Crippled Black Phoenix The Resurrectionists
2-LP, 2011, Re-Release

Herstellungsland Frankreich
Orig. Release 2009
Zeit 92:54
EAN-Nr. 5024545615012
Label/Labelcode nicht vorhanden
Plattenfirma/Katalog-Nr. Invada Records / INV 075 LP
Musikrichtung Rock
Sammlungen Gesucht Flohmarkt
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I = Instrumental L = Live B = Bonustrack H = Hidden Track C = Coversong
LP 1
Track Titel Zeit Besonderheit
Gesamtzeit 51:40  
A 1. Burnt Reynolds 8:41
A 2. Rise Up And Fight 5:45
A 3. Whissendine 4:57
A 4. Crossing The Bar 7:05 I
B 5. 200 Tons Of Bad Luck 5:53
B 6. Please Do Not Stay Here 3:17
B 7. Song For The Loved 13:38
B 8. A Hymn For A Lost Soul 2:24
LP 2
Track Titel Zeit Besonderheit
Gesamtzeit 41:14  
A 1. 444 5:49
A 2. Littlestep 5:52
A 3. Human Nature Dictates The Downfall Of Humans 7:40
B 4. Physical (You're So) 6:03 B C
B 5. Just Like A Mexican Love 6:07 B C
B 6. Let Me Put My Love Into You 4:28 B C
B 7. Run Like Hell 5:15 B C


Faced with complete failure, utter defiance is the only response.

The grumpy sods responsible:
Justin Greaves, Joe Volk, Dominic Aitchison, Kostas Panagiotou, Charlotte Nicholls and Mark Ophidian

Now with extra: Karl Demata, Daisy Chapman and Christian Heilmann

With help from:
Danny Ashburry, Dave Greaves, Thomas Elgie, George Elgie, Matt Williams, Jack Rampling, Jon Attwood, Geoff Barrow, John E. Vistic, Paul Harris, Suzi Gage, Max Milton and the Brutes Choir

The CBP Brutes Choir:
William Waine, Greg Havell, Adrian Britton, Paula James, Sarah Flower Davis, Stella, Big Nige, Laz, Static, Rose Kemp, Max Milton, Jack Rampling, Jon Attwood, Matt Williams, George Elgie, Thom Elgie, Charlie Romjin, Chipper, Joe, Kostas and Justin

The Resurrectionists was recorded at various times starting March 2007 AD until August 2008 AD. The sounds were captured at S.O.A. Studio in Bristol, with the exception of certain parts done last minute at Castel of Doom in Glasgow and a bit was recorded somewhere in Minnesota, US.

Recordings engineered by Stuart Matthews and a couple of sessions were done by Rick Dowding, John Pickford and Tony Doogan.

All tunes mixed, produced and knackered by Stuart Matthews and Justin Greaves. Geoff Barrow also helped (a bit). Everything mastered by Shaun Joseph at Optimum, Bristol.

The vinyl-only extra tracks were all recorded at S.O.A. Studio, Bristol, at various times from the album sessions in 2007/2008 and also 2009. Again engineered by Stuart Matthews and mixed/produced by Stuart Matthews and Justin Greaves.

All music and concept was written, crafted and jiggered by Justin Greaves except "Please Do Not Stay Here" by Mr. Greaves and Kostas Panagiotou. Words given life by Joe Volk except "Please Do Not Stay Here" which was a joint effort by Greaves and Volk. The words of "A Hymn for a Lost Soul" were dreamt up by Mr. Greaves.

All songs published by Domino Publishing Co. except for:
"Physical (You're So)" Adam Ant
"Let Me Put My Love Into You" Johnson/Young/Young
"Run Like Hell" Waters/Gilmour
"Just Like a Mexican Love" Jeffrey Lee Pierce

Vinyl artwork and layout made by the amazing Mr. Johnny O Esq.
Original cd release artwork and CBP logo expertly crafted by Nick Rhodes