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Cover Titel Typ / Besonderheiten Herstellungsland Jahr Album Plattenfirma Katalognummer Kommentar
Mama's Boys (GBR)
Mama's Boys: Growing Up The Hard Way Mama's Boys (GBR)
Growing Up The Hard Way
LP 1987 Jive Records / Zomba 1059-1-J  
Manowar (USA)
Manowar: Battle Hymns Manowar (USA)
Battle Hymns
LP 1982 EMI Records Ltd. 038 15 7630 1  
Manowar: Hail To England Manowar (USA)
Hail To England
LP 1984 Music For Nations MFN-19  
Manowar: Fighting The World Manowar (USA)
Fighting The World
LP (Erstauflage) 1987 ATCO Records / Atlantic Recording Corporation 790 563-1  
Manowar: Kings Of Metal Manowar (USA)
Kings Of Metal
LP (Erstauflage) 1988 Atlantic Recording Corporation 781 930-1  
Manowar: The Triumph Of Steel Manowar (USA)
The Triumph Of Steel
2-LP (Erstauflage, Limited Edition) 1992 Atlantic Recording Corporation 7567-82423-1 signiert von Rhino
Manowar: Warriors Of The World Manowar (USA)
Warriors Of The World
LP (Limited Edition, Weißes Vinyl) 2002 Nuclear Blast NB 0715-1  
Manowar: Hell On Earth III Manowar (USA)
Hell On Earth III
2-DVD (Digipak, Erstauflage, Limited Edition, Live, Pappschuber) 2003 Magic Circle Music SPV 556-69557 2DVD  
Leonor Marchesi (ARG)
Leonor Marchesi: Superstar Leonor Marchesi (ARG)
7" 1992 PDI, S.A. 10.3654  
Frank Marino (CAN)
Frank Marino: Juggernaut Frank Marino (CAN)
LP 1982 CBS Inc. / Columbia CBS CX 85793  
Martyr (NLD)
Martyr: For The Universe Martyr (NLD)
For The Universe
LP 1985 Megaton Records MEGATON 0010  
Martyr: Darkness At Time's Edge Martyr (NLD)
Darkness At Time's Edge
LP 1986 Metalloid MET 33001  
Martyr: Fear The Universe Martyr (NLD)
Fear The Universe
CD + Mini-CD / EP (Digipak, Erstauflage, Special Edition) 2009 Rusty Cage Records RCR0017 Signiert
Martyr: Circle Of 8 Martyr (NLD)
Circle Of 8
CD (Digipak) 2011 Metal Blade Records GmbH 3984-15057-2 Signiert
Mass (DEU)
Mass: Slaughter House Mass (DEU)
Slaughter House
LP (Erstauflage) 1979 Strand / TELDEC 6.24164 AO  
McAuley Schenker Group (DEU)
McAuley Schenker Group: Perfect Timing McAuley Schenker Group (DEU)
Perfect Timing
LP (Erstauflage) 1987 EMI Electrola GmbH 1C 064-7 48346 1 DMM  
McCoy (GBR)
McCoy: Think Hard McCoy (GBR)
Think Hard
LP 1983 Mausoleum Records SKULL 8373  
Meat Loaf (USA)
Meat Loaf: Bat Out Of Hell Meat Loaf (USA)
Bat Out Of Hell
LP (Re-Release 1977) 1977 Cleveland International Records EPC 82419  
Meat Loaf: Dead Ringer Meat Loaf (USA)
Dead Ringer
LP 1981 Cleveland International Records 83645  
Meat Loaf: Bad Attitude Meat Loaf (USA)
Bad Attitude
LP 1984 Arista Records Ltd. 206 619 - 620  
Medieval Steel (USA)
Medieval Steel: The Anthology Of Steel Medieval Steel (USA)
The Anthology Of Steel
LP (Compilation, Limited Edition, Remastered) 2012 No Remorse Records NRR026-2 signiert
Medieval Steel: Dark Castle Medieval Steel (USA)
Dark Castle
LP (Erstauflage, Limited Edition, Rotes Vinyl) 2013 Empire Records ER 006  
Mekong Delta (DEU)
Mekong Delta: Mekong Delta Mekong Delta (DEU)
Mekong Delta
LP 1987 Aaarrg Records Aaarrg 4  
Mekong Delta: The Music Of Erich Zann Mekong Delta (DEU)
The Music Of Erich Zann
LP 1988 Aaarrg Records AAARRG 11  
Mekong Delta: Dances Of Death (And Other Walking Shadows) Mekong Delta (DEU)
Dances Of Death (And Other Walking Shadows)
LP 1990 Aaarrg Records ARG 23/034-1  
Meliah Rage (USA)
Meliah Rage: Kill To Survive Meliah Rage (USA)
Kill To Survive
LP 1988 CBS Records Inc. EPC 463257 1  
Mercyful Fate (DNK)
Mercyful Fate: Curse Of The Pharaohs Mercyful Fate (DNK)
Curse Of The Pharaohs
LP (Bootleg, Live, Re-Release 2013) 2013 Satan's Nightmare SN1001  
Mercyful Fate: Live From The Depths Of Hell Mercyful Fate (DNK)
Live From The Depths Of Hell
LP (Bootleg, Limited Edition, Live, Re-Release 2013, Rotes Vinyl) 2013 Satan's Nightmare SN 1002  
Metal Church (USA)
Metal Church: Metal Church Metal Church (USA)
Metal Church
LP 1984 Elektra Entertainment Group Inc. 960 471-1  
Metal Church: Blessing In Disguise Metal Church (USA)
Blessing In Disguise
LP 1989 Elektra Entertainment Group Inc. 960 817-1  
Metallica (USA)
Metallica: Kill 'em All Metallica (USA)
Kill 'em All
LP (Erstauflage) 1983 Roadrunner Productions RR 9902  
Metallica: Ride The Lightning Metallica (USA)
Ride The Lightning
PIC-LP (Limited Edition, Re-Release 1986) 1984 Music For Nations MFN 27 P  
Metallica: Live Shit: Binge & Purge Metallica (USA)
Live Shit: Binge & Purge
3-CD + 2-DVD (Box, Live, Re-Release 2003) 1993 Universal 0770970  
Metallica: Master Of Puppets Metallica (USA)
Master Of Puppets
LP (Bootleg, Rotes Vinyl) 1986 Music For Nations MFN 60  
Mezzrow (SWE)
Mezzrow: Then Came The Killing Mezzrow (SWE)
Then Came The Killing
LP 1990 Active Records ATV 11  
Mirage (DNK)
Mirage: ...And The Earth Shall Crumble Mirage (DNK)
...And The Earth Shall Crumble
LP (Erstauflage) 1986 Metal Masters METALP 109  
Mob Rules (DEU)
Mob Rules: Among The Gods Mob Rules (DEU)
Among The Gods
Promo-CD 2004 Steamhammer SPV 80000676  
Morbus Down (DEU)
Morbus Down: Discountplatte Morbus Down (DEU)
Mini-CD / EP (Cardsleeve) 2006 Eigenproduktion    
More (GBR)
More: Warhead More (GBR)
LP 1981 Atlantic Recording Corporation ATL 50775  
Mötley Crüe (USA)
Mötley Crüe: Too Fast For Love Mötley Crüe (USA)
Too Fast For Love
LP 1981 Elektra Entertainment Group Inc. ELK K 52 425  
Mötley Crüe: Shout At The Devil Mötley Crüe (USA)
Shout At The Devil
LP (Erstauflage, Gatefold) 1983 WEA International Inc. 96-0289-1  
Mötley Crüe: Theatre Of Pain Mötley Crüe (USA)
Theatre Of Pain
LP 1985 Elektra 960 418-1 U  
Mötley Crüe: Girls, Girls, Girls Mötley Crüe (USA)
Girls, Girls, Girls
LP 1987 Elektra / Asylum Records 9 60725-1  
Motörhead (GBR)
Motörhead: No Sleep 'til Hammersmith Motörhead (GBR)
No Sleep 'til Hammersmith
LP (Live) 1981 Bronze Records Ltd. 203 801-320  
Mox Nix (USA)
Mox Nix: Mox Nix Mox Nix (USA)
Mox Nix
LP 1986 Axe Killer Records 7023  
Mr. Big (USA)
Mr. Big: Lean Into It Mr. Big (USA)
Lean Into It
LP 1991 Atlantic Recording Corporation 7567-82209-1  
Myofist (CAN)
Myofist: Thunder In Rock Myofist (CAN)
Thunder In Rock
LP 1981 A&M Records AMLH 64893 Signiert
Mystic Charm (NLD)
Mystic Charm: Lost Empire Mystic Charm (NLD)
Lost Empire
7" (Erstauflage) 1993 Shiver Records    
Nikki Puppet (DEU)
Nikki Puppet: Puppet On A String Nikki Puppet (DEU)
Puppet On A String
Promo-CD 2005 Armageddon Music GmbH AMG 036-2  
Not Fragile (DEU)
Not Fragile: Masters Of Metal Not Fragile (DEU)
Masters Of Metal
Split-LP (180 Gramm Vinyl, Graues Vinyl, Limited Edition) 2004 Hellion Records HE331104  
Ted Nugent (USA)
Ted Nugent: Double Live Gonzo! Ted Nugent (USA)
Double Live Gonzo!
2-LP (Gatefold, Live) 1978 Epic / CBS Records EPC 88282  
Ted Nugent: Sweden Rocks Ted Nugent (USA)
Sweden Rocks
DVD + CD (Live) 2008 Eagle Vision ERDVCD049  
Obsession (USA)
Obsession: Methods Of Madness Obsession (USA)
Methods Of Madness
LP 1987 Enigma Records 3262-1  
OFF!: Learn To Obey OFF! (USA)
Learn To Obey
7" (Limited Edition) 2014 Vice Music VCA 80338-1  
The Order Of Chaos (CAN)
The Order Of Chaos: Sexwitch The Order Of Chaos (CAN)
7" (Graues Vinyl, Limited Edition, Marbled Vinyl, Nummeriert) 2012 Killer Metal Records KMR-S004  
Ozzy Osbourne (GBR)
Ozzy Osbourne: Blizzard Of Ozz Ozzy Osbourne (GBR)
Blizzard Of Ozz
LP (Re-Release 1987) 1980 Epic / CBS Records EPC 450453 1  
Ozzy Osbourne: Bark At The Moon Ozzy Osbourne (GBR)
Bark At The Moon
LP 1983 Epic / CBS Records EPC 25739 (QZ 38987)  
Ozzy Osbourne: The Ultimate Sin Ozzy Osbourne (GBR)
The Ultimate Sin
LP 1986 Epic / CBS Records EPC 26404  
P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. (USA)
P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S.: European Tour 2012 P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. (USA)
European Tour 2012
Flexidisk (Erstauflage, Limited Edition, Nummeriert, Rotes Vinyl) 2012 Doomtown Sounds DST 007  
Pagan Altar (GBR)
Pagan Altar: Mythical & Magical Pagan Altar (GBR)
Mythical & Magical
2-LP (Gatefold, Goldenes Vinyl, Limited Edition, Re-Release 2013, Remastered, Special Edition) 2006 Buried By Time And Dust Records DUST032  
Pandemonium (USA)
Pandemonium: Hole In The Sky Pandemonium (USA)
Hole In The Sky
LP 1985 Metal Blade Records MBR 1052  
Pantera (USA)
Pantera: Vulgar Display Of Power Pantera (USA)
Vulgar Display Of Power
LP (Erstauflage, Limited Edition) 1992 PWL International / ATCO Records 7567-91758-1  
Pariah (GBR)
Pariah: Blaze Of Obscurity Pariah (GBR)
Blaze Of Obscurity
LP 1989 Steamhammer 08-7594  
The Alan Parsons Project (GBR)
The Alan Parsons Project: I Robot The Alan Parsons Project (GBR)
I Robot
LP (Gatefold) 1977 Arista Records, Inc. 4C 064-99 168  
The Alan Parsons Project: Vulture Culture The Alan Parsons Project (GBR)
Vulture Culture
LP 1985 Arista Records Inc. 206 577  
Phantom Blue (USA)
Phantom Blue: Phantom Blue Phantom Blue (USA)
Phantom Blue
LP 1989 Shrapnel Records RR 9469 1  
Picture (NLD)
Picture: Eternal Dark Picture (NLD)
Eternal Dark
LP 1983 Backdoor 818 107-1  
Pink Floyd (GBR)
Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd (GBR)
Wish You Were Here
LP 1975 Harvest / EMI 1C 064-96 918  
Pink Floyd: The Wall Pink Floyd (GBR)
The Wall
2-LP (Gatefold) 1979 EMI Electrola GmbH / Harvest 1C 198-63 410/11  
Plasmatics (USA)
Plasmatics: Uniformed Guards / Invocation Plasmatics (USA)
Uniformed Guards / Invocation
Split-7" (Erstauflage, Limited Edition, Special Edition) 2010 Unbekannt    
Poison (USA)
Poison: Open Up And Say... Ahh! Poison (USA)
Open Up And Say... Ahh!
LP 1988 Enigma / Capitol Records 064 7 48493 1  
Possessed (USA)
Possessed: Vinyl Collection Possessed (USA)
Vinyl Collection
3-LP (Box, Limited Edition, Re-Release 2012) 2012 Century Media LC 06975/ BC84915-01 signiert von Jeff Becerra + Sadistic Intent
Power (USA)
Power: Justice Of Fire Power (USA)
Justice Of Fire
CD 1996 Rock The Nation RTN 41206  
Powergod (DEU)
Powergod: Long Live The Loud - That's Metal Lesson II Powergod (DEU)
Long Live The Loud - That's Metal Lesson II
Promo-CD (Cardsleeve) 2005 Massacre Records MAS PC0369  
Praying Mantis (GBR)
Praying Mantis: Praying Mantis Praying Mantis (GBR)
Praying Mantis
7" (Erstauflage) 1980 Gem Records GEMS 36 Signiert
Praying Mantis: Time Tells No Lies Praying Mantis (GBR)
Time Tells No Lies
LP 1981 Arista Records 203 449  
Praying Mantis: Metalmorphosis - 30th Anniversary EP Praying Mantis (GBR)
Metalmorphosis - 30th Anniversary EP
Mini-CD / EP (Digipak, Erstauflage) 2011 Praying Mantis Productions PM 112410 Signiert
Predator (USA)
Predator: Easy Prey Predator (USA)
Easy Prey
LP 1985 Metal Blade Records 72102-1  
Pretty Maids (DNK)
Pretty Maids: Red, Hot And Heavy Pretty Maids (DNK)
Red, Hot And Heavy
LP (Erstauflage) 1984 CBS Records CBS 26207  
Pretty Maids: Jump The Gun Pretty Maids (DNK)
Jump The Gun
LP 1990 CBS Records CBS 466365 1  
Pyromania (DEU)
Pyromania: Welcome To Death Sentence City Pyromania (DEU)
Welcome To Death Sentence City
CD (Erstauflage, Nummeriert) 1994 Cash Factory 16-014094 Signiert
Pyromania: Explicit Faces Pyromania (DEU)
Explicit Faces
CD (Re-Release 1997) 1997 Eigenproduktion   Signiert
Quartz (GBR)
Quartz: Stand Up And Fight Quartz (GBR)
Stand Up And Fight
LP 1980 MCA Records 202 990-320 signiert
Queen (GBR)
Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody Queen (GBR)
Bohemian Rhapsody
7" 1975 EMI EMI 2375  
Queen: News Of The World Queen (GBR)
News Of The World
LP (Gatefold) 1977 EMI Electrola GmbH 1C 064-60 033  
Queen: Live Killers Queen (GBR)
Live Killers
2-LP (Gatefold, Live) 1979 EMI Electrola 1 C 164-62 792/93  
Queensrÿche (USA)
Queensrÿche: The Warning Queensrÿche (USA)
The Warning
LP 1984 EMI Records Ltd. 1C 064 24 02201  
Queensrÿche: Rage For Order Queensrÿche (USA)
Rage For Order
LP 1986 EMI America Records 24 05791  
Queensrÿche: Operation: Mindcrime Queensrÿche (USA)
Operation: Mindcrime
LP 1988 EMI-Manhattan Records 7486401  
Queensrÿche: Empire Queensrÿche (USA)
2-LP 1990 EMI USA 198-7 95069 1  
Queensrÿche: American Soldier Queensrÿche (USA)
American Soldier
CD 2009 Rhino Entertainment Company 8122-79872-6 Signiert
Questions (BRA)
Questions: Rise Up / Life Is A Fight Questions (BRA)
Rise Up / Life Is A Fight
2-LP (Clear Vinyl, Gelbes Vinyl, Limited Edition, Re-Release 2013, Rotes Vinyl) 2013 Obey! Records OR0001  
Questions: Pushed Out ... Of Society Questions (BRA)
Pushed Out ... Of Society
CD (Digipak) 2015 Toanol Records TAO001  
Questions: Pushed Out ... Of Society Questions (BRA)
Pushed Out ... Of Society
LP + CD 2015 Toanol Records TAO001  
Quiet Riot (USA)
Quiet Riot: Metal Health Quiet Riot (USA)
Metal Health
LP (Erstauflage) 1983 CBS Records EPC 450084 1  
Quiet Riot: Condition Critical Quiet Riot (USA)
Condition Critical
LP 1984 CBS Records EPC 26075  
Quiet Riot: QR III Quiet Riot (USA)
LP 1986 Pasha / CBS Records Inc. PSH 460701 1  
Rage (DEU)
Rage: Perfect Man Rage (DEU)
Perfect Man
LP (Erstauflage) 1988 Noise International N 0112-1  
Rage (GBR)
Rage: Nice'n'Dirty Rage (GBR)
LP (Erstauflage) 1982 Carrere CA 671  
Rainbow (GBR)
Rainbow: Rising Rainbow (GBR)
LP (Gatefold) 1976 Oyster / Polydor 2391 224