Business Unusual
LP, 1978

Herstellungsland Großbritannien
Veröffentlichungs-Jahr 1978
Zeit k.A.
EAN-Nr. nicht vorhanden
Label/Labelcode k.A.
Plattenfirma/Katalog-Nr. Cherry Red Records Ltd. / RED 2
Musikrichtung Punk
Sammlungen Gesucht Flohmarkt
0 (3 privat) 0 0


I = Instrumental L = Live B = Bonustrack H = Hidden Track C = Coversong
Track Künstler/Band Titel Zeit Besonderheit
1. U.K. Subs C.I.D.
2. Leyton Buzzards 19 And Mad
3. The Outcasts Just Another Teenage Rebel
4. Dave Goodman And Friends Justifiable Homicide
5. The Outsiders Consequences
6. The Record Players M.O.R.
7. Vice Creems 01-01-212
8. The Dole New Wave Love
9. The Tights China's Eternal
10. Skunks Good From The Bad
11. Thomas Leer Private Plane
12. Robert Rental A.C.C.
13. Throbbing Gristle United
14. Cabaret Voltaire Do The Mussolini (Headkick)


+ insert
First Discography (Punk/New Wave) from the U.K. (Nov. 1978)
Super-large model titled ZIGZAG SMALL LABELS CATALOGUE '78
and shows labels informations about
VARICOSE VAINS Records, VIBES Records, ACE Records, AURA Records, LIGHTNING Records and so on...
It also shows non-UK Label information from France, Switzerland, Holland and so on...
On flipside of this super-large poster are the reocrds of this compilation printed together with a comic.