Satyricon All Evil (1992) - ein Review von gynotwister

Satyricon: All Evil - Cover
Typ: Bootleg
Genre(s): Metal Black Metal

10.03.2012 06:45

I own a copy of this recording and have to say that I truly love it...... nevertheless, I somehow have the feeling that the tracklist's a bit messed up..... I'd rather say that track #3 (B1) is the one called "this red sky" (there is a verse at 1:40 which sounds something like "looking above at this red sky under which we live under which we die...") also I'd say that track #4 (B2) is rather "this red sky (short version)" since there is the above mentioned verse at the track's very beginning; I wonder what you and other users think about this opinion.... would you please be so kind and post this under "comments" in the data record?! pls do not change the tracklist since I am not completely sure about this... it's only a proposal... thx; stefan from austria

Punkte: 10 / 10