Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here
LP, 1976, Remix, Special Edition

Herstellungsland USA
Orig. Release 1975
Zeit 44:58
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Label/Labelcode k.A.
Plattenfirma/Katalog-Nr. Columbia / PCQ 33453
Musikrichtung Rock: Progressive Rock
MS-ID 627446
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I = Instrumental L = Live B = Bonustrack H = Hidden Track C = Coversong
Track Titel Zeit Besonderheit
1. Shine On Your Crazy Diamond, Pt. 1-5 13:38
2. Welcome To The Machine (8:25 Incl. Shine Outro) 7:28
3. Have A Cigar 5:41
4. Wish You Were Here 5:19
5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Pt. 6-9 12:52


Quadraphonic Pressung. Diese Quadro Abmischung ist nicht nur einfach ein Remix, die
Songs sind alle komplett andere Takes. Es ist nicht nur ein anderer Remix, nein, die
Band ist 1976 zurück ins Studio und hat diese LP nochmal komplett neu in Qudraphonic eingespielt!
Hier sind andere Melodielines, andere Gitarrensoli, neue und veränderte Background Arrangements, alternative Synthiespuren und veränderte/verlängerte Tracklängen zu hören. Ausserdem sind bei dieser US Pressung die Rechts-Links Kanäle vertauscht.
Tracklängen Handgestoppt.

Title: Wish You Were Here (Columbia Records SQ quadraphonic)
Record Company: Columbia Records
Catalog Numbers:
Cover: PCQ 33453
Label: PCQ 33453
Matrix Information: (side 1 / side 2)
1) P Q AL 33453-1A / P Q BL 33453-1C (both stamped)
2) P Q AL 33453-1B / P Q BL 33453-1B (both stamped)
Spine end: Columbia Quadraphonic X798
Release Date: 1976
Release Information: SQ quadraphonic release by Columbia Records. Issued with the cover hidden by blue shrink wrap, and two stickers on the cover. This record was discontinued shortly after release and never reissued. Side one of this record ends with a segment of the song, Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part IX), following the song, Welcome to the Machine. It also has a bit more reverb than the British SQ release. No bar code on the back cover.
Front Cover: Burning man leaning backwards. Originally issued covered in blue shrink wrap.
Cover Sticker: Issued with two stickers on the blue shrink wrap. One is a purple rectangular sticker that says "Quadraphonic, this SQ quadraphonic disc is fully compatible and may be played on conventional stereo equipment." The second one is a large round sticker featuring a mechanical handshake, the four elements, and the words "Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here." Around the edge of the sticker it says "Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Welcome to the Machine - Have a Cigar - Wish You Were Here, PCQ 33453, P © 1975 Pink Floyd Music, Limited, Manufactured by Columbia Records, CBS Inc. 51 West 52nd Street, N.Y., N.Y., ® Columbia Marcas Reg."
Inner Sleeve: [front] [back] Heavy cardboard inner sleeve with a picture of a red veil blowing in the wind on one side, and credits and lyrics on the other side.
Insert: A postcard that has a picture of a diving man on the front. The postcard has jagged edges. On the back of the postcard in the upper left corner it says:
Fotographie von Hipgnosis
am Monosee California 1975."
Down the center of the postcard it says "PC 33453 ® 1975 Pink Floyd Music Limited."
Labels: Black and blue Columbia picture labels with mechanical handshake.
Text around the bottom edge of label starts at 7 o'clock and says:
R "Columbia," [logo] Marcas Reg. / SQ is a trademark of CBS Inc.