Soulfly Dark Ages
CD, 2005, Limited Edition, Digipak

Herstellungsland Deutschland
Zeit 78:29
EAN-Nr. 016861819156
Label/Labelcode ROADRUNNER RECORDS / LC 09231
Plattenfirma/Katalog-Nr. Roadrunner Records / RR 8191-5
Musikrichtung Metal: Thrash Metal
Sammlungen Gesucht Flohmarkt
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I = Instrumental L = Live B = Bonustrack H = Hidden Track C = Coversong
Track Titel Zeit Besonderheit
Gesamtzeit 78:29  
1. The Dark Ages 0:48 I
2. Babylon 3:53
3. I And I 3:15
4. Carved Inside 3:35
5. Arise Again 4:10
6. Molotov 1:57
7. Frontlines 4:34
8. Innerspirit 5:15
9. Corrosion Creeps 4:26
10. Riotstarter 5:00
11. Bleak 4:56
12. (The) March 1:18
13. Fuel The Hate 4:12
14. Staystrong 8:13
15. Soulfly V 10:53 I
16. Salmo-91 4:23 B
17. Prophecy 3:27 B L
18. Seek'n'Strike 4:14 B L


Max Cavalera - vox, 4-strings, berimbau, soul, sitar
Marc Rizzo - guitars, flamenco guitars
Bobby Burns - bass
Joe Nunez - drums, percussion

Produced by Max Cavalera
Recorded, engineered and digitally edited by John Gray
Assistant engineers: John Bilberry, Matt Marksbary, Justin Salter
Recorded at the Saltmine Studio Oasis, Mesa, AZ

Mixed by Terry Date
Assisted by Jun Murakawa
Mixed at Bay 7, North Hollywood, CA

"Molotov" and "(The) March" mixed by John Gray at The Saltmine
Additional mixing on "Soulfly V" by John Gray

Additional recording at:
Bare Wire Studio, Belgrade, Serbia; engineer: Milan "Bare" Barkovic
Taklab MK II, Paris, France; engineer: Alexkid
CSP Studio, Moscow, Russia; engineer: Darya Jubenko

Church bells recorded at Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church, Moscow, Russia

Executive producer: Gloria Cavalera
Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sounds, NYC

Additional musicians:
Nemanja 'Coyote' Kojic - vocals on "Innerspirit"
Paul Fillipenko - vocals on "Molotov"
Billy Milano - vocals on "Molotov"
David Ellefson - bass on "Riotstarter"
Richie Cavalera - vocals on "Staystrong"
Stefanie Goldman - sitar, mandolin, acoustic guitar, micro korg
Alexsander Yushin - bayan
Alexsander Hrenov - balalaika, wooden spoons, treshetka
Vitaly Hrenov - balalaika double bass
John Gray - prophet V synth programming

All music written by Max Cavalera
All lyrics written by Max Cavalera, except "Innerspirit" written by Max Cavalera, Nemanja Kojic and Bojan Stojanovic, "Molotov" written by Max Cavalera, Paul Fillipenko and Billy Milano, and "Staystrong" written by Max Cavalera and Richie Cavalera

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4. CD

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[(P) / (C) 2005 The All Blacks B.V.]
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