Iron Maiden Rock In Rio
2-VHS, 2002, Limited Edition, Live, Pappschuber

  • Iron Maiden: Rock In Rio (2-VHS) - Bild 1
Herstellungsland Großbritannien
Zeit k.A.
EAN-Nr. 5050361857015
Label/Labelcode k.A.
Plattenfirma/Katalog-Nr. Sanctuary Visual Entertainment / SVE5701
Musikrichtung Metal
MS-ID 386741
Sammlungen Gesucht Flohmarkt
8 (1 privat) 0 0
Erhältlich bei: Neu Drittanbieter Gebraucht  
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I = Instrumental L = Live B = Bonustrack H = Hidden Track C = Coversong
Track Titel Zeit Besonderheit
1. Intro L
2. Wicker Man L
3. Ghost Of The Navigator L
4. Brave New World L
5. Wrathchild L
6. 2 Minutes To Midnight L
7. Blood Brothers L
8. Sign Of The Cross L
9. The Mercenary L
10. The Trooper L
11. Dream Of Mirrors L
12. The Clansman L
13. The Evil That Men Do L
14. Fear Of The Dark L
15. Iron Maiden L
16. The Number Of The Beast L
17. Hallowed Be Thy Name L
18. Sanctuary L
19. Run To The Hills L
Track Titel Zeit Besonderheit
1. Bonus Footage L
2. Candid Interviews L
3. A Day In The Life L


Cardboard boxset including two clear plastic video cases, black VHS with PAL system, white label (both) with black writings, limited edition with extra VHS "A DAY IN THE LIFE"