2 Live Crew 2 Live Is What We Are
LP, 1987, Re-Release

Herstellungsland USA
Orig. Release 1986
Zeit 33:28
EAN-Nr. nicht vorhanden
Label/Labelcode nicht vorhanden
Plattenfirma/Katalog-Nr. Luke Skyywalker Records / XR 100
Musikrichtung Rap/Hip Hop
MS-ID 1187628
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I = Instrumental L = Live B = Bonustrack H = Hidden Track C = Coversong
Track Titel Zeit Besonderheit
A 1. 2 Live Is What We Are 4:23
A 2. We Want Some Pussy 2:54
A 3. Check It Out Yall (Freestyle Rappin') 4:35
A 4. Get It Girl 3:58
B 5. Throw The D 3:26
B 6. Cut It Up 4:16
B 7. Beat Box [Remix] 4:40
B 8. Mr. MIXX On The Mix!! 5:16


2nd pressing:
- with the titel "…is what we are" on the frontcover.
- Tracknumbers are I,II,III..., not 1,2,3...
- w/o adress on label & barcode on backcover,
- with "Unauthorized Duplication Is A Violation Of Applicable Laws" on top of the label
- w/o credit "Photo by: Ed Robinson" on backcover
- w/o printed "This Album Contains Explicit Lyrics. Parental Guidance Suggested" on frontcover
- with stamped "This Album Contains Explicit Lyrics. You Must Be 18 Or Older" on frontcover
- with "XR 100 Luke Skyywalker Records 2 Live Crew" written on cover spin

Miami Bass / Rap

Arranged By, Producer – 2 Live Crew
Artwork, Design – Manny Morell
Engineer, Mixed By, Recorded By – Bruce Greenspan, Mark Boccaccio
Executive-Producer, A&R [A&R Director] – Luke Skyywalker
Performer [The 2 Live Crew Is] – Brother Marquis, Fresh Kid-Ice, The, Luke Skyywalker, Treach DJ Mr. Mixx

All songs except "Throw The D" recorded & mixed at Sonic Sound International, Miami, Florida. "Throw The D" recorded & mixed at Studio One, Riverside, California.
Published by Two Live Music (BMI)
Copyright ℗ 1986
Dist. By Luke Skyywalker
© ℗ 1986 Luke Skyywalker Records

BAOI (Barcode and other Identifiers) / Matrix
ID Order List; Place; Type; Side; Details; Matrix Discription;
16832 01 BC/EAN; -; -; -; -; -
16832 02 Rights Society; Label (Vinyl);; Back-Cover (Vinyl); printed; A/B; BMI; [RS for the USA]
16832 03 Matrix; Runout (Vinyl); etched; A; "XR-100-A-2 ""IN GOD WE TRUST"" 3.9.87;" [with date in runout, 09.03.1987]
16832 04 Matrix; Runout (Vinyl); etched; B; "XR-100-B-2 3.9.87 ""IN GOD WE TRUST"";" -
16832 05 Mastering At; Runout (Vinyl); etched; A/B; 'FULLERSOUND'; [Fullersound Inc. (Miami FL)]
16832 06 Lacquer Cut By; Runout (Vinyl); etched; A/B; Bustamant; [Remberto Bustamante]
16832 07 Pressing Plant; Centerhole (Vinyl); stamped; A/B; 1 stamper ring impression; [1 big (7,0cm)]]
16832 08 Other; Label (Vinyl); printed; A/B; I., II., III., ….; [roman numbers instead of arabic numbers]
16832 09 Other; Label (Vinyl); printed; A/B; Dist. By Luke Skyy Walker Productions (305) 756-8820; [only company with telphone number on bottom of the label]
16832 10 Other; Label (Vinyl); printed; A/B; Unauthorized Duplication Is A Violation Of Applicable Laws; [printed on top of the label]
16832 11 Other; Front-Cover (Vinyl); printed; -; """is what we are"";" "[printed on top of the frontcover under ""The 2 Live Crew""]"
16832 12 Other; Back-Cover (Vinyl); -; -; Photo By: Ed Robinson; [this credit is missing]