Paul Simon One-Trick Pony
LP, 1980

Herstellungsland Deutschland
Zeit 38:12
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Label/Labelcode Warner Bros. Records / LC 0392
Plattenfirma/Katalog-Nr. Warner Bros. / WB 56 846 (HS 3472)
Musikrichtung Pop
MS-ID 207862
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I = Instrumental L = Live B = Bonustrack H = Hidden Track C = Coversong
Track Titel Zeit Besonderheit
A 1. Late In The Evening 4:02
A 2. That's Why God Made The Movies 3:38
A 3. One-Trick Pony 3:54
A 4. How The Heart Approaches What It Yearns 2:49
A 5. Oh, Marion 4:00
B 6. Ace In The Hole 5:43
B 7. Nobody 3:33
B 8. Jonah 3:30
B 9. God Bless The Absentee 3:15
B 10. Long, Long Day 3:48


Made By WEA Musik GmbH

(p) + (c): Warner Bros. Records Inc.

Recorded At A&R Studios
Recorded At Agora Ballroom
Mixed At The Hit Factory
Mixed At A&R Studios
Mastered At Sterling Sound

Acoustic Guitar: Hugh McCracken (A1, A2, B2, B4, B5), John Tropea (B3)

Arranged By (Horns): Bob Friedman (B5), Dave Grusin (A1, B4), Paul Simon (A4, B3)

Arranged By (Strings): Bob Friedman (B5), Dave Grusin (A1, B4), Paul Simon (A4, B3)

Backing Vocals: Lani Grove (B5), Patti Austin (B5), Paul Simon (A1, A5, B1, B2, B5), Richard Tee (B1), Tony Levin (B1)

Bass: Anthony Jackson (A5), Tony Levin (A1 to A4, B1 to B5)

Drums: Steve Gadd

Electric Guitar: Eric Gale (A1, A4, B2, B4), Hiram Bullock (A2), Jeff Mironov (A5), Joe Beck (B5), Paul Simon (A3, B1)

Electric Guitar (Lead): Eric Gale (A3, B1)

Slide Guitar: Hugh McCracken (A2)

Synthesizer: Don Grolnick (A2)

Tambourine: Richard Tee (B1)

Flugelhorn: Jon Faddis (A5)

Guitar (Nylon String): Eric Gale (A4), Paul Simon (A2, A4, B3)

Vocals: Patti Austin (B5), Paul Simon, Richard Tee (A3, B1)

Engineer: Jim Boyer, Phil Ramone

Engineer (Associate): Brad Leigh, David Crowther, David Martone, David Stanley, Peter Lewis

Mastered By Ted Jensen

Percussion: Paul Simon (B3), Ralph MacDonald (A1, A2, B3)

Photography: Louis Goldman
Producer: Paul Simon, Phil Ramone
Remix: Phil Ramone

The music on this album was created for the Paul Simon movie "One-Trick Pony".
Recorded at A&R Studios, New York except "Ace in the Hole" and "One Trick Pony" recorded live at The Agora Club, Cleveland, Ohio, September 1979.
Mixed at A&R Studios, New York and The Hit Factory Studios, New York
Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York.

56846 H2xx HSI 3472 C W.GER STERLING
56842 Bx HS2 3472 B W.GER STERLING

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