boysetsfire The Misery Index: Notes From The Plague Years
LP, 2020, Limited Edition, Nummeriert, Re-Release, Special Edition, Farbiges Vinyl, Gatefold, 180 Gramm Vinyl, Clear Vinyl, Gelbes Vinyl

Herstellungsland Europäische Union
Orig. Release 2006
Zeit k.A.
EAN-Nr. 4024572688219
Label/Labelcode End Hits Records / LC 30127
Plattenfirma/Katalog-Nr. End Hits Records / EH007
Musikrichtung Hardcore: Post-Hardcore
Sammlungen Gesucht Flohmarkt
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I = Instrumental L = Live B = Bonustrack H = Hidden Track C = Coversong
Track Titel Zeit Besonderheit
A 1. Walk Astray
A 2. Requiem
A 3. Final Communiqué
A 4. The Misery Index
A 5. (10) And Counting
A 6. Falling Out Theme
A 7. Empire
B 8. So Long...And Thanks For The Crutches
B 9. With Cold Eyes
B 10. Deja Coup
B 11. Social Register Fanclub
B 12. Nostalgic For Guillotines
B 13. A Far Cry


3rd Press (April 2020)
100x Clear / Yellow w/ Screenprinted Cover (End Hits Exclusive) --> Dieser Datensatz
25x Clear / Yellow (End Hits Exclusive)
175x YOLK - Blue in Crystal Clear
197x Crystal Clear w/ Blue Splatter