From Below
CD 2018
Hell Patröl (D)
45 Hell Patröl: Leather And Chrome Hell Patröl (D)
Leather And Chrome
CD 2018
Hellish (RCH)
46 Hellish: The Spectre Of Lonely Souls Hellish (RCH)
The Spectre Of Lonely Souls
CD 2018
Hexx (USA)
47 Hexx: Quest For Sanity / Watery Graves Hexx (USA)
Quest For Sanity / Watery Graves
(Compilation) CD 2018
Hidden Intent (AUS)
48 Hidden Intent: Fear, Prey, Demise Hidden Intent (AUS)
Fear, Prey, Demise
CD 2018
Hostil (PE)
49 Hostil: Infernal Rites Hostil (PE)
Infernal Rites
CD 2018
Infernal Assault (D)
50 Infernal Assault: Spectres Of The Night Infernal Assault (D)
Spectres Of The Night
Mini-CD / EP 2018
Insulter (D)
51 Insulter: The Misanthrope Insulter (D)
The Misanthrope
CD 2018
Invocation Spells (RCH)
52 Invocation Spells: Spread Cruelty In The Abyss Invocation Spells (RCH)
Spread Cruelty In The Abyss
CD 2018
Iron Angel (D)
53 Iron Angel: Hellbound Iron Angel (D)
CD 2018
Judas Priest (GB)
54 Judas Priest: Firepower Judas Priest (GB)
CD 2018
Laceration (USA)
55 Laceration: Imitation Laceration (USA)
(Cardsleeve) Demo-CD 2018
Leather (USA)
56 Leather: II Leather (USA)
CD 2018
Maligner (S)
57 Maligner: Attraction To Annihilation Maligner (S)
Attraction To Annihilation
CD 2018
Maverick (GB)
58 Maverick: Cold Star Dancer Maverick (GB)
Cold Star Dancer
(Digipak) CD 2018
Meliah Rage (USA)
59 Meliah Rage: Idol Hands Meliah Rage (USA)
Idol Hands
CD 2018
60 Mentor: Cults, Crypts And Corpses Mentor
Cults, Crypts And Corpses
CD 2018
Metal Allegiance (USA)
61 Metal Allegiance: Volume II: Power Drunk Majesty Metal Allegiance (USA)
Volume II: Power Drunk Majesty
CD 2018
Mongrel's Cross (AUS)
62 Mongrel's Cross: Psalter Of The Royal Dragon Court Mongrel's Cross (AUS)
Psalter Of The Royal Dragon Court
CD 2018
Nightbreed (GR)
63 Nightbreed: Beyond Inferno Nightbreed (GR)
Beyond Inferno
CD 2018
Nocturnal Graves (AUS)
64 Nocturnal Graves: Titan Nocturnal Graves (AUS)
(Digipak) CD 2018
Outline (USA)
65 Outline: Fire Whiplash Outline (USA)
Fire Whiplash
CD 2018
Pastore (BR)
66 Pastore: Phoenix Rising Pastore (BR)
Phoenix Rising
CD 2018
Perpetratör (P)
67 Perpetratör: Altered Beast Perpetratör (P)
Altered Beast
CD 2018
Perpetual Warfare (CO)
68 Perpetual Warfare: Earthliens Perpetual Warfare (CO)
(Digipak) CD 2018
69 Pounder: Faster Than Fire Pounder
Faster Than Fire
7" 2018
Pripjat (D)
70 Pripjat: Chain Reaction Pripjat (D)
Chain Reaction
(Digipak) CD 2018
Radiathor (NL)
71 Radiathor: Decay By Greed Radiathor (NL)
Decay By Greed
(Digipak) CD 2018
Rapture (GR)
72 Rapture: Paroxysm Of Hatred Rapture (GR)
Paroxysm Of Hatred
CD 2018
Revertigo (S)
73 Revertigo: Revertigo Revertigo (S)
CD 2018
Rift (GB)
74 Rift: Purge Rift (GB)
(Cardsleeve) CD 2018
Riot V (USA)
75 Riot V: Armor Of Light Riot V (USA)
Armor Of Light
CD 2018
Sacral Rage (GR)
76 Sacral Rage: Beyond Celestial Echoes Sacral Rage (GR)
Beyond Celestial Echoes
CD 2018
Sacred Leather (USA)
77 Sacred Leather: Ultimate Force Sacred Leather (USA)
Ultimate Force
CD 2018
Sahon (RKO)
78 Sahon: Chanting For The Fallen Sahon (RKO)
Chanting For The Fallen
(Digipak) CD 2018
Septagon (D)
79 Septagon: Apocalyptic Rhymes Septagon (D)
Apocalyptic Rhymes
CD 2018
Sepulcher (N)
80 Sepulcher: Panoptic Horror Sepulcher (N)
Panoptic Horror
CD 2018
Shakma (N)
81 Shakma: House Of Possession Shakma (N)
House Of Possession
CD 2018
Sign Of The Jackal (I)
82 Sign Of The Jackal: Breaking The Spell Sign Of The Jackal (I)
Breaking The Spell
CD 2018
Sons Of The Beast
83 Sons Of The Beast: The Void Sons Of The Beast
The Void
CD 2018
Substratum (USA)
84 Substratum: Permission To Rock Substratum (USA)
Permission To Rock
CD 2018
85 Substratum: Stratosphere Substratum (USA)
Mini-CD / EP 2018
Subtype Zero (USA)
86 Subtype Zero: The Astral Awakening Subtype Zero (USA)
The Astral Awakening
(Digipak, Limited Edition) CD 2018
Tantara (N)
87 Tantara: Sum Of Forces Tantara (N)
Sum Of Forces
CD 2018
Thrashist Regime (GB)
88 Thrashist Regime: Carnival Of Monsters Thrashist Regime (GB)
Carnival Of Monsters
CD 2018
Traitor (D)
89 Traitor: Knee-Deep In The Dead Traitor (D)
Knee-Deep In The Dead
CD 2018
Tyrranicide (USA)
90 Tyrranicide: God Save The Scene Tyrranicide (USA)
God Save The Scene
(Compilation, Re-Release 2018, Remastered) 2-CD 2018
Ultra-Violence (I)
91 Ultra-Violence: Operation Misdirection Ultra-Violence (I)
Operation Misdirection
CD 2018
Velvet Viper (D)
92 Velvet Viper: Respice Finem Velvet Viper (D)
Respice Finem
CD 2018
Venin (F)
93 Venin: La Morsure Du Temps Venin (F)
La Morsure Du Temps
CD 2018
Venomwolf (GB)
94 Venomwolf: Stormriding Power Venomwolf (GB)
Stormriding Power
CD 2018
Voices From Beyond (I)
95 Voices From Beyond: Black Cathedral Voices From Beyond (I)
Black Cathedral
CD 2018
Voivod (CDN)
96 Voivod: The Wake Voivod (CDN)
The Wake
CD 2018
Vorbid (N)
97 Vorbid: Mind Vorbid (N)
CD 2018
W.E.T. (S)
98 W.E.T.: Earthrage W.E.T. (S)
CD 2018
Warfield (D)
99 Warfield: Wrecking Command Warfield (D)
Wrecking Command
CD 2018
White Wizzard (USA)
100 White Wizzard: Infernal Overdrive White Wizzard (USA)
Infernal Overdrive
CD 2018