The Byrds The Magic Collection
CD, Bootleg, Compilation

Herstellungsland Belgien
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EAN-Nr. 8713051491377
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Plattenfirma/Katalog-Nr. ARC Records / MEC 949137
Musikrichtung Rock: Folk Rock, Psychedelic Rock
MS-ID 990842
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I = Instrumental L = Live B = Bonustrack H = Hidden Track C = Coversong
Track Titel Zeit Besonderheit
1. Mr. Tambourine Man
2. All I Really Want To Do
3. Turn! Turn! Turn!
4. Chestnut Mare
5. Eight Miles High
6. Home Again
7. Do You Remember
8. You Ain't Going Nowhere
9. Tell Sarah Jane
10. Time And Place
11. Out Of Sight
12. Quit This
13. He Was A Friend Of Mine
14. It Won't Be Wrong


Das ist eine BOGUS-CD. Nicht THE BYRDS!
"This CD purports to be the BYRDS it is actually primarily unreleased recordings by Gene Clark, Pat Robinson and John York! These recordings from circa 1985-1986 are sometimes referred to as CRY recordings. This CD includes seven different songs that do not appear on two other so-called Byrds (actually Clark-Robinson) CDs"

Credit für die meistens Songs falsch: McQuinn, statt McGuinn

Mastering SID-Code: IFPI LA11
Presswerk SID-Code:IFPI N5**
Matrix: 60614 * TELESONIC MEC 949137