Triple J / Beat the Drum - JVD Summer 2004
DVD, 2003, Heftbeilage, Cardsleeve

Herstellungsland Australien
Veröffentlichungs-Jahr 2003
Zeit k.A.
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Plattenfirma/Katalog-Nr. Triple J - Beat The Drum Magazine / TRIPLE J DVD
Musikrichtung Rock
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I = Instrumental L = Live B = Bonustrack H = Hidden Track C = Coversong
Track Künstler/Band Titel Zeit Besonderheit
1. Jet Are You Gonna Be My Girl
2. The Sleepy Jackson Good Dancers
3. The Bumblebeez Step Back
4. Grinspoon 1000 Miles
5. Snap To Zero The Beat Is A Drug
6. The Butterfly Effect One Second Of Insanity
7. Little Birdy Baby Blue
8. Three Rounds Shy Loathe
9. Daughterboy Jao Thrills
10. Fur Patrol Precious
11. The Tremors Keep It On
12. Abbie Cardwell Half Lovin'
13. The Living End Who's Gonna Save Us?
14. Red Rocket Fast Trains
15. The Fergusons The Sinner Is Red
16. Amber Suite Sunshine
17. Givegoods I Want To Kill A Rich Man
18. Tex Perkins' Dark Horses Lucid


Beat The Drum magazine | triple j | BEAT THE DRUM | JVD // (c) 2003 Australian Broadcasting Corporation


Beat The Drum magazine November 2003

TracklistingGuide > pages: 128-133

02 - aka Bumblebeez 81 formed Braidwood, NSW, Australia // currently New York, NY, US
Members ~ Chris Colonna, Pia [a.k.a Queen Vila]

03 - aka Bumblebeez 81 formed Braidwood, NSW, Australia // currently New York, NY, US
Members ~ Chris Colonna, Pia [a.k.a Queen Vila]

09 - (P) 2003 - from the EP 'Fake Blood and the Rest is Unknown' Virgin Records Australia

- from the album 'tex perkins' dark horses: sweet nothing' released July 21, 2003 Universal Australia / 0384962
- Tex Perkins (born December 28, 1964,AUS) aka Greg Perkins, Tex Perkins' Dark Horses, Tex Deadly
Member of: Salamander Jim, Beasts of Bourbon, Thug, The Butcher Shop, The Cruel Sea, Tex, Don & Charlie, T'n'T (Tim Rogers and Tex Perkins), Tex Deadly & the Dum Dums, Tex Perkins & His Ladyboyz

17 - Givegoods aka Give Goods formed 2003 Sydney, NSW
Members: Tom Morgan (vocals, guitar), Andy Calvert (guitar), Paul Dempsey (drums, 2003), Juanita Stein (vocals, 2003) [Member of: Howling Bells, Waikiki], Evan Dando (bass, drums, 2003 [Member of: The Lemonheads, Fruit Child Large], John Fenton (drums, 2004-), Tom van Heesch (bass, 2004), Leticia Nischang (bass, 2004-)
- Triple J:
"The Givegoods are a recently formed local supergroup featuring the talents of Tom Morgan (Smudge), Paul Dempsey (Something For Kate), Andy Calvert (Whopping Big Naughty), Juanita Stein (Waikiki) and honorary Australian Evan Dando."