Classic Rock 214 - Interstellar Overdrive
CD, 2015, Heftbeilage, Cardsleeve

Herstellungsland Polen
Zeit 66:34
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Plattenfirma/Katalog-Nr. Classic Rock Magazine / ROC214-09-15
Musikrichtung Rock
Sammlungen Gesucht Flohmarkt
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I = Instrumental L = Live B = Bonustrack H = Hidden Track C = Coversong
Track Künstler/Band Titel Zeit Besonderheit
Gesamtzeit 66:34  
1. The Cuckoos Stranger In Your Eyes 2:27
2. The Statue Thieves Meditation 5:35
3. Violet Felina Kick 3:38
4. Cybernetic Witch Cult Astrogalactic Sprites 3:30
5. Hexthrower Divine 3:29
6. Queen Crescent Culture Vulture 4:37
7. Sweat Lodge Tramplifier 3:42
8. Occult Wisdom Make Fire 4:46
9. Marble Pawns Alpha Centauri 4:28
10. Pink Elephants Women Army 4:37
11. DoctoR DooM So Jinxed 6:05
12. Rogues Among Us The Wolf 4:56
13. The Ginger Faye Bakers Involuntary Narnia Adventure 4:08
14. Mountain Tamer Dunes Of The Mind 5:14
15. Levitating Churches Get Numb 5:22


Classic Rock Magazine / Classic Rock issue 214 SEPTEMBER 2015

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Interstellar Overdrive: set the controls for the heart of the sun, here’s 15 of the best new tripmasters, dug deep from the psychedelic underground by our very own Sleazegrinder...

01 THE CUCKOOS – Stranger In Your Eyes Morrison is still dead, but you might doubt it a little after hearing this spectacularly psychedelic garage rocker. Austin's Cuckoos are a power trio of hip young dudes who mine the late 60s acid rock scene for inspiration, but sound so authentic you'll think you're having a flashback.
Taken from: The Cuckoos

02 THE STATUE THIEVES - Meditation Groovy, slightly stoned blues rock played by spacemen in shiny sharkskin suits. London's own offer up a sound that's modern and ancient at the same time. If Pink Floyd had cooler shoes, they'd probably sound like this.
Taken from: Revolutions In Your Mind

03 VIOLET FELINA - Kick Like a hazy, sorta-scary but mostly cool daydream on an endless summer afternoon, Violet Felina's shoegazey psych rock is a warm pool of glistening sound. This UK duo create the sexiest jams around. This is like a fistful of Valium, only with pleasantly fuzzy guitars.
Taken from: Memory 27

04 CYBERNETIC WITCH CULT - Astrogalactic Sprites UK doomlords so far into the woods we're not sure they'll ever come out. Imagine a gang of fuzzy purple Morlocks dancing fitfully with sexy witches straight out of a Hammer film while the village burns to dust all around them. Like that, only weirder.
Taken from: Morlock Rock

05 HEXTHROWER - Divine Hexthrower were trapped by some dark cosmic entity in 1969 and banished to an icy prison in a far-off galaxy. Hard times all around. Luckily, they escaped and just dropped down in LA to exact revenge and finally release their debut album. It was worth the wait.
Taken from: Mythos Tragoedia

06 QUEEN CRESCENT - Culture Vulture Queen Crescent are an all-girl psych band from San Francisco with nods to exotic Indonesian and Zam-rock bands from the early 70s. But all you need to know is that this is a heavy flute jam. Nothing beats a fucking heavy flute jam.
Taken from: Queen Crescent

07 SWEAT LODGE – Tramplifier Austin's interstellar warriors take you on a woozy ride to the heart of the sun. Proto-everything, Sweat Lodge are like five sasquatches who discovered a bunch of abandoned gear in the woods and invented rock'n'roll with their fists.
Taken from: Sweat Lodge Tape EP

08 OCCULT WISDOM - Make Fire Occult Wisdom are a power trio from Los Angeles. Bask in the warm glow of their vintage power-blues and be transported to a groovier time when all we really cared about was spinning around in egg chairs and pondering the fates of cavemen. 2015 is the new 1973.
Taken from: Exclusive track

09 MARBLE PAWNS - Alpha Centauri From a bedroom in Victoria, Canada and straight to the stars, Alpha Centauri is a love-letter to the cosmos that will have you nostalgic for your previous life out in the Ursa Major. This is pop music from one million miles away.
Taken from: Astrophobia EP

10 PINK ELEPHANTS - Women Army Effortlessly confident classic rocker from these French riff-mongers. These dudes run on pure fossil fuel, the highest octane stuff - Who, Stones, Floyd, Zeppelin - and are determined to restore rock to its former majesty.
Taken from: Women Army

11 DOCTOR DOOM - So Jinxed French classic rockers with a mammoth sound that scrapes the edges of the early 70s but remains their own. So Jinxed is the perfect introduction to these hazy heavies. It's like an epic raging dust storm that ends with a gunfight. Doctor Doom might be jinxed, but this is your lucky day.
Taken from: This Seed We Have Sown

12 ROGUES AMONG US - The Wolf Far-out prog rockers from Houston, Texas, the town that basically invented space. The Wolf is a twisty ride deep inside your mind's eye, a pulsating glimpse into the near-future of rock'n'roll. Get lost inside its crazy shimmer, or start howling at the dark side of the moon.
Taken from: The Watcher EP

13 THE GINGER FAYE BAKERS - Involuntary Narnia Adventure Take half of The Beatles, half of Black Sabbath, maybe Ziggy Stardust and one of the dudes from Floyd and make them all read a bunch of teenage sci-fi novels from the mid 1970s, and you've got the Ginger Faye Bakers, Rochester, New York's kings of fuzzy, buzzy, space-glam.
Taken from: Smoke Signals

14 MONTAIN TAMER - Dunes Of The Mind Long-haired beach bums from Santa Cruz, California who play jammy psychedelic rock'n'roll not because of it's cool but because they are stoned to the tits and this is what it sounds like inside their rubbery cartoon skulls. Incidentally, their name is a Star Trek reference, but don't hold that agianst them.
Taken from: MTN TMR DEMO

15 LEVITATING CHURCHES - Get Numb Aussie psych is its own rugged beast. It's thunderous garage rock created by gnarly street fightin' blokes dosed on 17 tabs of orange acid. LC's fave Floyd track is whatever's playing in the ambulance after a particularly rowdy gig.
Taken from: Till Death Us Do Party