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# Cover Titel Typ / Besonderheiten Jahr Album Kommentar
Vein (DK)
4651 Vein: Crux Calvaria Vein (DK)
Crux Calvaria
7" (Limited Edition, Nummeriert) 2012  
Vendetta (CDN)
4652 Vendetta: Vendetta Vendetta (CDN)
CD 1993  
Vendetta (GB)
4653 Vendetta: Tyranny Of Minority Vendetta (GB)
Tyranny Of Minority
CD 2007  
The Vengeful Few (USA)
4654 The Vengeful Few: The Vengeful Few The Vengeful Few (USA)
The Vengeful Few
CD 2007  
Veni Domine (S)
4655 Veni Domine: Material Sanctuary Veni Domine (S)
Material Sanctuary
CD 1994  
4656 Veni Domine: Spiritual Wasteland Veni Domine (S)
Spiritual Wasteland
CD 1998  
4657 Veni Domine: 23:59 Veni Domine (S)
CD 2006  
4658 Veni Domine: Tongues Veni Domine (S)
CD 2007  
Joey Vera (USA)
4659 Joey Vera: A Thousand Faces Joey Vera (USA)
A Thousand Faces
CD 1993  
Veritate (S)
4660 Veritate: The Chosen One Veritate (S)
The Chosen One
Single-CD (Limited Edition) 2010  
Vertigo (USA)
4661 Vertigo: 2 Vertigo (USA)
Promo-CD 2006  
Michael Vescera (USA)
4662 Michael Vescera: A Sign Of Things To Come Michael Vescera (USA)
A Sign Of Things To Come
CD 2008  
Vhäldemar (E)
4663 Vhäldemar: Metal Of The World Vhäldemar (E)
Metal Of The World
CD (Limited Edition, Nummeriert, Re-Release 2011) 2011  
Vicious Rumors (USA)
4664 Vicious Rumors: Digital Dictator Vicious Rumors (USA)
Digital Dictator
CD (Erstauflage) 1988  
4665 Vicious Rumors: Vicious Rumors Vicious Rumors (USA)
Vicious Rumors
CD (Erstauflage) 1990  
4666 Vicious Rumors: Welcome To The Ball Vicious Rumors (USA)
Welcome To The Ball
CD (Erstauflage) 1991  
4667 Vicious Rumors: Plug In And Hang On - Live In Tokyo Vicious Rumors (USA)
Plug In And Hang On - Live In Tokyo
CD (Live) 1992  
4668 Vicious Rumors: Word Of Mouth Vicious Rumors (USA)
Word Of Mouth
CD (Digipak) 1994  
4669 Vicious Rumors: Word Of Mouth Vicious Rumors (USA)
Word Of Mouth
CD 1994  
4670 Vicious Rumors: The First Ten Years Vicious Rumors (USA)
The First Ten Years
VHS 1995  
4671 Vicious Rumors: Something Burning Vicious Rumors (USA)
Something Burning
CD (Digipak, Limited Edition) 1996  
4672 Vicious Rumors: A Tribute To Carl Albert - European Bootleg Vicious Rumors (USA)
A Tribute To Carl Albert - European Bootleg
CD (Live) 1996  
4673 Vicious Rumors: Cyberchrist Vicious Rumors (USA)
CD (Digipak) 1998  
4674 Vicious Rumors: Sadistic Symphony Vicious Rumors (USA)
Sadistic Symphony
CD 2000  
4675 Vicious Rumors: Crushing The World Vicious Rumors (USA)
Crushing The World
DVD (Live) 2005  
4676 Vicious Rumors: Warball Vicious Rumors (USA)
CD 2006  
4677 Vicious Rumors: Live You To Death Vicious Rumors (USA)
Live You To Death
CD (Erstauflage, Live) 2012  
Victim (USA)
4678 Victim: By The Neck Victim (USA)
By The Neck
CD (Erstauflage) 2014  
Vigilance (D)
4679 Vigilance: Behind The Mask Vigilance (D)
Behind The Mask
CD 1996  
4680 Vigilance: Secrecy Vigilance (D)
CD 1997  
Vigilance (SLO)
4681 Vigilance: Demo Anthology Vigilance (SLO)
Demo Anthology
CD (Compilation, Digisleeve, Re-Release 2013) 2013  
VII Gates (S)
4682 VII Gates: Fire, Walk With Me VII Gates (S)
Fire, Walk With Me
CD (Erstauflage) 2004  
4683 VII Gates: In Hoc Signo Vinces VII Gates (S)
In Hoc Signo Vinces
Promo-CD 2008  
Villain (USA)
4684 Villain: Only Time Will Tell Villain (USA)
Only Time Will Tell
LP (Limited Edition, Nummeriert, Re-Release 2002) 1985  
4685 Villain: Only Time Will Tell Villain (USA)
Only Time Will Tell
CD (Re-Release 2003) 1986  
4686 Villain: Chequered Past Villain (USA)
Chequered Past
CD 1995  
4687 Villain: Time Machine Villain (USA)
Time Machine
2-LP (Limited Edition, Rotes Vinyl) 2004 500 Copies
Vindicator (USA)
4688 Vindicator: United We Fall Vindicator (USA)
United We Fall
CD 2012  
Vindictiv (S)
4689 Vindictiv: Vindictiv Vindictiv (S)
CD 2008  
Vio-lence (USA)
4690 Vio-lence: Eternal Nightmare Vio-lence (USA)
Eternal Nightmare
CD 1988  
4691 Vio-lence: Oppressing The Masses Vio-lence (USA)
Oppressing The Masses
CD (Erstauflage) 1990  
4692 Vio-lence: Torture Tactics Vio-lence (USA)
Torture Tactics
Mini-CD / EP (Erstauflage) 1991  
4693 Vio-lence: Nothing To Gain Vio-lence (USA)
Nothing To Gain
CD (Erstauflage) 1993  
Viper (BR)
4694 Viper: Theatre Of Fate Viper (BR)
Theatre Of Fate
CD (Re-Release 1992) 1989  
4695 Viper: Theatre Of Fate / Soldiers Of Sunrise Viper (BR)
Theatre Of Fate / Soldiers Of Sunrise
CD (Re-Release 1997) 1997  
Viper Brazil (BR)
4696 Viper Brazil: Evolution Viper Brazil (BR)
CD (Erstauflage) 1992  
4697 Viper Brazil: Vipera Sapiens Viper Brazil (BR)
Vipera Sapiens
Mini-CD / EP 1993  
Virgin Steele (USA)
4698 Virgin Steele: Virgin Steele Virgin Steele (USA)
Virgin Steele
CD (Digipak, Limited Edition, Re-Release 2002, Remastered) 1982  
4699 Virgin Steele: Guardians Of The Flame Virgin Steele (USA)
Guardians Of The Flame
CD (Digipak, Limited Edition, Re-Release 2002, Remastered) 1983  
4700 Virgin Steele: Noble Savage Virgin Steele (USA)
Noble Savage
2-CD (Digipak, Re-Release 2011) 1985  


Michal schrieb:

Hi. I'm interested in Hammer-Terror LP (promo, shark rec.).
It it for sale/trade ? Mail me, please 27.11.2012 13:52:08

mickael schrieb:


I am french, so excuse my english
I am a huge fan of the french band KILLERS, and i am looking for a long time the DVD of The Keep it true 2003 with the show of KILLERS, but i didn't find it in store. I only find a video bootleg of this show, but it is an audience shot, not pro.
So I would like to know if it is possible for you to give me a copy of this DVD ? I can share you some bootlegs of KILLERS or other bands if you're interesseted. My mail is :
Thank you for you answer !
Mickael 26.05.2012 14:42:38

Sammy schrieb:

hey dude,

first of all,great collection ;)
i ask myself if you are willing to trade or sale your warlord vhs.
would be great !

greetings from germany

sammy 07.11.2011 22:38:46