Heartattack Compilation Vol. 1
2-Promo-CD, 2004

Herstellungsland Schweden
Zeit 113:27
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Label/Labelcode Epitaph / LC 02576
Plattenfirma/Katalog-Nr. Burning Heart / BHR 200-2
Musikrichtung Punk
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I = Instrumental L = Live B = Bonustrack H = Hidden Track C = Coversong
Promo-CD 1
Track Künstler/Band Titel Zeit Besonderheit
1. The (International) Noise Conspiracy Black Mask 3:33
2. C.AARMÉ Tu Puta Mi Casa 1:53
3. Promoe These Walls Don't Lie 4:24
4. Nine Inferno 3:22
5. Moneybrother Reconsider Me 3:32
6. Turbonegro Drenched In Blood (D.I.B.) 3:18
7. Nasum Darkness Falls 2:01
8. The Weakerthans The Reasons 2:49
9. Raised Fist Message Beneath Contempt 3:18
10. Nikola Sarcevic Lovetrap 3:13
11. Division Of Laura Lee Endless Factories 3:38
12. Refused Refused Are Fucking Dead 5:05
13. Puffball Take You Down 1:54
14. Looptroop Don't Hate The Player 3:49
15. Voice Of A Generation Cause For Alarm 2:58
16. Give Up The Ghost Love American 2:11
17. Randy X-Ray Eyes 3:21
18. The Peepshows Count Me Out 2:49
19. Bombshell Rocks Warpath 2:49
20. The Lost Patrol Alright 3:37
21. Between Us Dialog 2:34
22. The Hives Untutored Youth 1:31
23. Millencolin Happiness For Dogs 3:23
24. The Business No One Likes Us 1:40
Promo-CD 2
Track Künstler/Band Titel Zeit Besonderheit
1. Division Of Laura Lee I Don't Wann Here It [Feat. Ebbot Lundberg & Ian Person] 1:12 B C
2. Turbonegro Repo Man 3:37 B C
3. Nasum The Real 2:29 B C
4. Randy Beware [Feat. Fat Mike] 2:23 B
5. Nobodys Heroes Wrongones 1:56 B
6. Looptroop Looking For More Love [Feat. Moneybrother] 3:28 B
7. C.AARMÉ You're A Dead Box [Feat. Tomas Lindberg & Uffe Cederlund] 2:56 B
8. Raised Fist Time Will Let You Go, All Alone and Break [Feat. Tomas Hallbom] 4:05 B
9. The Lost Patrol Band My Heart Is Still A Mess 3:15 B
10. Nine United Forces [Feat. Marco Aro, Peter Dolving, Peter "Flinta" Stjärnvind, Jörgen Sandström, Marcus Sunesson & Patrik Jensen] 1:49 B C
11. Club Killers Some Of Them a Bawl 3:42 B C
12. Millencolin Ab Böna Och Be [Feat. Mieszko Talarczyk] 2:06 B C
13. Sounds Like Violence You Give Me Heartattacks 2:46 B
14. The (International) Noise Conspiracy Armed Love (Blacksmoke Remix) 5:01 B


BURNING HEART Records | LC 02576 [Epitaph logo missing] // (p)/(c) 2004 Burning Heart Records - Manufactured and distributed by Epitaph Europe

- MS 12/15 "Label/Labelcode Epitaph / LC 2576" Epitaph logo not present on release // Label: Burning Heart (Bild 10)

BURNING HEART - HEARTATTACK Compilation Vol. 1 : 1994-2004
BHR 200-2 released September 4, 2004

LC 06196 Burning Heart Records
- German office in Berlin December 2003-October 2006:
Burning Heart/Sub-label of: Epitaph Records since 2002

BURNING HEART comp-series CHEAP SHOTS is no more

Bonus CD with promo sheet:
"On the bonus-CD you will find such cool projects as: Division Of Laura Lee with Ebbot and Ian from Soundtrack Of Our Lives punking up Minor Threat, Tompa from the now deceased At The Gates and Uffe from Entombed helping out on a new C.Aarmé track, Nine with vocalist(s) from Haunted doing S.O.D's “United Forces”. Örebros finest Millencolin doing an Asta Kask cover with Miezko from Nasum on guest-growls.

Turbonegro are doing a great version of "Repo Man" by Iggy Pop. We are also grazed the appearance of the mighty Nobodys Heroes (members of The Business, Voice Of A Generation and Bombshell Rocks). Our Northern working class lads Randy enlisted Fat Mike from NOFX to warn the kids to stay away from punkrock. On there you'll also find a cool collaboration between Looptroop and Moneybrother. Some mighty players looking for more love. Raised Fist fronted by the Zlatan Ibrahimovic of hardcore Alle Rajkovic digging up Breach vocalist Tomas Hallbom for some industrial hardcore mayhem. Nasum takes on Umeå straight edge the real way. Club Killers with bonita Ann-Maria Espinoza on vocals, and cool cats Viktor Brobacke and Gustav Bendt in their prime with a wonderful The Pioneers cover give lots of reasons to long for their coming live album (if you saw them at Hultsfred you know why half the nation already sing their praise...). We're also embraced a special apperance with some new nice angst-ridden painful alternative rock noise from up and coming prospects Sounds Like Violence on the fitting anthem "You Give Me Heartattacks". Last but not least Dennis Lyxzén and his balaclava comrades turns up with two great contribution. The lovely "My Heart Is Still A Mess" from the coming The Lost Patrol Band album, and a Blacksmoke (Jim "KLF" Cauty) re-mix of The (International) Noise Conspiracys "Armed Love". Black block'n'roll for the masses!"

Disc One

20 - taken from the album "Songs About Running Away" released 2003 Burning Heart / BHR 174

Disc Two

05 - Winter 2004 punk project under the name of Nobodys Heroes lineup:
Mickey Fitz - vocals
Kim Belly – guitar
212 - guitar
Crippe - guitar
Steve Whale - guitar
Danny Violence - bass
Tomas - drums

06 - "Looking For More Love" originally on Looptroop's 2002 album ' The Struggle Continues' (BHR/DVSG.023)
Looptroop with Moneybrother produced, recorded and mixed by EMBEE in the Wax Cabinet
Looptroop was founded in 1992 in Västerås, Sweden. The band consists of four members: Producer and DJ DJ EmBee and the lyricists Promoe, Cos.M.I.C & Supreme

09 - previously unreleased
- album "The Lost Patrol Band
" released April 18, 2005 Burning Heart / BHR 193-2

11 - originally by the Pioneers