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# Cover Titel Typ / Besonderheiten Jahr Album
1914 (UKR)
1 1914: Eschatology Of War 1914 (UKR)
Eschatology Of War
(Digipak) CD 2015
2 1914: The Blind Leading The Blind 1914 (UKR)
The Blind Leading The Blind
(Digipak, Limited Edition, Re-Release 2019) CD 2018
3 ABBA: Ring Ring ABBA (SWE)
Ring Ring
(Re-Release 2001, Remastered) CD 1973
4 ABBA: Waterloo ABBA (SWE)
(Re-Release) CD 1974
(Re-Release 1997, Remastered) CD 1975
6 ABBA: Arrival ABBA (SWE)
(Re-Release 2001, Remastered) CD 1976
7 ABBA: The Album ABBA (SWE)
The Album
(Re-Release 2001, Remastered) CD 1977
8 ABBA: Voulez-Vous ABBA (SWE)
(Re-Release 1997, Remastered) CD 1979
9 ABBA: Super Trouper ABBA (SWE)
Super Trouper
(Re-Release 1997, Remastered) CD 1980
10 ABBA: The Visitors ABBA (SWE)
The Visitors
(Re-Release 2001, Remastered) CD 1981
Abigor (AUT)
11 Abigor: Supreme Immortal Art Abigor (AUT)
Supreme Immortal Art
(Erstauflage) CD 1998
12 Abigor: Channeling The Quintessence Of Satan Abigor (AUT)
Channeling The Quintessence Of Satan
CD 2000
Abnormality (USA)
13 Abnormality: Contaminating The Hive Mind Abnormality (USA)
Contaminating The Hive Mind
CD 2012
14 Abnormality: Mechanisms Of Omniscience Abnormality (USA)
Mechanisms Of Omniscience
(Erstauflage) CD 2016
Aborted (BEL)
15 Aborted: Engineering The Dead Aborted (BEL)
Engineering The Dead
(Re-Release 2007) CD 2001
16 Aborted: Goremageddon - The Saw And The Carnage Done Aborted (BEL)
Goremageddon - The Saw And The Carnage Done
(Erstauflage, Limited Edition, Pappschuber) CD 2003
17 Aborted: The Archaic Abattoir Aborted (BEL)
The Archaic Abattoir
CD 2005
18 Aborted: Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture Aborted (BEL)
Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture
(Limited Edition, Multimedia, Pappschuber) CD 2007
19 Aborted: Strychnine.213 Aborted (BEL)
(Limited Edition, Pappschuber) CD 2008
20 Aborted: Global Flatline Aborted (BEL)
Global Flatline
(Digipak, Erstauflage, Limited Edition) CD 2012
21 Aborted: The Necrotic Manifesto Aborted (BEL)
The Necrotic Manifesto
(Box, Erstauflage, Limited Edition, Special Edition) CD 2014
22 Aborted: Retrogore Aborted (BEL)
(Box, Digipak, Erstauflage, Limited Edition) 2-CD 2016
23 Aborted: Terrorvision Aborted (BEL)
CD 2018
Absu (USA)
24 Absu: The Third Storm Of Cythraul Absu (USA)
The Third Storm Of Cythraul
CD 1997
The Abyss (SWE)
25 The Abyss: The Other Side The Abyss (SWE)
The Other Side
(Erstauflage) CD 1995
26 The Abyss: Summon The Beast The Abyss (SWE)
Summon The Beast
(Erstauflage) CD 1996
27 AC/DC: Back In Black AC/DC (AUS)
Back In Black
(180 Gramm Vinyl, Re-Release 2009, Remastered) LP 1980
28 AC/DC: Live AC/DC (AUS)
(Erstauflage, Limited Edition, Live, Pappschuber) 2-CD 1992
Bryan Adams (CAN)
29 Bryan Adams: So Far So Good Bryan Adams (CAN)
So Far So Good
(Best-Of) CD 1993
30 Bryan Adams: 18 Til I Die Bryan Adams (CAN)
18 Til I Die
(Box, Erstauflage, Limited Edition, Special Edition) CD 1996
Aeon (SWE)
31 Aeon: Path Of Fire Aeon (SWE)
Path Of Fire
CD 2010
32 Aeon: Aeons Black Aeon (SWE)
Aeons Black
(Erstauflage) CD 2012
Aerosmith (USA)
33 Aerosmith: Aerosmith Aerosmith (USA)
(Re-Release 1990) LP 1973
34 Aerosmith: Rocks Aerosmith (USA)
(Re-Release 1993, Remastered) CD 1976
35 Aerosmith: Live! Bootleg Aerosmith (USA)
Live! Bootleg
(Live, Re-Release 1993, Remastered) CD 1978
36 Aerosmith: Aerosmith's Greatest Hits Aerosmith (USA)
Aerosmith's Greatest Hits
(Best-Of, Re-Release 1993) CD 1980
37 Aerosmith: Done With Mirrors Aerosmith (USA)
Done With Mirrors
LP 1985
38 Aerosmith: Permanent Vacation Aerosmith (USA)
Permanent Vacation
LP 1987
39 Aerosmith: Gems Aerosmith (USA)
(Limited Edition, Re-Release 1993, Remastered) CD 1988
40 Aerosmith: Get A Grip Aerosmith (USA)
Get A Grip
CD 1993
41 Aerosmith: Big Ones Aerosmith (USA)
Big Ones
(Compilation) CD 1994
42 Aerosmith: Sweet Emotion Aerosmith (USA)
Sweet Emotion
(Limited Edition, Special Edition) Single-CD 1994
43 Aerosmith: Nine Lives Aerosmith (USA)
Nine Lives
CD 1997
Agathodaimon (DEU)
44 Agathodaimon: Blacken The Angel Agathodaimon (DEU)
Blacken The Angel
CD 1998
Allegaeon (USA)
45 Allegaeon: Formshifter Allegaeon (USA)
CD 2012
46 Allegaeon: Elements Of The Infinite Allegaeon (USA)
Elements Of The Infinite
CD 2014
Alter Bridge (USA)
47 Alter Bridge: AB III Alter Bridge (USA)
(Erstauflage) CD 2010
Wolfgang Ambros (AUT)
48 Wolfgang Ambros: Die Grössten Hits Aus 20 Jahren Wolfgang Ambros (AUT)
Die Grössten Hits Aus 20 Jahren
(Best-Of) CD 1992
Amon Amarth (SWE)
49 Amon Amarth: Once Sent From The Golden Hall Amon Amarth (SWE)
Once Sent From The Golden Hall
(Remastered) CD 1998
50 Amon Amarth: Versus The World Amon Amarth (SWE)
Versus The World
(Erstauflage) CD 2002