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Cover Titel Typ / Besonderheiten Jahr Album
1349 (N)
1349: Revelations Of The Black Flame / Works Of The Forces Of Hell 1349 (N)
Revelations Of The Black Flame / Works Of The Forces Of Hell
(Limited Edition, Pappschuber) 2-CD 2009
a-ha (N)
a-ha: Hunting High And Low a-ha (N)
Hunting High And Low
CD 1985
Lee Aaron (CDN)
Lee Aaron: Metal Queen Lee Aaron (CDN)
Metal Queen
CD 1984
Abigail Williams (USA)
Abigail Williams: Becoming Abigail Williams (USA)
CD 2012
Abomination (USA)
Abomination: Abomination & Tragedy Strikes Abomination (USA)
Abomination & Tragedy Strikes
(Compilation) 2-CD 2011
Aborted (B)
Aborted: The Necrotic Manifesto Aborted (B)
The Necrotic Manifesto
CD 2014
Abscess (USA)
Abscess: Urine Junkies Abscess (USA)
Urine Junkies
CD 1995
Abscess: Seminal Vampires And Maggot Men Abscess (USA)
Seminal Vampires And Maggot Men
CD 1996
Abscess: Tormented Abscess (USA)
CD 2000
Abscess: Through The Cracks Of Death Abscess (USA)
Through The Cracks Of Death
CD 2002
Abscess: Damned And Mummified Abscess (USA)
Damned And Mummified
CD 2004
Abscess: Thirst For Blood, Hunger For Flesh Abscess (USA)
Thirst For Blood, Hunger For Flesh
(Best-Of, Compilation) CD 2004
Abscess: Bourbon,Blood And Butchery Abscess (USA)
Bourbon,Blood And Butchery
(Compilation) CD 2013
Absu (USA)
Absu: Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L. Absu (USA)
Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L.
(Digipak, Re-Release 1997) CD 1993
Absu: The Sun Of Tiphareth Absu (USA)
The Sun Of Tiphareth
CD 1995
Absu: In The Eyes Of Ioldanach Absu (USA)
In The Eyes Of Ioldanach
Mini-CD / EP 1998
Absu: Mythological Occult Metal 1991-2001 Absu (USA)
Mythological Occult Metal 1991-2001
(Compilation, Digipak) 2-CD 2005
Absu: Absu Absu (USA)
CD 2009
AC/DC: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap AC/DC (AUS)
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
(Re-Release 1987) CD 1976
AC/DC: High Voltage AC/DC (AUS)
High Voltage
(Re-Release 1994, Remastered) CD 1976
AC/DC: Let There Be Rock AC/DC (AUS)
Let There Be Rock
(Re-Release 1994) CD 1977
AC/DC: If You Want Blood You've Got It AC/DC (AUS)
If You Want Blood You've Got It
(Live, Re-Release 1994, Remastered) CD 1978
AC/DC: Powerage AC/DC (AUS)
(Re-Release, Remastered) CD 1978
AC/DC: '74 Jailbreak AC/DC (AUS)
'74 Jailbreak
(Re-Release 1994) Mini-CD / EP 1984
AC/DC: Who Made Who AC/DC (AUS)
Who Made Who
(Compilation, Digipak, Re-Release 2003, Remastered) CD 1986
AC/DC: Blow Up Your Video AC/DC (AUS)
Blow Up Your Video
CD 1988
Accept (D)
Accept: Restless And Wild Accept (D)
Restless And Wild
(Re-Release 1992) CD 1982
Accept: Balls To The Wall Accept (D)
Balls To The Wall
(Re-Release 2002, Remastered) CD 1983
Accept: The Rise Of Chaos Accept (D)
The Rise Of Chaos
CD 2017
Acheron (USA)
Acheron: Kult Des Hasses Acheron (USA)
Kult Des Hasses
(Pappschuber) CD 2014
Adytum: Consecration Adytum
Demo-CD 2016
Aerosmith (USA)
Aerosmith: Get A Grip Aerosmith (USA)
Get A Grip
CD 1993
Agalloch (USA)
Agalloch: Pale Folklore Agalloch (USA)
Pale Folklore
(Digipak, Re-Release 2016) CD 1999
Agalloch: Marrow Of The Spirit Agalloch (USA)
Marrow Of The Spirit
CD 2010
Agalloch: The Serpent & The Sphere Agalloch (USA)
The Serpent & The Sphere
(Digipak) CD 2014
Agent Steel (USA)
Agent Steel: Skeptics Apocalypse Agent Steel (USA)
Skeptics Apocalypse
(Re-Release 1998) CD 1985
Agent Steel: Mad Locust Rising Agent Steel (USA)
Mad Locust Rising
(Re-Release 1999, Remastered) Mini-CD / EP 1986
Agent Steel: Unstoppable Force Agent Steel (USA)
Unstoppable Force
(Re-Release 1999) CD 1987
Agnostic Front (USA)
Agnostic Front: Live At CBGB Agnostic Front (USA)
Live At CBGB
DualDisc 2006
Ahab (D)
Ahab: The Call Of The Wretched Sea Ahab (D)
The Call Of The Wretched Sea
CD 2006
Ahab: The Divinity Of Oceans Ahab (D)
The Divinity Of Oceans
CD 2009
Ahab: The Giant Ahab (D)
The Giant
CD 2012
Ahab: The Boats Of The Glen Carrig Ahab (D)
The Boats Of The Glen Carrig
(Digipak, Limited Edition) CD 2015
Aldebaran (USA)
Aldebaran: Embracing The Lightless Depths Aldebaran (USA)
Embracing The Lightless Depths
(Digipak) CD 2012
Alestorm (GB)
Alestorm: Captain Morgan's Revenge Alestorm (GB)
Captain Morgan's Revenge
CD 2008
Alestorm: Leviathan Alestorm (GB)
Mini-CD / EP 2008
Alestorm: Black Sails At Midnight Alestorm (GB)
Black Sails At Midnight
CD 2009
Alestorm: Back Through Time Alestorm (GB)
Back Through Time
CD 2011
Alice In Chains (USA)
Alice In Chains: Facelift Alice In Chains (USA)
CD 1990
Alice In Chains: Dirt Alice In Chains (USA)
CD 1992
Almyrkvi (IS)
Almyrkvi: Pupil Of The Searing Maelstrom Almyrkvi (IS)
Pupil Of The Searing Maelstrom
(Digipak, Limited Edition) Mini-CD / EP 2016
Alpha Tiger (D)
Alpha Tiger: Beneath The Surface Alpha Tiger (D)
Beneath The Surface
CD 2013
Alpha Tiger: iDentity Alpha Tiger (D)
CD 2015
Alunah (GB)
Alunah: Awakening The Forest Alunah (GB)
Awakening The Forest
(Digipak, Limited Edition) CD 2014
Amon Amarth (S)
Amon Amarth: Once Sent From The Golden Hall Amon Amarth (S)
Once Sent From The Golden Hall
(Remastered) CD 1998
Amon Amarth: The Avenger Amon Amarth (S)
The Avenger
(Re-Release 2009, Remastered) CD 1999
Amon Amarth: The Crusher Amon Amarth (S)
The Crusher
(Re-Release 2009, Remastered) CD 2001
Amon Amarth: Versus The World Amon Amarth (S)
Versus The World
(Re-Release 2009, Remastered) CD 2002
Amon Amarth: Fate Of Norns Amon Amarth (S)
Fate Of Norns
CD 2004
Amon Amarth: With Oden On Our Side Amon Amarth (S)
With Oden On Our Side
CD 2006
Amon Amarth: Surtur Rising Amon Amarth (S)
Surtur Rising
CD 2011
Amon Amarth: Deceiver Of The Gods Amon Amarth (S)
Deceiver Of The Gods
CD 2013
Amon Amarth: First Kill Amon Amarth (S)
First Kill
(Heftbeilage) Promo-7" 2016
Amon Amarth: Jomsviking Amon Amarth (S)
CD 2016
Amorphis (FIN)
Amorphis: Elegy Amorphis (FIN)
CD 1996
Amorphis: Circle Amorphis (FIN)
(Box, Limited Edition, Special Edition) CD + DVD 2013
Amorphis: Under The Red Cloud Amorphis (FIN)
Under The Red Cloud
(Digipak, Re-Release 2017) 2-CD 2015
Anacrusis (USA)
Anacrusis: Manic Impressions Anacrusis (USA)
Manic Impressions
CD 1991
Anael (D)
Anael: From Arcane Fires Anael (D)
From Arcane Fires
(Pappschuber) CD 2008
Anathema (GB)
Anathema: Serenades Anathema (GB)
CD 1993
Anathema: Eternity Anathema (GB)
CD 1996
Angel Witch (GB)
Angel Witch: Angel Witch Angel Witch (GB)
Angel Witch
(Re-Release 2005, Remastered, Special Edition) CD 1980
Annihilator (CDN)
Annihilator: Alice In Hell Annihilator (CDN)
Alice In Hell
CD 1989
Annihilator: Never, Neverland Annihilator (CDN)
Never, Neverland
CD 1990
Annihilator: In Command (Live 1989-1990) Annihilator (CDN)
In Command (Live 1989-1990)
(Live) CD 1996
Annihilator: Carnival Diablos Annihilator (CDN)
Carnival Diablos
CD 2001
Annihilator: Waking The Fury Annihilator (CDN)
Waking The Fury
CD 2002
Anthrax (USA)
Anthrax: Spreading The Disease Anthrax (USA)
Spreading The Disease
(Re-Release 1995) CD 1985
Anthrax: Among The Living Anthrax (USA)
Among The Living
(Re-Release 1995) CD 1987
Anthrax: Among The Living Anthrax (USA)
Among The Living
(Digipak, Re-Release 2009, Remastered, Special Edition) CD + DVD 1987
Anthrax: Persistence Of Time Anthrax (USA)
Persistence Of Time
CD 1990
Anthrax: Live - The Island Years Anthrax (USA)
Live - The Island Years
(Live) CD 1994
Anthrax: Stomp 442 Anthrax (USA)
Stomp 442
CD 1995
Anthrax: Taking The Music Back Anthrax (USA)
Taking The Music Back
(Multimedia) Single-CD 2003
Anthrax: Caught In A Mosh - BBC Live In Concert Anthrax (USA)
Caught In A Mosh - BBC Live In Concert
(Compilation, Live) 2-CD 2007
Anvil (CDN)
Anvil: Past And Present - Live In Concert Anvil (CDN)
Past And Present - Live In Concert
(Digipak, Live, Re-Release 2012) CD 1989
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (D)
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter: Moral & Wahnsinn Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (D)
Moral & Wahnsinn
CD 2011
Armored Dawn (BR)
Armored Dawn: Power Of Warrior Armored Dawn (BR)
Power Of Warrior
(Cardsleeve, Heftbeilage, Re-Release 2017) Mini-CD / EP 2016
Armored Saint (USA)
Armored Saint: March Of The Saint Armored Saint (USA)
March Of The Saint
(Re-Release 2006, Remastered, Special Edition) CD 1984
Armored Saint: Delirious Nomad Armored Saint (USA)
Delirious Nomad
(Re-Release 2011, Remastered, Special Edition) CD 1985
Armored Saint: Saints Will Conquer Armored Saint (USA)
Saints Will Conquer
(Live, Re-Release 1994) CD 1988
Armored Saint: Symbol Of Salvation Armored Saint (USA)
Symbol Of Salvation
CD 1991
Armored Saint: Revelation Armored Saint (USA)
(Limited Edition, Multimedia) 2-CD 2000
Armored Saint: Nod To The Old School Armored Saint (USA)
Nod To The Old School
(Compilation) CD 2001
Armored Saint: La Raza Armored Saint (USA)
La Raza
(Digisleeve, Pappschuber) CD 2010
Armored Saint: Win Hands Down Armored Saint (USA)
Win Hands Down
CD 2015
Die Ärzte (D)
Die Ärzte: Die Bestie In Menschengestalt Die Ärzte (D)
Die Bestie In Menschengestalt
CD 1993
Die Ärzte: Le Frisur Die Ärzte (D)
Le Frisur
(Digisleeve) CD 1996
Asphyx (NL)
Asphyx: The Rack Asphyx (NL)
The Rack
(Re-Release 2006) CD 1991
Asphyx: Last One On Earth Asphyx (NL)
Last One On Earth
(Re-Release 2006) CD 1992