Dick Brave And The Backbeats Dick This!
CD, 2003, Kopierschutz

Herstellungsland Deutschland
Zeit 52:25
EAN-Nr. 5050466962928
Label/Labelcode wea / LC 4281
Plattenfirma/Katalog-Nr. WEA Records / 5050466-9629-2-8
Musikrichtung Rock: Rock'n'Roll
MS-ID 7310
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I = Instrumental L = Live B = Bonustrack H = Hidden Track C = Coversong
Track Titel Zeit Besonderheit
1. Get The Party Started 2:33 C
2. Walk This Way 2:49 C
3. She's The Most 2:05 C
4. Take Good Care Of My Baby 2:29 C
5. Be The One For Me 2:36
6. Twenty Flight Rock 2:07 C
7. Slippin'n' Slidin 2:24 C
8. Freedom 3:58 C
9. Buona Sera 3:06 C
10. Teenager In Love 2:45 C
11. Black Or White 2:45 C
12. Hallelujah, I Love Her So 3:34 C
13. Here I Go 2:54
14. Smokey Joe's Cafe 3:30 C
15. Complicated 3:38 C
16. Give It Away 2:39 C
17. They Remind Me Too Much Of You 2:56 C
18. Great Balls Of Fire 3:37 H L C


Produced by Pete Smith & Dick Brave for Click Music Production
Co-Produced by Adriano BaTolba

All tracks arranged by Dick Brave & The Backbeats
Executive Producer: Grandma B.
Mixed by Pete Smith & Kai Lee for Click Music Production

Recorded at Manor House Studio
Engineered by Dominic Steelsmith
Mastered by MM Sound
Band recording at Hermes Studio
Additional recordings by PD Lorenzo

Backing vocals on track 10, 14 & 17: Leo Friday, Mathew Newburger
Backing vocals on track 8: Lisa Cash, Cherie

Dick Brave: Vocals, Blues Harp, Kazoo
The Backbeats are:
Adriano BaTolba: Guitar, Vocals
Matt L. Hanson: Drums, Vocals
Mike Scott: Piano, Vocals
Phil X. Hanson: Double Bass, Vocals

Track 1 im Original von Pink
Track 2 im Original von Aerosmith
Track 3 im Original von The Five Keys
Track 4 im Original von Bobby Vee With The Johnny Mann Singers
Track 6 im Original von Eddie Cochran
Track 7 im Original von Little Richard And His Band
Track 8 im Original von George Michael
Track 9 im Original von Louis Prima
Track 10 im Original von Dion & The Belmonts
Track 11 im Original von Michael Jackson
Track 12 im Original von Ray Charles
Track 14 im Original von The Robins
Track 15 im Original von Avril Lavigne
Track 16 im Original von Red Hot Chili Peppers
Track 17 im Original von Elvis Presley With The Mello Men
Track 18 im Original von Jerry Lee Lewis And His Pumping Piano

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[Tracklängen: Software]
[Matrix: CDS200; Warner-Logo; 5050466962928 V01 - Barcode]
[SID-Code CD-Master: IFPI L011 (ganz außen)]
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[Booklet: 8-seitig, gefaltet, Angaben zur Produktion, Line-Up, Miniposter Band bei komplett ausgefaltetem Booklet]
[LC 4281]