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# Cover Titel Typ / Besonderheiten Jahr Album
1349 (N)
1 1349: Beyond The Apocalypse 1349 (N)
Beyond The Apocalypse
CD 2004
Aaskereia (D)
2 Aaskereia: Mit Raben Und Wölfen Aaskereia (D)
Mit Raben Und Wölfen
(Erstauflage) CD 2003
3 Aaskereia: Zwischen Den Welten... Aaskereia (D)
Zwischen Den Welten...
Mini-CD / EP 2005
Abattoir (USA)
4 Abattoir: Vicious Attack Abattoir (USA)
Vicious Attack
(Re-Release 1998, Remastered) CD 1985
5 Abattoir: The Only Safe Place Abattoir (USA)
The Only Safe Place
(Re-Release 1999, Remastered) CD 1986
Abigor (A)
6 Abigor: Orkblut - The Retaliation Abigor (A)
Orkblut - The Retaliation
(Erstauflage) Mini-CD / EP 1995
Aborted (B)
7 Aborted: The Purity Of Perversion Aborted (B)
The Purity Of Perversion
(Multimedia, Re-Release 2002) CD 1999
8 Aborted: Goremageddon - The Saw And The Carnage Done Aborted (B)
Goremageddon - The Saw And The Carnage Done
CD 2003
9 Aborted: Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture Aborted (B)
Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture
(Limited Edition, Multimedia, Pappschuber) CD 2007
10 Aborted: Strychnine.213 Aborted (B)
(Erstauflage, Gatefold) LP + CD 2008
Abyssaria (D)
11 Abyssaria: Beyond The Darklands Abyssaria (D)
Beyond The Darklands
(Erstauflage) CD 1999
12 Abyssaria: All The Dying On Earth Abyssaria (D)
All The Dying On Earth
(Erstauflage) CD 2001
13 AC/DC: Live AC/DC (AUS)
(Live) CD 1992
14 AC/DC: Ballbreaker AC/DC (AUS)
CD 1995
15 AC/DC: Black Ice AC/DC (AUS)
Black Ice
(Digipak, Erstauflage) CD 2008
Accept (D)
16 Accept: Balls To The Wall Accept (D)
Balls To The Wall
(Re-Release 1990) CD 1983
Acheron (USA)
17 Acheron: Rebirth: Metamorphosing Into Godhood Acheron (USA)
Rebirth: Metamorphosing Into Godhood
CD 2003
Addicted To Carnage (D)
18 Addicted To Carnage: Breed Of Brutal Vengeance Addicted To Carnage (D)
Breed Of Brutal Vengeance
(Plastic PVC Sleeve) Demo-CD 2007
Adorned Brood (D)
19 Adorned Brood: Noor Adorned Brood (D)
CD 2008
Aeba (D)
20 Aeba: Im Schattenreich... Aeba (D)
Im Schattenreich...
(Re-Release 1998) CD 1997
Aeternus (N)
21 Aeternus: ...And So The Night Became Aeternus (N)
...And So The Night Became
(Digipak, Erstauflage) CD 1998
Agalloch (USA)
22 Agalloch: The Mantle Agalloch (USA)
The Mantle
CD 2002
Agathodaimon (D)
23 Agathodaimon: Blacken The Angel Agathodaimon (D)
Blacken The Angel
CD 1998
24 Agathodaimon: Higher Art Of Rebellion Agathodaimon (D)
Higher Art Of Rebellion
(Erstauflage, Limited Edition) CD 1999
Agent Steel (USA)
25 Agent Steel: Skeptics Apocalypse Agent Steel (USA)
Skeptics Apocalypse
(Re-Release 1999, Remastered) CD 1985
26 Agent Steel: Mad Locust Rising Agent Steel (USA)
Mad Locust Rising
(Re-Release 1999, Remastered) Mini-CD / EP 1986
27 Agent Steel: Unstoppable Force Agent Steel (USA)
Unstoppable Force
(Re-Release 1999) CD 1987
Agnostic Front (USA)
28 Agnostic Front: Cause For Alarm Agnostic Front (USA)
Cause For Alarm
CD 1986
Aion (PL)
29 Aion: O Fortuna Aion (PL)
O Fortuna
Single-CD 1998
Amon Amarth (S)
30 Amon Amarth: Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds Amon Amarth (S)
Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds
(Limited Edition, Re-Release 1996) Mini-CD / EP 1996
31 Amon Amarth: Once Sent From The Golden Hall Amon Amarth (S)
Once Sent From The Golden Hall
(Erstauflage) CD 1998
32 Amon Amarth: The Avenger Amon Amarth (S)
The Avenger
(Digipak, Erstauflage, Limited Edition) CD 1999
33 Amon Amarth: The Crusher Amon Amarth (S)
The Crusher
CD 2001
34 Amon Amarth: Versus The World Amon Amarth (S)
Versus The World
(Digipak, Erstauflage, Limited Edition) 2-CD 2002
35 Amon Amarth: Fate Of Norns Amon Amarth (S)
Fate Of Norns
(Digipak, Erstauflage, Limited Edition) CD + DVD 2004
36 Amon Amarth: With Oden On Our Side Amon Amarth (S)
With Oden On Our Side
(Digipak, Limited Edition) 2-CD 2006
37 Amon Amarth: Twilight Of The Thunder God Amon Amarth (S)
Twilight Of The Thunder God
(Digi-Book, Erstauflage, Limited Edition, Special Edition) 2-CD + DVD 2008
Amorphis (FIN)
38 Amorphis: Privilege Of Evil Amorphis (FIN)
Privilege Of Evil
(Re-Release) Mini-CD / EP 1993
Anasarca (D)
39 Anasarca: Godmachine Anasarca (D)
CD 1998
40 Anasarca: Moribund Anasarca (D)
CD 2001
41 Anasarca: Dying Anasarca (D)
CD 2004
Ancient Ceremony (D)
42 Ancient Ceremony: Cemetary Visions Ancient Ceremony (D)
Cemetary Visions
Mini-CD / EP 1994
43 Ancient Ceremony: Synagoga Diabolica Ancient Ceremony (D)
Synagoga Diabolica
CD 2000
44 Ancient Ceremony: The Third Testament Ancient Ceremony (D)
The Third Testament
CD 2001
Andras (D)
45 Andras: Die Rückkehr Der Dunklen Krieger Andras (D)
Die Rückkehr Der Dunklen Krieger
CD 1997
Angantyr (DK)
46 Angantyr: Kampen Fortsætter Angantyr (DK)
Kampen Fortsætter
(Re-Release 2003) CD 2000
47 Angantyr: Hævn Angantyr (DK)
CD 2007
Angelcorpse (USA)
48 Angelcorpse: Hammer Of Gods Angelcorpse (USA)
Hammer Of Gods
(Gatefold, Limited Edition) LP 1996
49 Angelcorpse: Wolflust Angelcorpse (USA)
(Erstauflage, Limited Edition) 7" 1997
50 Angelcorpse: Exterminate Angelcorpse (USA)
(Gatefold, Limited Edition) LP 1998
51 Angelcorpse: The Inexorable Angelcorpse (USA)
The Inexorable
CD 1999
52 Angelcorpse: The Inexorable Angelcorpse (USA)
The Inexorable
(Limited Edition) LP 1999
53 Angelcorpse: Iron, Blood & Blasphemy Angelcorpse (USA)
Iron, Blood & Blasphemy
(Compilation) CD 2001
54 Angelcorpse: Of Lucifer And Lightning Angelcorpse (USA)
Of Lucifer And Lightning
(180 Gramm Vinyl) LP 2007
Onkel Tom Angelripper (D)
55 Onkel Tom Angelripper: Die Volle Dröhnung Onkel Tom Angelripper (D)
Die Volle Dröhnung
(Pappschuber) 3-CD 2002
Angst (S)
56 Angst: In Hoc Signo Vinces Angst (S)
In Hoc Signo Vinces
CD 2005
Anvil (CDN)
57 Anvil: Speed Of Sound Anvil (CDN)
Speed Of Sound
(Digipak, Erstauflage, Limited Edition, Multimedia) CD 1999
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (D)
58 Die Apokalyptischen Reiter: All You Need Is Love Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (D)
All You Need Is Love
(Erstauflage) CD 2000
Arch Enemy (S)
59 Arch Enemy: Doomsday Machine Arch Enemy (S)
Doomsday Machine
CD 2005
Arckanum (S)
60 Arckanum: Kampen Arckanum (S)
2-CD 1998
61 Arckanum: Arckanum / Svartsyn Arckanum (S)
Arckanum / Svartsyn
(Limited Edition) Split-CD 2004
Armagedda (S)
62 Armagedda: The Final War Approaching Armagedda (S)
The Final War Approaching
CD 2001
63 Armagedda: Only True Believers Armagedda (S)
Only True Believers
CD 2003
64 Armagedda: Only True Believers Armagedda (S)
Only True Believers
(Digipak, Limited Edition) CD 2003
Asphyx (NL)
65 Asphyx: Crush The Cenotaph Asphyx (NL)
Crush The Cenotaph
Mini-CD / EP 1992
Aura Noir (N)
66 Aura Noir: The Merciless Aura Noir (N)
The Merciless
(Digipak, Limited Edition) CD 2004
Averse Sefira (USA)
67 Averse Sefira: Homecoming's March Averse Sefira (USA)
Homecoming's March
(Pappschuber, Re-Release 2003) CD 1999
68 Averse Sefira: Battle's Clarion Averse Sefira (USA)
Battle's Clarion
(Erstauflage) CD 2001
Avulsed (E)
69 Avulsed: Seven Years Of Decay / Bloodcovered Avulsed (E)
Seven Years Of Decay / Bloodcovered
(Compilation, Re-Release 2005) 2-CD 1999
70 Avulsed: Yearning For The Grotesque Avulsed (E)
Yearning For The Grotesque
(Digipak, Re-Release 2005) CD 2003
71 Avulsed: Gorespattered Suicide Avulsed (E)
Gorespattered Suicide
CD 2005
Azaghal (FIN)
72 Azaghal: Deathkult MMDCLXVI Azaghal (FIN)
Deathkult MMDCLXVI
(Compilation, Re-Release 2004) CD 2001
Basilisk (D)
73 Basilisk: ... Between Light And Shadow Basilisk (D)
... Between Light And Shadow
CD 2001
Bathory (S)
74 Bathory: Blood Fire Death Bathory (S)
Blood Fire Death
CD 1988
75 Bathory: Destroyer Of Worlds Bathory (S)
Destroyer Of Worlds
(Erstauflage) CD 2001
Behemoth (PL)
76 Behemoth: Sventevith (Storming Near The Baltic) Behemoth (PL)
Sventevith (Storming Near The Baltic)
(Erstauflage) CD 1995
77 Behemoth: Grom Behemoth (PL)
(Erstauflage) CD 1996
78 Behemoth: And The Forests Dream Eternally / Forbidden Spaces Behemoth (PL)
And The Forests Dream Eternally / Forbidden Spaces
Split-CD-R 1997
79 Behemoth: Bewitching The Pomerania Behemoth (PL)
Bewitching The Pomerania
Mini-CD / EP 1997
80 Behemoth: Chaotica - The Essence Of The Underworld Behemoth (PL)
Chaotica - The Essence Of The Underworld
(Compilation, Digipak, Limited Edition, Nummeriert, Remastered) 2-CD 1999
81 Behemoth: Satanica Behemoth (PL)
CD 1999
82 Behemoth: Thelema.6 Behemoth (PL)
CD 2000
83 Behemoth: Historica Behemoth (PL)
(Box, Limited Edition, Nummeriert, Special Edition) 5-LP 2002
84 Behemoth: Zos Kia Cultus (Here And Beyond) Behemoth (PL)
Zos Kia Cultus (Here And Beyond)
CD 2002
85 Behemoth: Demigod Behemoth (PL)
(Digipak) CD 2004
86 Behemoth: Demigod Behemoth (PL)
(Erstauflage, Pappschuber) CD 2004
87 Behemoth: The Apostasy Behemoth (PL)
The Apostasy
(Pappschuber) CD 2007
88 Behemoth: Evangelion Behemoth (PL)
(Digipak, Erstauflage, Limited Edition, Plastikschuber) CD + DVD 2009
Beherit (FIN)
89 Beherit: H418ov21.C Beherit (FIN)
(Erstauflage) CD 1994
Belphegor (A)
90 Belphegor: The Last Supper Belphegor (A)
The Last Supper
(Re-Release 1999) CD 1994
91 Belphegor: Blutsabbath Belphegor (A)
(Erstauflage) CD 1997
92 Belphegor: Necrodaemon Terrorsathan Belphegor (A)
Necrodaemon Terrorsathan
CD 2000
93 Belphegor: Lucifer Incestus Belphegor (A)
Lucifer Incestus
(Digipak, Limited Edition, Multimedia) CD 2003
94 Belphegor: Goatreich - Fleshcult Belphegor (A)
Goatreich - Fleshcult
(Digipak, Limited Edition) CD 2005
Bergthron (D)
95 Bergthron: Jagdheim Bergthron (D)
CD 2001
96 Bergthron: Faust Für Faust Bergthron (D)
Faust Für Faust
(Digipak) CD 2003
Besatt (PL)
97 Besatt: Hail Lucifer Besatt (PL)
Hail Lucifer
(Digipak) CD 1998
Bewitched (S)
98 Bewitched: Rise Of The Antichrist Bewitched (S)
Rise Of The Antichrist
CD 2002
Black Altar (PL)
99 Black Altar: Black Altar Black Altar (PL)
Black Altar
(Multimedia) CD 2004
Black Funeral (USA)
100 Black Funeral: Belial Arisen Black Funeral (USA)
Belial Arisen
CD 2000