Orphaned Land Mabool - The Story Of The Three Sons Of Seven
2-CD, 2004, Limited Edition, Special Edition

Herstellungsland Deutschland
Zeit 94:41
EAN-Nr. 7277017745207
Label/Labelcode CENTURY MEDIA / LC 6975
Plattenfirma/Katalog-Nr. Century Media / 77452-0
Musikrichtung Metal: Death Metal, Doom Metal, Folk Metal, Progressive Metal
MS-ID 8856
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I = Instrumental L = Live B = Bonustrack H = Hidden Track C = Coversong
CD 1
Track Titel Zeit Besonderheit
1. Birth Of The Three (The Unification) 6:57
2. Ocean Land (The Revelation) 4:43
3. The Kiss Of Babylon (The Sins) 7:23
4. A’salk 2:05
5. Halo Dies (The Wrath Of God) 7:29
6. A Call To Awake (The Quest) 6:10
7. Building The Ark 5:02
8. Nora El Nora (Entering The Ark) 4:24
9. The Calm Before The Flood 4:25 I
10. Mabool (The Flood) 6:59
11. The Storm Still Rages Inside 9:20
12. Rainbow (The Resurrection) 3:01 I
CD 2
Track Titel Zeit Besonderheit
1. The Evil Urge 3:28 L
2. A Neverending Way 3:14 L
3. Mercy 3:46 L C
4. The Beloved's Cry 6:42 L
5. The Orphaned Land's Medley 9:33 L


Orphaned Land - Mabool - The Story Of The Three Sons Of Seven
Yossi Saharon (Sassi) - electric (6 & 7 strings), clean (songs 4, 9, 11), acoustic (songs 7, 8, 9, 12) & classic guitars, solos (songs 1, 5, 6, 7, 11), saz, buzuki, oud,
Matti Svatizki - electric (6 & 7 strings), clean (songs 3, 11) & acoustic guitars (songs 7, 8), solos (songs 2, 5)
Kobi Farhi - vocals, backing vocals, growls, chants & reading
Uri Zelcha - bass (4 & 5 strings), fretless bass
Eden Rabin - synth, piano

Session members & guests:
Avi Daimond - drums
Avi Agababa - percussion
Shlomit Levi - female vocals

Oriental Choir:
David Sassi, Avi Ratzon, Yariv Malka, Kobi Farhi & Yossi Sharon (Sassi)
(as well as Eden Rabin and Erez Caspi on the end of song 10)

Moran Ensemble:
Tali Ketzef, Neta Gev, Neta Kirschenbaum, Michal Front, Yael Front, Naama Aharony, Reut Venforero, Noa Kalush, Liad Dahari, Rachel Reuven, Yair Goren, Yair Polishuk, Eden Rabin, Kobi Farhi, Yossi Saharon (Sassi)

Oren Koren - violin
Noam Wiesenberg - cello

Production List
All music composed between the years 1997-2003 by Yossi Saharon (Sassi), Matti Svatizki, Eden Rabin, Kobi Farhi, Uri Zalcha (except song 8 - Traditional).
*Additional composition on songs 1, 5, 6, 10 by Sami Bachar.

Produced by Orphaned Land.
Production management and arrangements by Kobi Farhi with the help of all Orphaned Land members.

Recorded between July-October 2003 at "Zara" Studios (drums, piano, Moran Choir, cello, violin).
"Bardo" Studios (percussion, bass, all guitars, synth buzuki, saz, oud, Oriental Choir, all male & female voclas).
Recording engineer: Erez Caspi.
Additional recording engineers: Simon Vinestock, Daniel Ya'ari.
Assistant engineers (Zara Studios): Marselo David Kovalsky, Rafi Nahmias.
"Moazin" (end of song 2) were sung and recorded secretly in "Taj Mahal" (India) by Kobi Farhi,
Intro and Thunders were recorded by Kobi Farhi in India and Israel.
Programming and Editing by Yossi Hason, Erez Caspi and Simon Vinestock.

Mixed by Simon Vinestock & Orphaned Land at "Zara" Studios, except songs 4, 9, 12 - mixed by Erez Caspi & Orphaned Land at "Bardo" Studio.

Mastered at SDL by Tali Cuts (Metallicats!).
Assistant mastering engineer: Lee Zohar.

Concept and lyrics:
by Kobi Farhi and Alon Miasnikov.
Additional lyrics by Eden Rabin.
All Hebrew and Latin texts (songs 5, 7, 11) taken from the book of Genesis (Flood Story), Hebrew and Yemen texts (songs 3, 4) taken from Rabbi Shalom Shabazi's (1619–1720) poems and from "Halel" praising song (song 8).

Concept and triangle design advisors:
Amir Bahari, Ronen Philosoph, Tal Hodara, Shimon Rozenfeld, Etay Gabay and Roi Amar.
All graphiy design and artwork by Jan Meininghaus.

Band photos by Itamar Gero.
The "Triangle of the three" designs and band logo by Uri Zelcha.
Band logo modifications by Philippe Courteois.

"The Calm Before The Flood" Acoustic Live Show Bonus CD.
Line Up:
Kobi Farhi - vocals
Yossi Saharon (Sassi) - classic guitar, buzuki, saz, backing vocals
Mati Svatizki - acoustic guitar
Uri Zelcha - acoustic bass
Eden Rabin - synth backing vocals

Shlomit Levi - vocals
Yatziv Caspi - percussions

5. "The Orphaned's Medley" featuring:
"My Requiem" (Sahara), "Seasons Unite" (Sahara), "Of Temptation Born" (El Norra Alila), "Orphaned Land, The Storm Still Rages Inside" (Sahara), "Like Fire To Water" (El Norra Alila), "Flawless Belief" (El Norra Alila), "Joy" (El Norra Alila).

All music by Orphaned Land 1994-1996, all lyrics by Alon Miasnikov and Kobi Farhi,
except "Merci", music by Gregor Mackintosh / lyrics by Nick Holmes, originally featured on Paradise Lost's "One Second" album, 1997.

Produced by Kobi Farhi, recorderd live on August 18th, 2002 at the "Music Facory" Tel Aviv.
Recording engineer & additional mixings:Erez Caspi.
Mixed by Yotam Agam at "Bardo" studio, lighting engineer:Maor Appelbaum.

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