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# Cover Titel Typ / Besonderheiten Jahr Album Plattenfirma Herstellungsland Katalognummer Kommentar
2-Timer (USA)
1 2-Timer: Rock To Rock 2-Timer (USA)
Rock To Rock
12" 1986 Heavy Metal America Records HMASP 61  
220 Volt (S)
2 220 Volt: Power Games 220 Volt (S)
Power Games
LP 1984 CBS Records AB 25819  
3 220 Volt: Eye To Eye 220 Volt (S)
Eye To Eye
LP 1988 CBS Records AB CBS 460906 1  
38 Special (USA)
4 38 Special: Caught Up In You 38 Special (USA)
Caught Up In You
7" 1982 A&M Records, Inc. AMS 9212  
5 38 Special: Bone Against Steel 38 Special (USA)
Bone Against Steel
LP 1991 Charisma Records / Virgin CUSLP 6  
707 (USA)
6 707: Mega Force 707 (USA)
Mega Force
7" 1982 Boardwalk Records, Inc. 100.16.004  
7 707: Mega Force 707 (USA)
Mega Force
LP 1982 Boardwalk Records, Inc. NB1-33253  
The A's (USA)
8 The A's: A Woman´s Got The Power The A's (USA)
A Woman´s Got The Power
7" 1981 Arista Records, Inc. 103 376  
9 A-II-Z: The Witch Of Berkeley A-II-Z (GB)
The Witch Of Berkeley
LP (Live) 1980 Polydor 2383 587  
A.S.A.P. (GB)
10 A.S.A.P.: Silver And Gold A.S.A.P. (GB)
Silver And Gold
PIC-12" (Goldenes Vinyl, Limited Edition, Silbernes Vinyl) 1989 Sanctuary Music Ltd. 12EMPD 107  
Lee Aaron (CDN)
11 Lee Aaron: Lee Aaron Lee Aaron (CDN)
Lee Aaron
LP 1982 Polydor 815 211-1  
12 Lee Aaron: Metal Queen Lee Aaron (CDN)
Metal Queen
LP 1984 Attic Records 207 578-620  
13 Lee Aaron: Call Of The Wild Lee Aaron (CDN)
Call Of The Wild
LP 1985 Attic Records RR 9780  
14 Lee Aaron: Lee Aaron Lee Aaron (CDN)
Lee Aaron
LP 1987 10 Records Ltd. 208 206-630  
Aaronsrod (USA)
15 Aaronsrod: Illusions Kill Aaronsrod (USA)
Illusions Kill
LP 1986 Roadrunner Records RR 9690  
Abattoir (USA)
16 Abattoir: Vicious Attack Abattoir (USA)
Vicious Attack
LP 1985 Roadrunner Records RR 9788  
17 Abattoir: The Only Safe Place Abattoir (USA)
The Only Safe Place
LP 1986 Noise International 08-4402  
18 AC/DC: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap AC/DC (AUS)
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
LP (Erstauflage) 1976 Albert Productions APLP.020  
19 AC/DC: Let There Be Rock AC/DC (AUS)
Let There Be Rock
LP (Gatefold) 1977 EMI (Australia) Limited / Albert Productions APLP.022  
20 AC/DC: If You Want Blood You've Got It AC/DC (AUS)
If You Want Blood You've Got It
LP (Live) 1978 Atlantic Recording Corporation ATL 50 532  
21 AC/DC: Highway To Hell AC/DC (AUS)
Highway To Hell
LP (Limited Edition, Oranges Vinyl) 1979 WEA ATL 50628  
22 AC/DC: Danger AC/DC (AUS)
Promo-Flexidisk (Limited Edition) 1985 Atlantic Recording Corporation    
23 AC/DC: Who Made Who AC/DC (AUS)
Who Made Who
7" 1986 Atlantic Records 789 425-7  
24 AC/DC: Black Ice AC/DC (AUS)
Black Ice
2-LP (180 Gramm Vinyl, Erstauflage, Gatefold, Limited Edition) 2008 Columbia / Sony BMG Music Entertainment 88697383771  
25 AC/DC: Rock Or Bust AC/DC (AUS)
Rock Or Bust
LP + CD (180 Gramm Vinyl, Erstauflage, Gatefold) 2014 Columbia / Sony Music Entertainment 8887503484 1  
Accept (D)
26 Accept: Breaker Accept (D)
LP 1981 Brain 0060.390 Signiert
27 Accept: Stand Up And Shout (Live) / Balls To The Wall (Live) Accept (D)
Stand Up And Shout (Live) / Balls To The Wall (Live)
Split-Flexidisk 1985 Phonogram/RCA    
28 Accept: Hungry Years Accept (D)
Hungry Years
LP (Best-Of, Remastered) 1987 Metronome 831 077-1 Signiert
29 Accept: Staying A Life Accept (D)
Staying A Life
2-LP (Gatefold, Live) 1990 Breeze Music GmbH NL 74720 Signiert
30 Accept: Blood Of The Nations Accept (D)
Blood Of The Nations
2-LP (180 Gramm Vinyl, Erstauflage, Gatefold, Limited Edition, Nummeriert, Rotes Vinyl) 2010 Nuclear Blast GmbH 27361 26051  
31 Accept: Stalingrad - Brothers In Death Accept (D)
Stalingrad - Brothers In Death
2-LP (Gatefold, Gelbes Vinyl, Limited Edition, Nummeriert) 2012 Nuclear Blast NB 2846-1  
32 Accept: Blind Rage Accept (D)
Blind Rage
2-LP (Erstauflage, Gatefold, Limited Edition, Marbled Vinyl) 2014 Nuclear Blast Records NB 27361 31951  
33 Accept: Blind Rage Accept (D)
Blind Rage
CD + Blu-Ray Disc + DVD + 2-PIC-7" (Box, Cardsleeve, Digipak, Limited Edition, Special Edition) 2014 Nuclear Blast Records NB 3195-3  
34 Accept: The Rise Of Chaos Accept (D)
The Rise Of Chaos
2-PIC-12" + CD (Box, Digipak, Gatefold, Limited Edition, Special Edition) 2017 Nuclear Blast ‎ NB 4012-5  
Acid (B)
35 Acid: Acid Acid (B)
LP (Erstauflage) 1983 Giant Records G 711  
Acid (D)
36 Acid: Don't Lose Your Dreams Acid (D)
Don't Lose Your Dreams
LP 1988 Megavolt MV2002  
Acridity (USA)
37 Acridity: For Freedom I Cry Acridity (USA)
For Freedom I Cry
LP 1991 Prophecy Records PROPH 2-1  
Bryan Adams (CDN)
38 Bryan Adams: Bryan Adams Bryan Adams (CDN)
Bryan Adams
LP 1980 A&M Records 393100-1  
39 Bryan Adams: Reckless Bryan Adams (CDN)
LP 1984 A&M Records, Inc. 395 013-1  
Adramelch (I)
40 Adramelch: Lights From Oblivion Adramelch (I)
Lights From Oblivion
2-LP (Gatefold, Limited Edition, Nummeriert) 2012 Pure Steel Records XXX PSRLP020  
Adrenalin (USA)
41 Adrenalin: Don't Be Lookin' Back... Adrenalin (USA)
Don't Be Lookin' Back...
LP 1983 Musical Signature Records And Tapes MSLP 101  
42 Adrenalin: Road Of The Gypsy Adrenalin (USA)
Road Of The Gypsy
LP (Erstauflage) 1986 MCA Records MCA 5757  
Advocate (USA)
43 Advocate: World Without End Advocate (USA)
World Without End
LP (Limited Edition, Nummeriert, Re-Release 2013, Remastered) 1995 No Remorse Records NRR032-2  
Aerosmith (USA)
44 Aerosmith: Rocks Donington 2014 Aerosmith (USA)
Rocks Donington 2014
3-LP + DVD (180 Gramm Vinyl, Gatefold, Live) 2015 Eagle Rock Entertainment Ltd. ERDVLP087  
After All (B)
45 After All: Conquer With Steel / Armageddon Come After All (B)
Conquer With Steel / Armageddon Come
Split-PIC-12" (Limited Edition, Nummeriert) 2002 Steelhunter Records    
After Hours (GB)
46 After Hours: Take Off After Hours (GB)
Take Off
LP 1988 Gamma Pride Ltd. 208 889  
After The Fire (GB)
47 After The Fire: Rich Boys After The Fire (GB)
Rich Boys
7" 1982 Epic / CBS Records EPCA 1951  
Agent Steel (USA)
48 Agent Steel: Mad Locust Rising Agent Steel (USA)
Mad Locust Rising
12" (Blaues Vinyl, Limited Edition) 1986 Combat Records MX8080 Signiert
49 Agent Steel: Unstoppable Force Agent Steel (USA)
Unstoppable Force
LP 1987 Music For Nations MFN 66 Signiert
Aggression (CDN)
50 Aggression: Forgotten Skeleton Aggression (CDN)
Forgotten Skeleton
LP (Limited Edition, Nummeriert, Re-Release 2005) 2004 Morbid Moon Records MMR 02 LP  
Aidean (D)
51 Aidean: Promises Aidean (D)
LP 1988 Run Records 831023-928  
Air Raid (S)
52 Air Raid: Danger Ahead Air Raid (S)
Danger Ahead
LP (180 Gramm Vinyl, Erstauflage, Limited Edition, Nummeriert) 2012 Underground Power XXX UP004  
53 Air Raid: Night Of The Axe Air Raid (S)
Night Of The Axe
LP (Erstauflage, Gatefold, Nummeriert) 2013 Underground Power UP005  
54 Air Raid: Point Of Impact Air Raid (S)
Point Of Impact
LP (Blaues Vinyl, Limited Edition, Nummeriert) 2014 High Roller Records HRR 399  
55 Air Raid: Across The Line Air Raid (S)
Across The Line
LP (Clear Vinyl, Rotes Vinyl) 2017 High Roller Records HRR 579  
Airbourne (AUS)
56 Airbourne: Runnin' Wild Airbourne (AUS)
Runnin' Wild
LP (Re-Release 2008) 2007 Roadrunner Records / Cargo Records RRCAR 7963-1  
57 Airbourne: No Guts. No Glory. Airbourne (AUS)
No Guts. No Glory.
LP (180 Gramm Vinyl, Erstauflage, Gatefold) 2010 Roadrunner Records / Cargo Records RRCAR 7874-1  
Airdash (FIN)
58 Airdash: Hospital Hallucinations Take One Airdash (FIN)
Hospital Hallucinations Take One
LP 1990 RCA PL 74586  
Airrace (GB)
59 Airrace: Shaft Of Light Airrace (GB)
Shaft Of Light
LP 1984 ATCO Records / Atlantic Recording Corporation 790 219-1  
Alaska (GB)
60 Alaska: The Pack Alaska (GB)
The Pack
LP 1985 Bronze Records Ltd. 90272-1 Cut out
Alias (USA)
61 Alias: Alias Alias (USA)
LP 1987 Grudge Records GR-0957  
62 Alias: Metal To Infinity Alias (USA)
Metal To Infinity
LP 1989 Flame Records FR1001  
Alias (CDN)
63 Alias: Alias Alias (CDN)
LP 1990 EMI 064-7939081  
Almanac (D)
64 Almanac: Tsar Almanac (D)
2-LP (180 Gramm Vinyl, Erstauflage, Gatefold) 2016 Nuclear Blast NB 3576-1  
Ambush (S)
65 Ambush: Firestorm Ambush (S)
LP (Erstauflage, Lila Vinyl, Limited Edition) 2014 High Roller Records HRR 367  
66 Ambush: Desecrator Ambush (S)
LP (Clear Vinyl, Erstauflage, Limited Edition) 2015 High Roller Records HRR 464  
Amon Amarth (S)
67 Amon Amarth: First Kill Amon Amarth (S)
First Kill
Promo-7" (Heftbeilage) 2016 Metal Blade Records Inc. XXX    
Amon-Ra (USA)
68 Amon-Ra: In The Company Of The Gods Amon-Ra (USA)
In The Company Of The Gods
LP (Gatefold, Limited Edition, Nummeriert) 1992 Pure Underground Records PURLP001  
Amulance (USA)
69 Amulance: Feel The Pain Amulance (USA)
Feel The Pain
LP 1989 New Renaissance Records SPV 08-9805  
Angel (USA)
70 Angel: White Hot Angel (USA)
White Hot
LP 1977 Casablanca Record & FilmWorks, Inc. NBLP 7085  
71 Angel: On Earth As It Is In Heaven Angel (USA)
On Earth As It Is In Heaven
LP 1977 Casablanca Record & FilmWorks, Inc. NB 7011  
72 Angel: Sinful Angel (USA)
LP 1979 Casablanca Records NBLP 7127  
Angel Dust (D)
73 Angel Dust: Into The Dark Past Angel Dust (D)
Into The Dark Past
LP 1986 Disaster 10004  
74 Angel Dust: To Dust You Will Decay Angel Dust (D)
To Dust You Will Decay
LP 1988 Disaster 10008 Signiert
Angel Witch (GB)
75 Angel Witch: Sweet Danger Angel Witch (GB)
Sweet Danger
12" (Erstauflage) 1980 EMI Records Ltd. 12 EMI 5064  
76 Angel Witch: Angel Witch Angel Witch (GB)
Angel Witch
LP 1980 Bronze Records 203 191-320  
77 Angel Witch: As Above, So Below Angel Witch (GB)
As Above, So Below
2-LP (180 Gramm Vinyl, Erstauflage, Gatefold, Limited Edition, Weißes Vinyl) 2012 Rise Above Records RISELP 145  
The Angels (AUS)
78 The Angels: Live From Angel City The Angels (AUS)
Live From Angel City
LP 1988 Telegraph Records XXX Ace 001  
Angus (NL)
79 Angus: Warrior Of The World Angus (NL)
Warrior Of The World
LP 1987 Megaton 0020  
Anialator (USA)
80 Anialator: Anialator Anialator (USA)
12" (Blaues Vinyl, Limited Edition) 1989 Wild Rags Records WRR012  
Animosity (USA)
81 Animosity: Get Off My Back Animosity (USA)
Get Off My Back
12" (Erstauflage) 1989 Mosh Pit Records MLP01  
Annihilator (CDN)
82 Annihilator: Alice In Hell Annihilator (CDN)
Alice In Hell
LP 1989 Roadrunner Records RR 9488-1 Signiert
83 Annihilator: Never, Neverland Annihilator (CDN)
Never, Neverland
LP (Erstauflage) 1990 Roadrunner Records RR 9374 1 Signiert
84 Annihilator: Set The World On Fire Annihilator (CDN)
Set The World On Fire
LP 1993 Roadrunner Records RR 9200-1 Signiert
85 Annihilator: Metal Annihilator (CDN)
2-LP (180 Gramm Vinyl, Gatefold) 2007 Steamhammer 31269 2LP  
Anthem (J)
86 Anthem: Anthem Anthem (J)
LP 1985 Roadrunner Records RR 9729  
Anthrax (USA)
87 Anthrax: Fistful Of Metal Anthrax (USA)
Fistful Of Metal
LP 1984 Roadrunner Productions RR 9873  
88 Anthrax: Spreading The Disease Anthrax (USA)
Spreading The Disease
LP 1985 Island Records Inc. 207476-630  
89 Anthrax: I'm The Man Anthrax (USA)
I'm The Man
12" 1987 Island Records, Inc. 208 786  
90 Anthrax: Among The Living Anthrax (USA)
Among The Living
LP (Erstauflage) 1987 Island Records, Inc. 208 210  
91 Anthrax: State Of Euphoria Anthrax (USA)
State Of Euphoria
LP 1988 Island Records, Inc. 209 334  
Antix (USA)
92 Antix: Get Up Get Happy Antix (USA)
Get Up Get Happy
12" 1985 Heavy Metal Record Co. Ltd., The HMA SP 42  
Anvil (CDN)
93 Anvil: Hard'n'Heavy Anvil (CDN)
LP (Schwarzes Vinyl) 1981 Attic Records AT120AT1100  
94 Anvil: Metal On Metal Anvil (CDN)
Metal On Metal
LP (Erstauflage) 1982 Attic Records Ltd. A 120 AT 1130  
95 Anvil: Forged In Fire Anvil (CDN)
Forged In Fire
LP 1983 Attic Records 8418691  
96 Anvil: Backwaxed Anvil (CDN)
LP (Best-Of) 1985 Attic Records Ltd. 841872-1  
97 Anvil: Strength Of Steel Anvil (CDN)
Strength Of Steel
LP 1987 Roadrunner Records RR 9618  
98 Anvil: Pound For Pound Anvil (CDN)
Pound For Pound
LP 1988 Metal Blade Records 7 73336-1  
99 Anvil: Past And Present - Live In Concert Anvil (CDN)
Past And Present - Live In Concert
LP (Live) 1989 Metal Blade Records RO 9453 1  
100 Anvil: This Is Thirteen Anvil (CDN)
This Is Thirteen
2-LP (Gatefold, Limited Edition) 2007 VH1 Classic Rec. VH00135