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# Cover Titel Typ / Besonderheiten Jahr Album Plattenfirma Herstellungsland
200 Stab Wounds (USA)
1 200 Stab Wounds: Piles Of Festering Decomposition 200 Stab Wounds (USA)
Piles Of Festering Decomposition
Tape-EP 2020 Maggot Stomp
A Canorous Quintet (SWE)
2 A Canorous Quintet: The Quintessence A Canorous Quintet (SWE)
The Quintessence
2-CD (Compilation, Digipak) 2013 Cyclone Empire
Abhorrence (BRA)
3 Abhorrence: Ascension Abhorrence (BRA)
Mini-CD / EP (Re-Release 1998) 1997 Wild Rags Records
Abhorrence (FIN)
4 Abhorrence: Completely Vulgar Abhorrence (FIN)
Completely Vulgar
CD (Compilation, Digisleeve, Limited Edition) 2012 Svart Records
5 Abhorrence: Megalohydrothalassophobic Abhorrence (FIN)
Mini-CD / EP 2018 Svart Records
Abhoth (SWE)
6 Abhoth: The Tide + Demos Abhoth (SWE)
The Tide + Demos
CD (Compilation) 2012 Dark Descent Records
Abiosis (USA)
7 Abiosis: Absence Of Life Abiosis (USA)
Absence Of Life
CD (Compilation, Limited Edition, Remastered) 2017 Dark Blasphemies Records
Abominant (USA)
8 Abominant: Unspeakable Horrors Abominant (USA)
Unspeakable Horrors
CD 1996 Wild Rags Records
9 Abominant: Where Demons Dwell Abominant (USA)
Where Demons Dwell
CD 2010 DeathGasm Records
Abominog (USA)
10 Abominog: Dark Museum Abominog (USA)
Dark Museum
CD (Re-Release 2017, Remastered) 1992 Lost Apparitions Records
11 Abominog: Manifesting Void Abominog (USA)
Manifesting Void
CD 2012 Lost Apparitions Records
Abraded (USA)
12 Abraded: Descendants Of The Swamp Abraded (USA)
Descendants Of The Swamp
Mini-CD-R / EP (Digipak) 2018 Aggressively Uninterested / Maggot Stomp
Abramelin (AUS)
13 Abramelin: Transgressing The Afterlife - The Complete Recordings 1988 - 2002 Abramelin (AUS)
Transgressing The Afterlife - The Complete Recordings 1988 - 2002
3-CD (Box, Compilation, Pappschuber, Remastered) 2013 Century Media Records Ltd.
Absconder (USA)
14 Absconder: Destruction Of The Lower Half / Cursed Atrocities Absconder (USA)
Destruction Of The Lower Half / Cursed Atrocities
CD-R (Compilation, Limited Edition) 2019 Goat Throne Records
Absolvtion (FRA)
15 Absolvtion: Gallow's Destiny Absolvtion (FRA)
Gallow's Destiny
Mini-CD / EP 2018 Atavism Records
Absorbed (ESP)
16 Absorbed: Avowals Absorbed (ESP)
Split-CD 1994 Man Records
17 Absorbed: Reverie Absorbed (ESP)
2-CD (Compilation) 1996 Xtreem Music
Absurd Universe (NLD)
18 Absurd Universe: Habeas Corpus Absurd Universe (NLD)
Habeas Corpus
CD 2011 Punishment 18 Records
Abysmal Dawn (USA)
19 Abysmal Dawn: Obsolescence Abysmal Dawn (USA)
CD 2014 Relapse Records
20 Abysmal Dawn: Phylogenesis Abysmal Dawn (USA)
CD (Digipak) 2020 Season Of Mist
Abysmalist (USA)
21 Abysmalist: Reflections Of Horror Abysmalist (USA)
Reflections Of Horror
Tape-EP (Limited Edition) 2019 Caligari Records
Abyssal (GBR)
22 Abyssal: Denouement Abyssal (GBR)
CD (Re-Release 2013) 2012 Hellthrasher Productions
23 Abyssal: A Beacon In The Husk Abyssal (GBR)
A Beacon In The Husk
CD (Digipak) 2019 Profound Lore Records
Abyssous (DEU)
24 Abyssous: ...Smouldering Abyssous (DEU)
CD (Re-Release 2019) 2013 Iron Bonehead Productions
25 Abyssous: Mesa Abyssous (DEU)
CD 2018 Iron Bonehead
Abyssus (GRC)
26 Abyssus: Into The Abyss Abyssus (GRC)
Into The Abyss
CD 2015 Memento Mori
27 Abyssus: Once Entombed... Abyssus (GRC)
Once Entombed...
CD (Compilation, Limited Edition) 2016 Transcending Obscurity Classics
28 Abyssus: Unleash The Storm Abyssus (GRC)
Unleash The Storm
Mini-CD / EP (Limited Edition) 2018 Death In Pieces Records
Abythic (DEU)
29 Abythic: Beneath Ancient Portals Abythic (DEU)
Beneath Ancient Portals
CD 2018 Blood Harvest Records
30 Abythic: Conjuring The Obscure Abythic (DEU)
Conjuring The Obscure
CD 2019 Xtreem Music
Accidental Suicide (USA)
31 Accidental Suicide: Deceased Accidental Suicide (USA)
CD 1992 Deaf Records
32 Accidental Suicide: Dead Erotica Accidental Suicide (USA)
Dead Erotica
CD (Compilation) 2017 VIC Records
Acephalix (USA)
33 Acephalix: Decreation Acephalix (USA)
CD (Digipak) 2017 20 Buck Spin
Acrostichon (NLD)
34 Acrostichon: Engraved In Black Acrostichon (NLD)
Engraved In Black
CD 1993 Modern Primitive
35 Acrostichon: Sentenced Acrostichon (NLD)
CD 1995 Double Noise Recordings
Act Of Impalement (USA)
36 Act Of Impalement: Perdition Cult Act Of Impalement (USA)
Perdition Cult
CD 2018 Unspeakable Axe Records
Adramelech (FIN)
37 Adramelech: The Fall Adramelech (FIN)
The Fall
3"-CD 1995 Repulse Records
38 Adramelech: Psychostasia Adramelech (FIN)
CD 1996 Repulse Records
39 Adramelech: Psychostasia / Seven / The Fall Adramelech (FIN)
Psychostasia / Seven / The Fall
CD (Re-Release 2003) 1996 Blackend
40 Adramelech: Seven Adramelech (FIN)
Mini-CD / EP 1998 Repulse Records
41 Adramelech: Pure Blood Doom Adramelech (FIN)
Pure Blood Doom
CD (Re-Release 2018, Remastered) 1999 Nuclear Abominations Records
42 Adramelech: Terror Of Thousand Faces Adramelech (FIN)
Terror Of Thousand Faces
CD 2005 Xtreem Music
43 Adramelech: Recoveries Of The Fallen Adramelech (FIN)
Recoveries Of The Fallen
CD (Compilation) 2020 Xtreem Music
Adversary (SWE)
44 Adversary: Forgotten Remains Of Death - Demo Collection 1990-1991 Adversary (SWE)
Forgotten Remains Of Death - Demo Collection 1990-1991
CD (Compilation, Remastered) 1991 Dark Blasphemies Records
Adversvm (DEU)
45 Adversvm: Aion Sitra Ahra Adversvm (DEU)
Aion Sitra Ahra
CD (Limited Edition) 2018 Iron Bonehead Productions
Aeon (SWE)
46 Aeon: Rise To Dominate Aeon (SWE)
Rise To Dominate
CD (Multimedia) 2007 Metal Blade Records Inc.
47 Aeon: Path Of Fire Aeon (SWE)
Path Of Fire
CD 2010 Metal Blade Records Inc.
48 Aeon: Aeons Black Aeon (SWE)
Aeons Black
CD 2012 Metal Blade Records Inc.
Afflicted (SWE)
49 Afflicted: Prodigal Sun Afflicted (SWE)
Prodigal Sun
CD 1992 Nuclear Blast
Afterlife (USA)
50 Afterlife: Surreality Afterlife (USA)
CD 1992 Olympic Recordings / Grind Core International
Aggressor (EST)
51 Aggressor: Procreate The Petrifactions Aggressor (EST)
Procreate The Petrifactions
CD (Re-Release 2018, Remastered) 1992 Dark Symphonies
52 Aggressor: Procreate The Petrifactions Aggressor (EST)
Procreate The Petrifactions
CD 1992 Roundsound
Agonia (ITA)
53 Agonia: Servants Agonia (ITA)
CD (Compilation, Limited Edition) 2015 Despise The Sun Records
Agonize (DNK)
54 Agonize: Fall Demo 1 / Promo Demo 1993 Agonize (DNK)
Fall Demo 1 / Promo Demo 1993
CD (Compilation, Limited Edition) 2018 Dark Symphonies / The Crypt
Agonized (FIN)
55 Agonized: Gods... Agonized (FIN)
Mini-CD / EP (Re-Release 2013) 1991 Aphelion Productions
Agony (CAN)
56 Agony: Apocalyptic Dawning Agony (CAN)
Apocalyptic Dawning
CD (Re-Release 2006) 1995 Disconcert Music
57 Agony: L.I.F.E. Agony (CAN)
CD 1998 Eigenproduktion
Agressor (FRA)
58 Agressor: Neverending Destiny Agressor (FRA)
Neverending Destiny
CD 1990 Noise International
59 Agressor: Towards Beyond Agressor (FRA)
Towards Beyond
CD 1992 Black Mark Production
60 Agressor: Symposium Of Rebirth Agressor (FRA)
Symposium Of Rebirth
CD 1994 Black Mark Production
Agretator (SWE)
61 Agretator: Delusions Agretator (SWE)
CD (Limited Edition, Re-Release 2016, Remastered) 1994 Dark Symphonies / Dark Descent Records
62 Agretator: Distorted Logic Agretator (SWE)
Distorted Logic
CD (Compilation, Limited Edition, Re-Release 2016, Remastered) 1996 Dark Symphonies / Dark Descent Records
Ahret Dev (POL)
63 Ahret Dev: Hellish Ahret Dev (POL)
2-CD (Limited Edition, Pappschuber, Re-Release 2019, Special Edition) 1997 Godz Ov War Productions
Altar (NLD)
64 Altar: And God Created Satan To Blame For His Mistakes Altar (NLD)
And God Created Satan To Blame For His Mistakes
Mini-CD / EP (Limited Edition, Re-Release 2020, Remastered) 1992 Raw Skull Recordz
65 Altar: Youth Against Christ Altar (NLD)
Youth Against Christ
CD 1994 Massacre Records
66 Altar: Ego Art Altar (NLD)
Ego Art
CD (Multimedia) 1996 Displeased Records
Altar (SWE)
67 Altar: Split Album Altar (SWE)
Split Album
Split-2-CD (Compilation, Remastered) 1992 Xtreem Music
68 Altar: Dark Domains 1989-1995 Altar (SWE)
Dark Domains 1989-1995
CD (Compilation) 2012 Pulverised Records
Altarage (ESP)
69 Altarage: Nihl Altarage (ESP)
CD (Digipak) 2016 Doomentia Records
70 Altarage: Endinghent Altarage (ESP)
CD (Digipak) 2017 Season Of Mist / Underground Activists
71 Altarage: The Approaching Roar Altarage (ESP)
The Approaching Roar
CD (Digipak) 2019 Season Of Mist / Underground Activists
Altars (AUS)
72 Altars: Paramnesia Altars (AUS)
CD 2013 Nuclear Winter Records
Altered Dead (CAN)
73 Altered Dead: Altered Dead Altered Dead (CAN)
Altered Dead
CD 2016 Cavernous Records
Amaymon (FRA)
74 Amaymon: Amaymon / Purulence Amaymon (FRA)
Amaymon / Purulence
Split-CD 1993 Adipocere Records
Amboss (DEU)
75 Amboss: Those Who Have Lost The Right To Exist Amboss (DEU)
Those Who Have Lost The Right To Exist
CD (Re-Release 2017) 1993 Temple Of Darkness Records
Amorphis (FIN)
76 Amorphis: The Karelian Isthmus Amorphis (FIN)
The Karelian Isthmus
CD 1992 Nuclear Blast
77 Amorphis: Privilege Of Evil Amorphis (FIN)
Privilege Of Evil
Mini-CD / EP 1993 Relapse Records
Amputory (FIN)
78 Amputory: Ode To Gore Amputory (FIN)
Ode To Gore
CD 2015 Xtreem Music
Anarchos (NLD)
79 Anarchos: Invocation Of Moribund Spirits Anarchos (NLD)
Invocation Of Moribund Spirits
CD 2017 Blood Harvest Records
Anasarca (DEU)
80 Anasarca: Godmachine Anasarca (DEU)
CD 1998 Repulse Records
81 Anasarca: Moribund Anasarca (DEU)
CD 2001 Mighty Music
82 Anasarca: Dying Anasarca (DEU)
CD 2004 Mighty Music
83 Anasarca: Survival Mode Anasarca (DEU)
Survival Mode
Demo-CD (Cardsleeve, Limited Edition, Nummeriert) 2015 Eigenproduktion
84 Anasarca: Survival Mode Anasarca (DEU)
Survival Mode
CD 2017 Sevared Records
Anathema (FIN)
85 Anathema: Demo Tapes 1990 - 1991 Anathema (FIN)
Demo Tapes 1990 - 1991
CD (Compilation, Limited Edition, Remastered) 2015 Dark Blasphemies Records
Anatomia (JPN)
86 Anatomia: Dissected Humanity Anatomia (JPN)
Dissected Humanity
CD 2005 Necroharmonic
87 Anatomia: Decaying In Obscurity Anatomia (JPN)
Decaying In Obscurity
CD 2012 Nuclear War Now! Productions
88 Anatomia: Dead Bodies In The Morgue Anatomia (JPN)
Dead Bodies In The Morgue
CD (Compilation) 2013 Memento Mori
89 Anatomia: Cranial Obsession Anatomia (JPN)
Cranial Obsession
CD 2017 Nuclear War Now! Productions
90 Anatomia: Infectious Decay Anatomia (JPN)
Infectious Decay
Split-Mini-CD / EP 2018 Obliteration Records
91 Anatomia: Indwelling Morbidity Anatomia (JPN)
Indwelling Morbidity
Split-Tape-EP (Limited Edition) 2020 Cain Records / El Conjuro Records
Anatomy (AUS)
92 Anatomy: Twisting Depths Of Horror Anatomy (AUS)
Twisting Depths Of Horror
CD (Compilation, Limited Edition) 2015 Dark Symphonies
Anesthesy (BEL)
93 Anesthesy: Exaltation Of The Eclipse Anesthesy (BEL)
Exaltation Of The Eclipse
CD 1994 Tessa Records
Angelcorpse (USA)
94 Angelcorpse: Exterminate Angelcorpse (USA)
CD 1998 Osmose Productions
Annihilation Vortex (POL)
95 Annihilation Vortex: Nihilistic Spheres Annihilation Vortex (POL)
Nihilistic Spheres
CD 2019 Putrid Cult
Anthropophagous (USA)
96 Anthropophagous: Spoiled Marrow Anthropophagous (USA)
Spoiled Marrow
Tape-EP 2019 Headsplit Records
97 Anthropophagous: Post-Natal Abortion Anthropophagous (USA)
Post-Natal Abortion
Tape-EP 2020 Headsplit Records
Antichrist (PER)
98 Antichrist: Pax Moriendi Antichrist (PER)
Pax Moriendi
CD (Limited Edition) 2018 Iron Bonehead Productions
Antiversum (CHE)
99 Antiversum: Total Vacuum Antiversum (CHE)
Total Vacuum
Mini-CD / EP (Digipak) 2015 Invictus Productions
100 Antiversum: Cosmos Comedenti Antiversum (CHE)
Cosmos Comedenti
CD (Digipak) 2017 Invictus Productions


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