Bonnie "Prince" Billy
Ease Down The Road
CD, 2001

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Herstellungsland Großbritannien Großbritannien
Zeit 43:58
EAN-Nr. 5034202008927
Label/Labelcode Domino / LC 10192
Plattenfirma/Katalog-Nr. Palace Records / WIGCD89
Musikrichtung Singer/Songwriter/Liedermacher
MS-ID 82112
Sammlungen Gesucht Flohmarkt
18 (8 privat) 1 0
Erhältlich bei: Neu Drittanbieter Gebraucht  
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Tracklist CD

Track Titel Zeit Besonderheit
1. May It Always Be 4:04
2. Careless Love 2:06
3. A King At Night 4:28
4. Just To See My Holly Home 3:40
5. At Break Of Day 4:16
6. After I Made Love To You 3:53
7. Ease Down The Road 3:06
8. The Lion Lair 6:01
9. Mrs. William 3:03
10. Sheep 2:54
11. Grand Dark Feeling Of Emptiness 3:22
12. Rich Wife Full Of Happiness 3:05
I = Instrumental L = Live B = Bonustrack H = Hidden Track C = Coversong


Todd Brashear: Voice and Lap Steel
Matt Everett: Violin
Mike Fellows: Bass
Paul Greenlaw: Voice and Banjo
Harmony Korine: Voice
Catherine Irwin: Voice
Ned Oldham: Voice, Guitar and Bass
Will Oldham: Voice, Guitar, Nord Lead and Percussion
David Pajo: Voice, Guitar, Bass, Nord Lead, Piano and Percussion
Bryan Rich: Guitar
Matt Sweeney: Voice, Guitar and Banjo
Jon Theodore: Drums and Percussion

Produced by the Continental Op
Recorded by Paul Oldham
Mixed by Paul Oldham, Will Oldham and David Pajo at Rove Studios

All songs copyright 2001 Royal Stable Music (ASCAP)
(P) & (C) 2001 Palace Records under exclusive license to Domino Recording Co. Ltd.

Cock painting by Dianne Bellino
Moon painting by Joanne Oldham
Drawings by Sammy Harkham
Layout by Jeremy Devine

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SID-Code Presswerk: IFPI KA03**
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Matrix: WIGCD89 SP 35333 3022748