Neil Young Comes A Time
LP, 1978

Herstellungsland Deutschland
Zeit 37:00
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Label/Labelcode Reprise Records / LC 0322
Plattenfirma/Katalog-Nr. Warner Bros. Records Inc. / REP 54 099
Musikrichtung Rock: Folk Rock
MS-ID 91665
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I = Instrumental L = Live B = Bonustrack H = Hidden Track C = Coversong
Track Titel Zeit Besonderheit
A 1. Goin' Back 4:42
A 2. Comes A Time 3:04
A 3. Look Out For My Love [With Crazy Horse] 4:05
A 4. Lotta Love [With Crazy Horse] 2:40
A 5. Peace Of Mind 4:05
B 6. Human Highway 3:09
B 7. Already One 4:53
B 8. Field Of Opportunity 3:08
B 9. Motorcycle Mama [Feat. Nicolette Larson] 3:07
B 10. Four Strong Winds 4:07 C


"Four Strong Winds" im Original von Ian & Sylvia.

Tracks 1,2,5,6,9,10: Produced by Neil Young, Ben Keith, Tim Mulligan
Tracks 3,4: Produced by Neil Young, David Briggs, Tim Mulligan
Track 7: Produced by Neil Young, Ben Keith
Track 8: Produced by Neil Young, Tim Mulligan
Engineers: Tim Mulligan, Michael Laskow, David McKinley, Danny Hilly, Mike Porter, Denny Purcell, Rich "Hoss" Adler, Ernie Winfrey, Gabby Garcia, Paul Kaminsky
Remix: Neil Young, except "Lotta Love" and "Look Out For My Love" by David Briggs and Tim Mulligan
Direction: Elliot Roberts
Mastering: Phil Brown and Stu Romain

Songs written by Neil Young, except "Four Strong Winds", written by Ian Tyson

Gone With The Wind Orchestra

Nicolette Larson: harmony vocals

Ben Keith: steel guitar
Carl Himmel: Drums
Tim Drummond: bass
Spooner Oldham: piano
Rufus Thibodeaux: fiddle
Joe Osborne: bass
Larrie Londin: drums
J.J. Cale: electric guitar
Farrel Morris: percussion
Grant Boatright: acoustic guitar
Bucky Barret: acoustic guitar
John Christopher: acoustic guitar
Jerry Shook: acoustic guitar
Vic Jordan: acoustic guitar
Steve Gibson: acoustic guitar
Dale Sellers: acoustic guitar
Ray Edenton: acoustic guitar
Rita Fey: autoharp
Shelly Kurland: strings
Stephanie Woolf: strings
Marvin Chantry: strings
Roy Christensen: strings
Gary Vanosdale: strings
Carl Goroditzby: strings
George Binkley: strings
Steve Smith: strings
Larry Harvin: strings
Larry Lasson: strings
Carol Walker: strings
Rebecca Lynch: strings
Virginia Christensen: strings
Maryanna Harvin: strings
George Kosmola: strings
Martha McCrory: strings

Crazy Horse:
Frank Sampedro: vocals / guitar
Billy Talbot: vocals / bass
Ralph Molina: vocals / drums
Tim Mulligan: saxophone

Strings by:
Chuck Cochran, except "Goin' Back" and "Comes A Time", strings by Neil Young and Chuck Cochran

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