Orphaned Land The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR
CD, 2010

Herstellungsland Deutschland
Zeit 78:22
EAN-Nr. 5051099782327
Label/Labelcode CENTURY MEDIA / LC 06975
Plattenfirma/Katalog-Nr. Century Media / 9978232
Musikrichtung Metal: Death Metal, Progressive Metal
Sammlungen Gesucht Flohmarkt
113 (19 privat) 1 0


I = Instrumental L = Live B = Bonustrack H = Hidden Track C = Coversong
Track Titel Zeit Besonderheit
Gesamtzeit 78:22  
1. Sapari 4:04
2. From Broken Vessels 7:36
3. Bereft In The Abyss 2:45
4. The Path Part 1 – Treading Through Darkness 7:27
5. The Path Part 2 – The Pilgrimage To Or Shalem 7:45
6. Olat Ha''tamid 2:38
7. The Warrior 7:11
8. His Leaf Shall Not Wither 2:31
9. Disciples Of The Sacred Oath II 8:31
10. New Jerusalem 6:59
11. Vayehi Or 3:27
12. M I ? 2:41
13. Barakah 4:13
14. Codeword: Uprising 5:25
15. In Thy Never Ending Way 5:09


Kobi Farhi - Vocals
Yossi Sa'aron (Sassi) - Lead Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Saz, Bouzouki, Oud
Matti Svatizky - Rhythm Guitars, Acoustic Guitars
Uri Zelcha - Bass, Fretless Bass

Session members:
Shlomit Levi - Female Vocals
Avi Diamond - Drums

Guest members:
Steven Wilson - Keyboards
Avi Agababa - Percussions
Avner Gavriell - Piano (Song 15)
Nizar Radwan and Srur Saliba - Violins
*The violins on this album are dedicated to the memorial of Yousef Elkhader 1967-2008, Mazareeb.
Alfred Haggar - Nay and Kawala Flutes
Yonatan Danino - Shofar
Shmuel Ruzbahan - Santur

Produced by Orphaned Land.
All musci by Orphaned Land

Lyrics by Alon Miasnikow & Orphaned Land
(Except Hebrew part on "Sapari" written by Sa'adiya Ben Amram, 17th century. "Olat Hatamid" written by Rabbi Shlomo Ibn Gvirol, 11th century. "His Leaf Shall Not Wither" taken from Psalm chapter 1. Arabic part on "Disciples Of the Sacred Oath II" taken from the Koran, chapter "Al-Nur - The Light".)

Recorded at Bardo Studios, Tel.Aviv, Israel
Engineered by Yaniv Paz
Assisted by Daniel A & Erez C
(Except Erkin Koray's vocals on Estarabim recorded at Studio Taskiran Istanbul, Turkie by Bora Ozcoban)
Mixed at No Man's Land Studio by Steven Wilson (except "Estarabim" mixed at Bardo Studios by Yaniv Paz)
Mastered by Itzik Filiba at Master Disk

Pre-production at The Naked Lie Studio by Shimon "Chikony" Rozenfeld & Orphaned Land
Drums pre-production programming, (and programming for the song "The Warrior") by Erez Yohanan & Orphaned Land
Guitars sound advisor - Mark Perel

Band photo by Deadline team.com
Makeup by Limor Segal
Calligraphy logo and artwork by Zen Two & Native
Lay out and design by Uri Zelha

The album is divided into three parts:
Part I: Godfrey's Cordial – An ORphan's Life (tracks 1-6)
Part II: Lips Acquire stains – The WarriOR Awakens (tracks 7-12)
Part III: Barakah – Enlightening the Cimmerian (tracks 13-15)

OrWarrior means "light warrior" or "warrior of light", representing a conceptual
hero of the battle of light versus darkness.

Release dates:
Europe - January 25, 2010
USA - February 9, 2010

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