Sammlung von Lemurias

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2 Unlimited: Hits Unlimited
2 Unlimited (NL) Hits Unlimited
CD (Best-Of)
Jahr Album 1995
The 69 Eyes: Wasting The Dawn
The 69 Eyes (FIN) Wasting The Dawn
CD (Digipak)
Jahr Album 1999
The 69 Eyes: Devils
The 69 Eyes (FIN) Devils
Jahr Album 2004
The 69 Eyes: Angels
The 69 Eyes (FIN) Angels
CD + DVD (Limited Edition, Multimedia)
Jahr Album 2007
The 69 Eyes: Hollywood Kills - Live At Whiskey A Go Go
The 69 Eyes (FIN) Hollywood Kills - Live At Whiskey A Go Go
CD (Live, Re-Release 2009)
Jahr Album 2008
The 69 Eyes: Back In Blood
The 69 Eyes (FIN) Back In Blood
CD + DVD (Digi-Book, Limited Edition)
Jahr Album 2009
The 69 Eyes: X
The 69 Eyes (FIN) X
CD + DVD (Digi-Book, Erstauflage, Limited Edition)
Jahr Album 2012
The 69 Eyes: Universal Monsters
The 69 Eyes (FIN) Universal Monsters
CD (Pappschuber)
Jahr Album 2016
ABBA: Gold - Greatest Hits
ABBA (S) Gold - Greatest Hits
3-CD (Best-Of, Digipak, Re-Release 2014, Remastered)
Jahr Album 1992
Ace Of Base: Happy Nation
Ace Of Base (S) Happy Nation
CD (Remix)
Jahr Album 1993
After Forever: Invisible Circles
After Forever (NL) Invisible Circles
CD (Digi-Book, Limited Edition)
Jahr Album 2004
After Forever: Remagine
After Forever (NL) Remagine
CD + DVD (Pappschuber, Special Edition)
Jahr Album 2005
After Forever: After Forever
After Forever (NL) After Forever
CD (Digi-Book, Erstauflage, Limited Edition, Multimedia)
Jahr Album 2007
Sezen Aksu: Gülümse
Sezen Aksu (TR) Gülümse
Jahr Album 1991
America: Das Letzte Einhorn (O.S.T.)
America (USA) Das Letzte Einhorn (O.S.T.)
CD (Erstauflage)
Jahr Album 1982
Anastacia: Anastacia
Anastacia (USA) Anastacia
CD + DVD (Limited Edition)
Jahr Album 2004
Anastacia: Pieces Of A Dream
Anastacia (USA) Pieces Of A Dream
CD (Best-Of)
Jahr Album 2005
Anastacia: Live At Last
Anastacia (USA) Live At Last
2-DVD (Digipak, Erstauflage, Kopierschutz, Live)
Jahr Album 2006