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# Cover Titel Typ / Besonderheiten Jahr Album
A (GB)
1 A: Hi-Fi Serious A (GB)
Hi-Fi Serious
CD 2002
2 A: Teen Dance Ordinance A (GB)
Teen Dance Ordinance
CD 2005
A Perfect Circle (USA)
3 A Perfect Circle: Mer De Noms A Perfect Circle (USA)
Mer De Noms
CD 2000
4 A Perfect Circle: Thirteenth Step A Perfect Circle (USA)
Thirteenth Step
CD 2003
a-ha (N)
5 a-ha: Hunting High And Low a-ha (N)
Hunting High And Low
CD 1985
6 AC/DC: High Voltage AC/DC (AUS)
High Voltage
(Re-Release 1987) CD 1976
Adam F (GB)
7 Adam F: Colours Adam F (GB)
CD 1997
Aerosmith (USA)
8 Aerosmith: Pump Aerosmith (USA)
CD 1989
9 Aerosmith: Get A Grip Aerosmith (USA)
Get A Grip
CD 1993
Agalloch (USA)
10 Agalloch: Pale Folklore Agalloch (USA)
Pale Folklore
(Erstauflage) CD 1999
11 Agalloch: The Mantle Agalloch (USA)
The Mantle
CD 2002
12 Agalloch: Ashes Against The Grain Agalloch (USA)
Ashes Against The Grain
(Erstauflage) CD 2006
13 Agalloch: The Demonstration Archive: 1996-1998 Agalloch (USA)
The Demonstration Archive: 1996-1998
(Compilation) CD 2008
14 Agalloch: Marrow Of The Spirit Agalloch (USA)
Marrow Of The Spirit
(Digipak) CD 2010
15 Agalloch: Whitedivisiongrey Agalloch (USA)
(Compilation, Digi-Book) 2-CD 2011
16 Agalloch: Faustian Echoes Agalloch (USA)
Faustian Echoes
(Digipak, Erstauflage) Mini-CD / EP 2012
17 Agalloch: The Serpent & The Sphere Agalloch (USA)
The Serpent & The Sphere
(Digipak, Erstauflage) CD 2014
Agrypnie (D)
18 Agrypnie: F51.4 Agrypnie (D)
CD 2006
19 Agrypnie: Exit Agrypnie (D)
CD 2008
20 Agrypnie: 16[485] Agrypnie (D)
(DVD-Hülle/Case, Digipak, Erstauflage) CD 2009
21 Agrypnie: Aetas Cineris Agrypnie (D)
Aetas Cineris
(Erstauflage) CD 2013
22 Agrypnie: Grenzgænger / Pavor Nocturnus Agrypnie (D)
Grenzgænger / Pavor Nocturnus
(Digipak, Limited Edition, Nummeriert, Special Edition) 2-CD 2018
Ahab (D)
23 Ahab: The Call Of The Wretched Sea Ahab (D)
The Call Of The Wretched Sea
CD 2006
24 Ahab: The Divinity Of Oceans Ahab (D)
The Divinity Of Oceans
(Erstauflage) CD 2009
25 Ahab: The Giant Ahab (D)
The Giant
(Digipak, Erstauflage, Limited Edition, Special Edition) CD 2012
26 Ahab: The Boats Of The Glen Carrig Ahab (D)
The Boats Of The Glen Carrig
(Digipak, Limited Edition) CD 2015
Alice In Chains (USA)
27 Alice In Chains: Dirt Alice In Chains (USA)
CD 1992
28 Alice In Chains: Jar Of Flies / Sap Alice In Chains (USA)
Jar Of Flies / Sap
2-Mini-CD / EP 1994
29 Alice In Chains: MTV Unplugged Alice In Chains (USA)
MTV Unplugged
(Live) CD 1996
Ampersand (D)
30 Ampersand: Macro Ampersand (D)
CD 2001
31 Ampersand: Boredom And Identity Ampersand (D)
Boredom And Identity
CD 2004
Anathema (GB)
32 Anathema: A Fine Day To Exit Anathema (GB)
A Fine Day To Exit
(Erstauflage) CD 2001
Andthewinneris (D)
33 Andthewinneris: No Need To Worry, She's Already Dead... Andthewinneris (D)
No Need To Worry, She's Already Dead...
(Multimedia) Mini-CD / EP 2003
Anger 77 (D)
34 Anger 77: Keine Angst Anger 77 (D)
Keine Angst
CD 2000
Anthrax (USA)
35 Anthrax: We've Come For You All Anthrax (USA)
We've Come For You All
(Erstauflage) CD 2003
Apocalyptica (FIN)
36 Apocalyptica: Plays Metallica By Four Cellos Apocalyptica (FIN)
Plays Metallica By Four Cellos
CD 1996
Arch Enemy (S)
37 Arch Enemy: Original Album Collection Arch Enemy (S)
Original Album Collection
(Box, Cardsleeve, Limited Edition, Pappschuber) 3-CD 2001
Die Ärzte (D)
38 Die Ärzte: Nach Uns Die Sintflut Die Ärzte (D)
Nach Uns Die Sintflut
(Live) 2-CD 1988
39 Die Ärzte: Ein Song Namens Schunder Die Ärzte (D)
Ein Song Namens Schunder
(Cardsleeve) Single-CD 1995
Asian Dub Foundation (GB)
40 Asian Dub Foundation: Rafi's Revenge Asian Dub Foundation (GB)
Rafi's Revenge
(Erstauflage) CD 1998
41 Asian Dub Foundation: Community Music Asian Dub Foundation (GB)
Community Music
CD 2000
42 Asian Dub Foundation: Enemy Of The Enemy Asian Dub Foundation (GB)
Enemy Of The Enemy
(Kopierschutz, Multimedia) CD 2003
At The Drive-In (USA)
43 At The Drive-In: Relationship Of Command At The Drive-In (USA)
Relationship Of Command
(Erstauflage) CD 2000
Audioslave (USA)
44 Audioslave: Audioslave Audioslave (USA)
CD 2002
45 Audioslave: Out Of Exile Audioslave (USA)
Out Of Exile
CD 2005
...But Alive (D)
46 ...But Alive: Bis Jetzt Ging Alles Gut... ...But Alive (D)
Bis Jetzt Ging Alles Gut...
CD 1997
Bad Religion (USA)
47 Bad Religion: Suffer Bad Religion (USA)
(Re-Release) CD 1988
48 Bad Religion: No Control Bad Religion (USA)
No Control
(Re-Release 2004, Remastered) CD 1989
49 Bad Religion: Against The Grain Bad Religion (USA)
Against The Grain
(Re-Release 2004, Remastered) CD 1990
50 Bad Religion: Generator Bad Religion (USA)
(Re-Release 2004, Remastered) CD 1992
51 Bad Religion: Recipe For Hate Bad Religion (USA)
Recipe For Hate
CD 1993
52 Bad Religion: Only Entertainment!! Bad Religion (USA)
Only Entertainment!!
(Bootleg, Live) CD 1993
Bassface Sascha (D)
53 Bassface Sascha: Different Faces Bassface Sascha (D)
Different Faces
CD 1999
Bathory (S)
54 Bathory: Hammerheart Bathory (S)
(Re-Release 2003) CD 1990
Beastie Boys (USA)
55 Beastie Boys: Check Your Head Beastie Boys (USA)
Check Your Head
CD 1992
56 Beastie Boys: Ill Communication Beastie Boys (USA)
Ill Communication
CD 1994
57 Beastie Boys: Hello Nasty Beastie Boys (USA)
Hello Nasty
(Digipak) CD 1998
58 Beastie Boys: Alive Beastie Boys (USA)
(Multimedia) Single-CD 1999
59 Beastie Boys: To The 5 Boroughs Beastie Boys (USA)
To The 5 Boroughs
(Digipak, Multimedia, Pappschuber) CD 2004
The Beatles (GB)
60 The Beatles: The Beatles (White Album) The Beatles (GB)
The Beatles (White Album)
(Digisleeve, Limited Edition, Re-Release 1998, Remastered, Special Edition) 2-CD 1968
61 The Beatles: 1 The Beatles (GB)
(Compilation) CD 2000
Beck (USA)
62 Beck: Loser Beck (USA)
Single-CD 1994
Bernd Begemann & Die Befreiung (D)
63 Bernd Begemann & Die Befreiung: Unsere Liebe Ist Ein Aufstand Bernd Begemann & Die Befreiung (D)
Unsere Liebe Ist Ein Aufstand
(Digipak, Erstauflage, Limited Edition) 2-CD 2004
Björk (IS)
64 Björk: Debut Björk (IS)
(Erstauflage) CD 1993
65 Björk: Post Björk (IS)
CD 1995
66 Björk: Homogenic Björk (IS)
CD 1997
67 Björk: Volumen 1993-2003 Björk (IS)
Volumen 1993-2003
(Best-Of, Compilation, Pappschuber) DVD 2002
The Black Crowes (USA)
68 The Black Crowes: Shake Your Money Maker The Black Crowes (USA)
Shake Your Money Maker
CD 1990
69 The Black Crowes: The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion The Black Crowes (USA)
The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion
CD 1992
70 The Black Crowes: Amorica. The Black Crowes (USA)
CD 1994
71 The Black Crowes: Three Snakes And One Charm The Black Crowes (USA)
Three Snakes And One Charm
CD 1996
72 The Black Crowes: By Your Side The Black Crowes (USA)
By Your Side
CD 1999
Black Sun Empire (NL)
73 Black Sun Empire: Endangered Species Black Sun Empire (NL)
Endangered Species
(Digipak) 2-CD 2007
Blackmail (D)
74 Blackmail: Bliss, Please Blackmail (D)
Bliss, Please
CD 2001
Blind Melon (USA)
75 Blind Melon: Blind Melon Blind Melon (USA)
Blind Melon
CD 1992
76 Blind Melon: Soup Blind Melon (USA)
(Special Edition) CD 1995
77 Blind Melon: Nico Blind Melon (USA)
CD 1996
Bloodbath (S)
78 Bloodbath: Grand Morbid Funeral Bloodbath (S)
Grand Morbid Funeral
(Digi-Book, Erstauflage) CD 2014
Blumfeld (D)
79 Blumfeld: Ich-Maschine Blumfeld (D)
CD 1992
80 Blumfeld: L'Etat Et Moi Blumfeld (D)
L'Etat Et Moi
CD 1994
81 Blumfeld: Old Nobody Blumfeld (D)
Old Nobody
CD 1999
Brand New Jersey (D)
82 Brand New Jersey: Fireworks Brand New Jersey (D)
CD 2003
Breakbeat Era (GB)
83 Breakbeat Era: Ultra-Obscene Breakbeat Era (GB)
CD 1999
Breschdleng (D)
84 Breschdleng: Breschdleng Breschdleng (D)
CD 2009
Cake (USA)
85 Cake: Fashion Nugget Cake (USA)
Fashion Nugget
CD 1996
86 Cake: Prolonging The Magic Cake (USA)
Prolonging The Magic
CD 1998
87 Cake: Comfort Eagle Cake (USA)
Comfort Eagle
CD 2001
Caliban (D)
88 Caliban: A Small Boy And A Grey Heaven Caliban (D)
A Small Boy And A Grey Heaven
CD 1999
89 Caliban: The Awakening Caliban (D)
The Awakening
CD 2007
90 Caliban: I Am Nemesis Caliban (D)
I Am Nemesis
(Digipak, Erstauflage, Limited Edition) 2-CD 2012
Keith Caputo (USA)
91 Keith Caputo: Hearts Blood On Your Dawn Keith Caputo (USA)
Hearts Blood On Your Dawn
(Digipak) CD 2006
92 Keith Caputo: A Fondness For Hometown Scars Keith Caputo (USA)
A Fondness For Hometown Scars
CD 2008
Johnny Cash (USA)
93 Johnny Cash: American Recordings Johnny Cash (USA)
American Recordings
(Erstauflage) CD 1994
94 Johnny Cash: American II: Unchained Johnny Cash (USA)
American II: Unchained
CD 1996
95 Johnny Cash: American III: Solitary Man Johnny Cash (USA)
American III: Solitary Man
CD 2000
96 Johnny Cash: American IV: The Man Comes Around Johnny Cash (USA)
American IV: The Man Comes Around
CD 2002
97 Johnny Cash: American V: A Hundred Highways Johnny Cash (USA)
American V: A Hundred Highways
CD 2006
98 Johnny Cash: American VI: Ain't No Grave Johnny Cash (USA)
American VI: Ain't No Grave
CD 2010
The Cinematic Orchestra (GB)
99 The Cinematic Orchestra: Motion The Cinematic Orchestra (GB)
CD 1999
100 The Cinematic Orchestra: Remixes  98-2000 The Cinematic Orchestra (GB)
Remixes 98-2000
(Compilation, Remix) CD 2000