Live In Your Loungeroom
CD, 1993, Live

Herstellungsland Australien
Zeit 53:30
EAN-Nr. 9399666002123
Label/Labelcode nicht vorhanden
Plattenfirma/Katalog-Nr. Id / ID 0021-2
Musikrichtung Rock
Sammlungen Gesucht Flohmarkt
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I = Instrumental L = Live B = Bonustrack H = Hidden Track C = Coversong
Track Künstler/Band Titel Zeit Besonderheit
1. Hurdy Gurdy Party's Over 3:13 L
2. Kim Salmon & The Surrealists Non Stop Action Groove 3:22 L
3. Mantissa Station 5:27 L
4. Soulscraper Preacher Man 4:18 L
5. The Ergot Derivative Zoid 4:45 L
6. Happy Drivers Open The Door 2:25 L
7. Swordfish Earth Soul Feeling 4:35 L
8. Vanilla Chainsaws Head Above The Clouds 5:42 L
9. Dave Graney & The Coral Snakes A Deal Made For Somebody Else 3:38 L
10. The Meanies Lay Your Body Down 2:26 L
11. Seaweed Goorillas Showtime 4:08 L
12. Fireballs I'm Not Crazy 4:44 L
13. Underground Lovers Promenade 4:47 L


THREE TRIPLE RRR (p) 3RRR 1993 (c) id/Polygram 1993

01 - Hurdy Gurdy's debut ep, 'Spud Gun' is out through Id: Id / ID 0016-2

02 - Kim Salmon and the Surrealists' CD 'Sin Factory' out now through Red Eye

03 - Station originally appears on the band's debut album 'Mossy God'
- Mantissa aka Killing Time formed August 1992, Sydney, NSW
Members: Chris Collins (guitar), Nina Grant (bass), Syd Green (drums), Chris Paine (guitar), Adam Pringle (vocals)
- Killing Time changed their name to Mantissa in 1992 due to there being bands named Killing Time in USA and Japan.

04 - 'Preacher Man' does not appear on their debut ep 'Heard It All Before' available on Id

05 - psychedelic rock band The Ergot Derivative: Jamie Saxe, Tao Kahn, Drew Caldwell, Ernie Chow, Michael Johnston (New Zealander), Anthony Macleod, Garth Skinner

06 - The Happy Drivers formed 1985, Villevêque, Pays de la Loire, France

07 - Swordfish hail from Sydney, where they formed in 1990
- Swordfish appear courtesy of Volition Records

08 - 'Head Above The Clouds' appears on their 'Watching Me' CD ep

09 - originally recorded when the band was based in Englabd in 1988, "A Deal Made For Somebody Else" was first released on the now deleted ep 'At His Stone Beach'

10 - Meanies appears courtesy of Au Go Go Records

11 - Seaweed Goorillas from Point Lonsdale are Davo (drums), Spot (bass), Tasman "Tas" Blizzard (guitar & vocals)
- Tas/Member of: Seaweed Goorillas, The Meanies, The Yes-Men [died on August 1, 2008, as a result of a car accident]

12 - "I'm Not Crazy" appear on theit debut album 'Terminal Haircut'