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# Cover Titel Typ / Besonderheiten Jahr Album Katalognummer Herstellungsland
Mull Historical Society (GB)
8501 Mull Historical Society: How 'Bout I Love You More Mull Historical Society (GB)
How 'Bout I Love You More
DVD-Single 2004 BUN080DVD
Shawn Mullins (USA)
8502 Shawn Mullins: Soul's Core Shawn Mullins (USA)
Soul's Core
CD 1998 COL4930372
múm (IS)
8503 múm: Dusk Log múm (IS)
Dusk Log
3"-CD (3" Snap-Pack) 2004 046.0103.122
8504 múm: Nightly Cares múm (IS)
Nightly Cares
Promo-Single-CD 2004 cd 7 fat 14p / 946.0114.322
8505 múm: They Made Frogs Smoke 'til They Exploded múm (IS)
They Made Frogs Smoke 'til They Exploded
Promo-Single-CD 2007 CD7FAT31P
Samantha Mumba (IRL)
8506 Samantha Mumba: Gotta Tell You Samantha Mumba (IRL)
Gotta Tell You
Single-CD (Remix) 2000 587 952-2
8507 Samantha Mumba: Always Come Back To Your Love Samantha Mumba (IRL)
Always Come Back To Your Love
Promo-Single-CD (Cardsleeve, Remix) 2001 SM18
8508 Samantha Mumba: Baby Come On Over Samantha Mumba (IRL)
Baby Come On Over
Single-CD (Multimedia) 2001 587235-2
8509 Samantha Mumba: Lately Samantha Mumba (IRL)
Single-CD (Multimedia) 2001 570 523-2
Mumford & Sons (GB)
8510 Mumford & Sons: Babel Mumford & Sons (GB)
CD (Digisleeve, Special Edition) 2012 VVR712815
Mumm-Ra (GB)
8511 Mumm-Ra: Black Hurts Day And The Night Rolls On Mumm-Ra (GB)
Black Hurts Day And The Night Rolls On
Mini-CD / EP (Digipak) 2006 bexhill04
8512 Mumm-Ra: These Things Move In Threes Mumm-Ra (GB)
These Things Move In Threes
Promo-CD (Cardsleeve) 2007 Bexhill17
Münchener Freiheit (D)
8513 Münchener Freiheit: Definitive Collection Münchener Freiheit (D)
Definitive Collection
CD (Best-Of) 1997 COL 487594 2
Mundy (IRL)
8514 Mundy: To You, I Bestow Mundy (IRL)
To You, I Bestow
Single-CD (Cardsleeve) 1996 EPC 663462 1
David Munyon (USA)
8515 David Munyon: Code Name: Jumper David Munyon (USA)
Code Name: Jumper
CD (Digipak, Re-Release 1993) 1990 GRCD 307
Peter Murphy (GB)
8516 Peter Murphy: Wild Birds 1985-1995 Peter Murphy (GB)
Wild Birds 1985-1995
CD (Best-Of, Remastered) 2000 BBL 2019 CD
Róisín Murphy (IRL)
8517 Róisín Murphy: If We're In Love Róisín Murphy (IRL)
If We're In Love
Single-CD 2005 113.0170.122 / ECSCD170
8518 Róisín Murphy: Ruby Blue Róisín Murphy (IRL)
Ruby Blue
CD (Digipak) 2005 ECHCD63 / 113.0063.020
8519 Róisín Murphy: Sow Into You Róisín Murphy (IRL)
Sow Into You
Single-CD 2005 ECSCD179 / 113.0179.122
8520 Róisín Murphy: Overpowered Róisín Murphy (IRL)
CD 2007 50999 5 11325 2 1
8521 Róisín Murphy: Overpowered Róisín Murphy (IRL)
Single-CD (Multimedia) 2007 50999 508575 0 0
Anne Murray (CDN)
8522 Anne Murray: The Ultimate Anne Murray Anne Murray (CDN)
The Ultimate Anne Murray
CD (Best-Of) 2001 5 35932 2
Muse (GB)
8523 Muse: Muscle Museum Muse (GB)
Muscle Museum
Promo-Single-CD 1999 PRMUSCLE
8524 Muse: Showbiz Muse (GB)
CD 1999 547 979-2
8525 Muse: Uno Muse (GB)
Single-CD (Multimedia) 1999 561642-2
8526 Muse: Sunburn Muse (GB)
Promo-Single-CD 2000  
8527 Muse: Bliss Muse (GB)
Single-CD 2001 MUSH96CDSX
8528 Muse: Feeling Good / Hyper Music Muse (GB)
Feeling Good / Hyper Music
Single-CD (Multimedia) 2001 MUSH97CDSX
8529 Muse: Hyper Music / Feeling Good Muse (GB)
Hyper Music / Feeling Good
Single-CD (Multimedia) 2001 MUSH97CDS
8530 Muse: Plug In Baby Muse (GB)
Plug In Baby
Mini-CD / EP 2001 587644-2
8531 Muse: Hullabaloo Soundtrack Muse (GB)
Hullabaloo Soundtrack
2-CD (Compilation, Digipak, Re-Release 2006) 2002 065 012-2
8532 Muse: Absolution Muse (GB)
CD + DVD (Kopierschutz, Limited Edition) 2003 06024 9865577 1
8533 Muse: Time Is Running Out Muse (GB)
Time Is Running Out
Single-CD (Multimedia) 2003 0602498109908
8534 Muse: Black Holes And Revelations Muse (GB)
Black Holes And Revelations
CD 2006 25646-3509-5 / HEL3002CD
8535 Muse: Starlight Muse (GB)
Single-CD (Multimedia) 2006 5051011-7416-2-3
8536 Muse: Supermassive Black Hole Muse (GB)
Supermassive Black Hole
Single-CD 2006 HEL3001CD
8537 Muse: Uprising Muse (GB)
Single-CD (Digisleeve, Erstauflage) 2009 WEA458CD
8538 Muse: Undisclosed Desires Muse (GB)
Undisclosed Desires
Single-CD (Digisleeve) 2010 5051865739920
8539 Muse: Simulation Theory Muse (GB)
Simulation Theory
CD (Digisleeve, Special Edition) 2018 0190295578848
The Music (GB)
8540 The Music: The Music The Music (GB)
The Music
2-CD (Digipak, Re-Release 2016, Special Edition) 2002 EDSK 7107
8541 The Music: Welcome To The North The Music (GB)
Welcome To The North
2-CD (Digipak, Re-Release 2016, Special Edition) 2004 EDSK 7108
8542 The Music: Strength In Numbers The Music (GB)
Strength In Numbers
CD (Digipak, Pappschuber, Special Edition) 2008 1773373
Musiq Soulchild (USA)
8543 Musiq Soulchild: Aijuswanaseing Musiq Soulchild (USA)
CD 2000 314 548 289-2
8544 Musiq Soulchild: Just Friends (Sunny) Musiq Soulchild (USA)
Just Friends (Sunny)
Promo-Single-CD (Re-Release 2001) 2000 MQCDP1
8545 Musiq Soulchild: Juslisen (Just Listen) Musiq Soulchild (USA)
Juslisen (Just Listen)
CD 2002 314 586 772-2
8546 Musiq Soulchild: Soulstar Musiq Soulchild (USA)
CD 2003 0602498611920
8547 Musiq Soulchild: Luvanmusiq Musiq Soulchild (USA)
CD 2007 7567-89995-5
The Mustard Seeds (USA)
8548 The Mustard Seeds: The Mustard Seeds The Mustard Seeds (USA)
The Mustard Seeds
CD 1996 0087882MRO
My Bloody Valentine (IRL)
8549 My Bloody Valentine: Loveless My Bloody Valentine (IRL)
CD 1991 creation int 848.914 (CRECD060)
8550 My Bloody Valentine: EP's 1988-1991 My Bloody Valentine (IRL)
EP's 1988-1991
2-CD (Compilation, Digisleeve, Remastered) 2012 88691941692
My Brightest Diamond (USA)
8551 My Brightest Diamond: A Thousand Shark's Teeth My Brightest Diamond (USA)
A Thousand Shark's Teeth
Promo-CD 2008 AKR046
My Chemical Romance (USA)
8552 My Chemical Romance: Famous Last Words My Chemical Romance (USA)
Famous Last Words
Promo-Single-CD 2006 PRO16161
8553 My Chemical Romance: Welcome To The Black Parade My Chemical Romance (USA)
Welcome To The Black Parade
Single-CD 2006 W740CD
8554 My Chemical Romance: Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na) My Chemical Romance (USA)
Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)
Single-CD 2010 5439-19817-5
My Glorious (A)
8555 My Glorious: Inside My Head Is A Scary Place My Glorious (A)
Inside My Head Is A Scary Place
CD (Digipak) 2011 GM 034-2
My Latest Novel (GB)
8556 My Latest Novel: Wolves My Latest Novel (GB)
CD 2006 bellacd112
My Life Story (GB)
8557 My Life Story: Girl A, Girl B, Boy C My Life Story (GB)
Girl A, Girl B, Boy C
Single-CD 1993 MOTHER 2cd
8558 My Life Story: Funny Ha Ha My Life Story (GB)
Funny Ha Ha
Single-CD 1994 mother 3cd
8559 My Life Story: You Don't Sparkle (In My Eyes) My Life Story (GB)
You Don't Sparkle (In My Eyes)
Single-CD 1994 MOTHER 004cd
8560 My Life Story: 12 Reasons Why I Love Her My Life Story (GB)
12 Reasons Why I Love Her
Single-CD 1996 8 83098 2
8561 My Life Story: Sparkle My Life Story (GB)
Single-CD 1996 8 83389 2
8562 My Life Story: Sparkle My Life Story (GB)
Single-CD 1996 8 83390 2
8563 My Life Story: Duchess My Life Story (GB)
Single-CD (Cardsleeve, Pappschuber) 1997 8 84398 2
8564 My Life Story: The King Of Kissingdom My Life Story (GB)
The King Of Kissingdom
Single-CD 1997 8 83654 2
8565 My Life Story: Strumpet My Life Story (GB)
Single-CD 1997 8 8367 2
8566 My Life Story: Empire Line My Life Story (GB)
Empire Line
Single-CD 1999 ITR003
8567 My Life Story: It's A Girl Thing My Life Story (GB)
It's A Girl Thing
Single-CD 1999 ITR 001
8568 My Life Story: It's A Girl Thing My Life Story (GB)
It's A Girl Thing
Single-CD 1999 ITRX 001
8569 My Life Story: Walk/Don't Walk My Life Story (GB)
Walk/Don't Walk
Single-CD 2000 ITRX007
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult (USA)
8570 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult: Sexplosion! My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult (USA)
CD (Re-Release 1992) 1991 7567-92163-2
8571 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult: Sex On Wheelz My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult (USA)
Sex On Wheelz
Single-CD 1992 A471CD / 7567-85856-2
My Morning Jacket (USA)
8572 My Morning Jacket: Heartbreakin' Man My Morning Jacket (USA)
Heartbreakin' Man
Mini-CD / EP (Digipak) 2000 449.2090.21
8573 My Morning Jacket: Chocolate And Ice EP My Morning Jacket (USA)
Chocolate And Ice EP
Mini-CD / EP (Digipak) 2002 BRCD-980
8574 My Morning Jacket: Acoustic Citsuoca My Morning Jacket (USA)
Acoustic Citsuoca
Mini-CD / EP (Digipak, Live) 2004 82876 60790-2
8575 My Morning Jacket: Off The Record My Morning Jacket (USA)
Off The Record
Single-CD 2005 82876 72997 2
8576 My Morning Jacket: Z My Morning Jacket (USA)
CD (Limited Edition) 2005 82876 78381-2
8577 My Morning Jacket: Celebración De La Ciudad Natal My Morning Jacket (USA)
Celebración De La Ciudad Natal
Mini-CD / EP (Digisleeve, Live) 2009 ATOEP006
My Red Cell (GB)
8578 My Red Cell: 13 In My 31 My Red Cell (GB)
13 In My 31
CD 2004 VVR1026872
8579 My Red Cell: In A Cage (On Prozac) My Red Cell (GB)
In A Cage (On Prozac)
Single-CD 2004 VVR5027133
My Robot Friend (USA)
8580 My Robot Friend: Hot Action! My Robot Friend (USA)
Hot Action!
CD (Multimedia, Re-Release 2004) 2002 propcd-02
My Vitriol (GB)
8581 My Vitriol: Cemented Shoes My Vitriol (GB)
Cemented Shoes
Single-CD (Digipak) 2000 infect89cds
8582 My Vitriol: Pieces My Vitriol (GB)
Single-CD (Digipak) 2000 infect94cds
8583 My Vitriol: Pieces My Vitriol (GB)
Single-CD 2000 INFECT94CDSX
8584 My Vitriol: Always: Your Way My Vitriol (GB)
Always: Your Way
Single-CD (Digipak) 2001 infect95cds
8585 My Vitriol: Grounded My Vitriol (GB)
Single-CD 2001 Infect97 cds
Mýa (USA)
8586 Mýa: It's All About Me Mýa (USA)
It's All About Me
Single-CD 1998 IND95596
8587 Mýa: Movin' On Mýa (USA)
Movin' On
Single-CD 1999 IND 95624 / 495 624-2
8588 Mýa: Best Of Me Mýa (USA)
Best Of Me
Single-CD (Multimedia) 2000 497 351-2
8589 Mýa: Case Of The Ex Mýa (USA)
Case Of The Ex
Split-Single-CD 2000 497 115-2
8590 Mýa: Free Mýa (USA)
Single-CD 2001 9362 44990-2
Myslovitz (PL)
8591 Myslovitz: Sound Of Solitude Myslovitz (PL)
Sound Of Solitude
Single-CD (Multimedia) 2003 5 5216502
Mystery Jets (GB)
8592 Mystery Jets: Flotsam & Jetsam Mystery Jets (GB)
Flotsam & Jetsam
Mini-CD / EP 2006 679L126CD
8593 Mystery Jets: Making Dens Mystery Jets (GB)
Making Dens
CD + DVD (Digi-Book, Special Edition) 2006 25646 3209 2
8594 Mystery Jets: Radlands Mystery Jets (GB)
CD 2012 RTRADCD651
8595 Mystery Jets: Curve Of The Earth Mystery Jets (GB)
Curve Of The Earth
CD (Digisleeve) 2015 CAROL009CD
Mystic Chords Of Memory (USA)
8596 Mystic Chords Of Memory: Mystic Chords Of Memory Mystic Chords Of Memory (USA)
Mystic Chords Of Memory
CD (Cardsleeve, Digisleeve) 2004 RTRADCD165
Mystikal (USA)
8597 Mystikal: Shake Ya Ass Mystikal (USA)
Shake Ya Ass
Single-CD 2000 9251552
Mystikal Feat. Nivea (USA)
8598 Mystikal Feat. Nivea: Danger (Been So Long) Mystikal Feat. Nivea (USA)
Danger (Been So Long)
Single-CD 2000 9252112
8599 *NSYNC: It's Gonna Be Me *NSYNC (USA)
It's Gonna Be Me
Single-CD (Remix) 2000 9251162
8600 *NSYNC: This I Promise You *NSYNC (USA)
This I Promise You
Single-CD (Remix) 2000 9251462


So, lieber fedorick. ich hab mir jetzt die mühe gemacht und mich bis G durchgeblättert. nun das resultat soweit:

was ich aus deiner sammlung bewundere/liebe und auch zum teil haben will:

*badly drawn boy
*blur - theres no other way (im ernst, willst du mir die tauschen?)
*bright eyes
*catherine wheel
*edwyn collins
*everything but the girl (!!!)
*flaming lips
*frente (!!!)
*gaydad - transmission

beyoncé, mary j. blige und mariah carey sind mir jedoch eher rätselhaft ;)
ausserdem scheinst du ein wahrer björk und garbage fan zu sein! toll, ehrlich. 16.08.2010 16:04:03
oh mann, da seh ichs erst: du hast die animal army von BZ und eine echt beachtliche beck sammlung! ich werde grün vor neid! du bist aber mit den 90ern auch gut verbaldelt muss ich sagen... 15.08.2010 22:10:03
oh mann fedorick, wie gerne ich diese vermutung bestätigen würde! jedoch habe ich zu meiner schande gar erst um 2005 mit dem england besuchen begonnen. furchtbar. ich weiß! 15.08.2010 22:08:33
toll: pulp und pet shop boys!!! generell echt coole sachen dabei! 15.08.2010 20:54:10